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The Paleo Recipe Book - REVIEW

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  • The Paleo Recipe Book Review The Paleo Recipe Book provides readers with easy to follow delicious paleo recipes. The book features over 370 recipes that are legume, grain, vegetable oil and added sugar free. The product also comes with lots of other bonuses like the 'Paleo Desserts' cookbook, 'Quick and Simple Paleo Meals' cookbook, “Herbs and Spices Guide' and the 'Troubleshooting Paleo Guide'. Overall a great addition to any kitchen or gift for someone looking to change their diet. About Paleo Leap Paleo Leap was formally known as Paleo Diet Lifestyle, it is a full service Paleo community website that provides its users with with a treasure trove of information on everything to do with the Paleo Diet. The website also helps those learning about Paleo and provides information for people to have a smooth transition from their old diets. It also provides lots of information even for followers who are already on the Paleo Diet. These days there is a lot in misinformation regarding what it means to live and eat Paleo and the website does a fine job of clearing up many of these issues. It provides shopping lists, meal plans and lots of tips for saving money.
  • What is included? Included in the pacakage is the Paleo Recipe Book which includes 372 different recipes in 18 different catergories. Also included are 5 bonus book's: 8-Week Meal Plan Paleo Desserts Simple Paleo Meals
  • Herbs & Spices Cheat Sheets Testimonials
  • Conclusion The Paleo Recipe Book seems like a great addition to any kitchen and for anyone looking to change their diet. The added bonuses are also great and overall seems extraordinarily good value.
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