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FFG Omari Godwin

by lednera





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Character sheet for Online Rogue Trader campaign through FFG forums.
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Player s Name: Asajev Character s Name: Omari Ghost Godwin Recorded Titles: The Ghost of Tsor d Pris Corruption Level: 0 Points, Untainted Insanity Level: 6Points, Stable Fate Level: 5/5 Points Total XP: 5,000 Current XP: 0 Rank: 1 Career Path: Seneschal Role: High Factotum Background History: I was a young adult when my older siblings committed heresy in the name of controlling my birth world. The incident went down in history as the Tsor d Pris Insurrection. The politics of those days are complicated at best and unknown to most. Though I was in St. Drasus Military Academy at the Forbidden City I was judge a criminal by relation of bloodline. I was swiftly sent to a Penal Colony for my attempt at recapturing the world for the name of the God-Emperor. I cannot say that I have not grown more pragmatic in my old age but at that time I has lost something dear to me. In the bloody landscape that was my birth world of Tsor d Pris. In time we all arrived at what was to become our new home, Penal Colony Chimera. The legends say that the colony was designed to not just keep the heretics, sinful, and deserters but to harness them into legions of willing cannon fodder. You see that was the only way that we could be forgiven by the God-Emperor; we had to die willingly in the battlefield. I now feel it was the God-Emperor who was the architect of the misfortunes in my life to be were I was. It seems that if it was not for my capture and sentence of treason I would still not be alive. How about that for a form of irony, it seems that a couple of years after the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy conquered Tsor d Pris a massive Warp Event occurred in the system that spirited away the entire planet out of its orbit. I found out about this information when my unit, or should I say my cellblock was conscripted into a Penal Legion. I served in the 417th Chimera Penal Legion as a field medic. Let me tell you that having an explosive as jewelry makes you want to be a little bit insane at times. We were sent to conquer a world in open revolt. The idea the top brass had was that if only one of us survived and made it to the designated target point and place the teleportation homer so that the merciful Angels of Death come and complete the task. I would have to say that we completed the insane objective that the top brass handed us. We lost most of the cellblock but when that homer was placed the sight of the descent of the Angels of Death was a sight to behold. The forgiveness that some of us were seeking was granted by the Angels of Death. This was a rather ironic way of putting it. The angels themselves gave us our mercy from the God-Emperor by killed most of us. I was exempted from the forgiveness for some reason I did not know. What I can recall is that I was forgiven in another way. The Lord Astartes seconded me and a small cadre of the surviving Penal Legion as agents for them. I would later find out that an old acquaintance from the military academy pulled some strings to reassign me to a special task force that an Inquisitor of radical nature had put together to be specialist bounty hunters. We were to work with the Angels of Death and the Inquisition in tracking down individuals involved in the cold trade of xeno artifacts. It not like I could tell the Inquisition and the Astartes to go away and not come back another day. In any case having relative freedom was better then explosive jewelry any day. I have to say that the life of a bounty hunter while not as extravagant as that of a noble heir was still a life to enjoy. I got the rare opportunity to travel the sea of stars and my only job was to shoot and ask questions later. That was until I had a run in with my birth world. Yes, I understand that normal laws of reality would say this was not possible but this is the warp we are talking about. I was out in a mission in the Koronus Expanse tracking Serpent Lords of Der Nu an infamous Reaver clan of the Unbeholden Reaches when I discovered their hide out. It was a complete shock to me when I found the secret base. Logic and reality was out of sink with what I understood and I don t think I was the same ever since. The world had frozen over with no star to warm it, well frozen is a perceptual interpretation since the forsaken world was already frozen to the core to begin with. The Inquisition decided to execute exterminatus on the rogue planet and with the extermination it purified the remains in holy sanctified fire. My deeds eventually granted me one gift from my patrons and that was the freedom to serve a Rogue Trader Household. I have my personal goals when it came to my freedom but what better place to keep my freedom then serving an illustrious Rogue Trader Household. Half Move: 3 Full Move: 6 Charge: 9 MOVEMENT Run: 18 Base Leap: 3m Base Jump: 60 cm WS: (3)2 BS: (4)0 S: (3)2 T: (5)0 AG: (3)3 CHARACTERISTICS PER: (4)4 WP: (3)3 FEL: (3)3 INT: (3)4 Total Wounds: 12 Current Wounds: 12 WOUNDS Critical Damage: none Fatigue: none Head (1-10): 0 R. Arm (11-20): 3 L. Arm (21-30): 3 ARMOR Body (31-70): 3 R. Leg (71-85): 3 L. Leg (86-00): 3 Armor Weight: 2.0 kg Name: Class: Range: Inferno Pistol (Mars) Pistol 10m Hellgun (Lucius) Basic 110m Mark IV Dervish * Pistol 25m * Reliable, Special Attribute RoF: S/-/S/3/S/4/- WEAPONS Dam: 2d10+8 E 1d10+4 E 1d10+3 E Pen: 13 7 0 Clip: 3 30 20 Reload: Full 2 Full Full Kg: 2.5 6.0 1.5 Talents: Bloodtracker, Light Sleeper, Peer (Underworld), Weapon Training Basic (Universal), Weapons Training, Pistol (Universal) Traits: none Special Rules: Criminal, Nightmares, Seeker of Lore, Syndicate, and Underground Resources Skills: [T] Barter, [T] Commerce, [T] Common Lore (Imperial Navy), [T] Common Lore (Underworld), [T] Deceive, [T] Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Archeotech), [T] Intimidate, [T] Inquiry, [T] Literacy, [T] Medicae, [U] Security,[T] Speak Language (Low Gothic), [T] Speak Language (Trader Cant), [T] Survival, [T] Tech-Use Gear: Common Craftsmanship Mark IV Dervish Las Pistol, Common Craftsmanship Inferno Pistol (Mars), Best Craftsmanship Hellgun (Lucius), Xeno-Mesh Armor, Autoquill, Dataslate, Micro-bead, multikey, two sets of robes, Synskin, Chrono, Cameleoline Cloak Acquisitions: none DESIGN NOTES: Penal World (- 5 WIL, + 5 PER, + 5 T, - 5 FEL, Security [U], Deceive [T], Syndicate [Peer (Underworld)], Criminal, Nightmares [Light Sleeper, +1 IP], Underground Resources In Service to the Throne (Tithed [250 XP, Medicae [T],) Hunter (Bounty Hunter [250 XP, +3 WIL, +3 FEL, Bloodtracker, +5 IP]) Press-Ganged(Common Lore (Imperial Navy) [T], Tech-Use [T]) Fortune (+1 Fate Point)
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