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Peluang Usaha Parfum Original Murah Catalog parfumku

by usahaparfum




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catalog parfum original murah MUSK by LILIAN ASHLEY & Christian Jornald & Evangeline info pemesanan 0878 5257 5258
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  • 1. PT GRIFF PRIMA ABADI Christian Jo rnald C A T A L O G U E
  • 2. Men PERFUME Fresh Energy 30 ml U M Dynamic Motion 30 ml Rush Hour 30 ml Night Dive 30 ml Take Aim 30 ml K S N IA IL L
  • 3. Women PERFUME Pure Sensation 30 ml Beat Touch 30 ml IL IA N Tropical Punch 30 ml L Floral Fruity 30 ml S K Sweet Escape 30 ml Passion Dream 30 ml M U Summer Breeze 30 ml
  • 4. Men PERFUME N IA T IS R H C Command 60 ml Emotion 60 ml Energise 60 ml Speed 60 ml Stamina 60 ml Macho 60 ml D L A N R O J
  • 5. Women PERFUME Glamorous 60 ml Adorable 60 ml Elegant 60 ml Miracle 60 ml J O R N A L D Sexy 60 ml C H R IS T IA N Beautiful 60 ml
  • 6. Women PERFUME Angel 60 ml A V E Chic 60 ml Fancy 60 ml E IN L E G N Eve 60 ml Bliss 60 ml Desire 60 ml
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