iCharts User Guide - Getting Started with Chart Making

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An introduction to iCharts - the world's easiest, interactive charting tool to maximize

Create embeddable, sharable, social charts without coding or design expertise.

Get started today: www.icharts.net
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  • 1.You have a story to tell. Here’s how to get started:
  • 2. Getting Started Manual LoadSelect No DataHave your data Data in a Already Have fun facts? jotted down spreadsheet? uploaded it? somewhere?Type it in.Load it. Select.Whip up an InfoChart.
  • 3. What kind of data can I upload?. ets Excel SpreadsheData APTips:Google Spreadsheets IOrgani colum ze your d ns ata i nSurvey Data If yoto you mak ur Go e an upd Spreaogle ate dshe will aeutom t, your caticah Or add it manually lly up artsLeardatenSurve more ab y Da o ta -> utClick!
  • 4. How do I load my data?1. Click on the "load dataset" button located on the top right of your screen.
  • 5. How do I load my data?2. Select which data format to load.
  • 6. Select a Chart Type:
  • 7. Tip!Use thechart when you don’thave data but have coolfacts to share.Like this ->
  • 8. Customize Your Story – Use Pre-Designed Templates* Templates are go-to design options* They bring a story to life with custom .design features* Choose from one of the pre-designed by iCharts …or ma keyour ow ntemplates!Learn m ore-> Click !
  • 9. What are they like? Classic.BoldFun Whimsica l
  • 10. How Do I Choose a Pre-Designed Template?Find your templates in the Chart ToolBox. Click on one you like. Select Apply. __ <
  • 11. See it SparkleAfter applying a template, you’ll see a plain vanilla chartturn into something with a little more sparkle:<- AfterBefore ->
  • 12. Customize your (data) story byfine tuning the detailst ToolBox:Us e the CharAxisHorizontal sVertical Axi sData SerieLegend Grid Lines s Data Valueatting Text Forma Chart Ared BackgrounData TipsImages rdsnd KeywoTagging a
  • 13. Customize your (data) story byfine tuning the detailsMake it anysize you want<- Drag and drop<- Pixel-perfect control
  • 14. Customize your (data) story by adding images Add your logo -> . Defineyour brandStyle yourdata Note: Available to users with Platinum or Enterprise-level plans. Learn more -> Click!
  • 15. How do I add images?Note: Available to users with Platinum or Enterprise-level plans. Learn more -> Click!
  • 16. Customize your (data) story byadding commentary. “45% of respondents…”* Report on the facts“According to the latest report…”* Offer your opinion “…expect mobile marketing to increase over the next three years”
  • 17. How do I add commentary?
  • 18. Where can I share my (data) story……publicly?…privately?*Your blog *company intranet*Company web site*subscription portals*press release*news article Tip!You can lock your chart to displayonly the web sites you allow
  • 19. Which forms can my (data) story take?Interactive ChartImage PDF PDFFeaturesWeb or PrintVectors & ReportsDetailed data pop-upsDownload PNGsUse high resolutionAdd or remove data seriesoptimized for eitherimages as vectors orZoom in or out of data web or printfor online reportdocuments More interactive features Tips: Use them within -> Click! PowerPoints or emails
  • 20. How do I share my (data) storyon the web publicly?Select “Public Chart”. Increase your SEO by entering a description and search tags.Choose a ChartChannel category for your published chart.<__<__ <__<__<__
  • 21. How do I sharemy (data) storyon the web publicly?Share the chart’s URL,post it to a socialnetwork or copy theembed code for yoursite. <__
  • 22. How do I share my (data) story on the web privately?Select “Charts Behind Firewall & Paywalls”. Enter in domains where the chart isrestricted to. Copy embed code. Paste into blog or web site.< __
  • 23. How do I share my (data) story as an image? Pin it!In a Word doc In an e-newsletter A PPT presentation
  • 24. How do I share my (data) story as an image?Select “Download as image”.
  • 25. Now you can bring your story to life
  • 26. And share it with the world
  • 27. Get InspiredExplore Stats & Stories from Around the World on ChartChannel-> Click!
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