When to Use Crowdsourcing to Manage Your Data

by squadrun



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  • When to use crowdsourcing to manage your data ... SEO
  • The biggest struggle with data is keeping it clean and relevant.
  • SUPPORT YOUR QUALITY INITIATIVES WITH CROWDSOURCING Crowdsourcing is the process of getting work done usually online, from a crowd of people.
  • SIMPLY PUT Tons of unorganized data Crowdsourced army of workers Organized data and happy customers
  • A portion of data quality control still requires human intelligence, crowdsourcing is ideal for tasks that: Require little to no domain specific knowledge Can be broken into discrete steps governed by objective rules Take a few minutes to complete. Some Examples of Such Tasks
  • Categorization What Category does this product belong to? click to know more
  • Moderation Does this image contain profanity or inappropriate content? click to know more
  • Comparison Are these product the same? click to know more
  • Tagging Select all applicable tags for this product. click to know more
  • Process Audit How accurate was the response to the customer query ?
  • Sentiment Analysis Does this tweet mention Burger King in a positive light?
  • Transcription Transcribe the ingredients from this label.
  • How You Can Assure Quality While Using Crowdsourcing
  • Test Data or Gold Standard to Check worker Intent for each task
  • Qualified Workforce and Strong Weeding out Mechanism for Workers
  • Multiple Workers Judge Same Data Set to Achieve Desired Confidence Sample image meant for representational purpose only
  • Peer Review Image by: http://www.jamesyang.com/
  • Connect with the Crowd
  • SQUADRUN: MOBILE WORKFORCE ON- DEMAND! We help you crowdsource your business problems to an intelligent mobile workforce.
  • Organize Your Data START NOW Get in touch info@squadrun.co
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