Mobile Growth: Best Strategies, Tools and Tactics

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These are the slides of a talk I gave at Le Camping, the most renowned French startup accelerator based in Paris.
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  • 1. by Adrien Montcoudiol(@adrienm)
  • 3. I think the biggest mistake we madeas a company is being too much onHTML5 as opposed to native.“(Facebook’s first mobile app was on HTML5)
  • 4. Go mobile first!or at least be mobile friendly
  • 5. first of all:build the best product
  • 6. user testing!individual testingongoingGoals: Test perception and usability
  • 7. user testing!individual testingongoingTools & Resources:!Guide: bit.ly/individualtestingUserTesting (Free: Peek)LookBack.io
  • 8. Typical setup
  • 9. user testing!qualitative testing6 months before launchGoals:Gather 50-150 beta users you can talk to on a regular basis.Search for hooks (3 days of active use) & must-haves (3 weeks)Identify core product value.
  • 10. user testing!qualitative testing6 months before launchTools:!Testflight(up to 1000 beta testers for free based on email address)DiawiPreApps (community of early adopters)
  • 11. user testing!quantitative testing4 months before launchGoals:Test your app with 5-10k unbiased users.Get actionnable stats on conversion rates and retention.!
  • 12. user testing!quantitative testing4 months before launchGreat Case Study (Tempo AI):!bit.ly/tempotesting
  • 13. launch:create excitement
  • 14. Mailbox Case Study
  • 15. Dec 2012: The Viral Video
  • 16. Originally, Mailbox planned to charge $3 for the app, butthat changed after its debut video attracted more than 1million views.!!“We originated too much interest too fast,” Underwoodsaid.!!So instead of charging on day one and potentially crashingits servers (which would greatly damage the brand), theteam decided to make the app free but give people accessat a slower rate.
  • 17. The bandwagon effect“The bandwagon effect is a phenomenon whereby the rate ofuptake of beliefs, ideas, fads and trends increases the more thatthey have already been adopted by others.” (Wikipedia)
  • 18. “ The best email app you’ll ever use.
  • 19. acquired by dropbox for $100mm
  • 20. If you are not embarrassed by the firstversion of your product, you've launchedtoo late.- Reid Hoffman.“only if you’re lookingfor product-market fit.
  • 21. pr
  • 22. Make their job easy
  • 23. PRPERFECT EMAIL TO BLOGGERS: SHORT & INFORMATIVE!What is your app: 3 linesWhy it is cool: 3 linesLink to App Store (generic > your landing page)PicturesYoutube video link (appears on Gmail)No PDF or word document!Good timing: early in the week (avoid Apple keynote…)Great timing: newsjacking (ex: Lima during NSA scandal)
  • 24. PRRESOURCES:!Great guide to PR: bit.ly/guidetoprList of blogs to get reviews: bit.ly/getappreviews!TOOLS:!BuzzSumoLittle Bird / NeoReachPlaceIt
  • 25. apple featuring
  • 26. 1.2 million apps
  • 27. Where youwant to be
  • 28. 2013: 700 000 downloads
  • 29. last week of 2013 (featured):2.8 Million downloads
  • 30. increase chancesBuild a great app (excellent UI & UX)Use latest iOS innovations: iCloud, Game Center,Passbook, Apple Pay, Touch ID.Be universal: iPhone and iPad, EN/FR/ES/DE/ITiOS onlyGet in touch with Apple: 3 weeks before, at least.
  • 32. What matters most?!1. description (25%)2. reviews (24%)3. images (23%)4. stars (13%)5. icon (13%)
  • 33. AB Testing tool for App Store content:StoreMaven
  • 34. Ranking algorithmApp Store:!- Keywords in the app’skeyword set- Keywords in the app’stitle- Nb of downloads on aspecific period of time- RatingGoogle Play Store:!- Total nb of downloads- App quality (engagement,uninstalls…)- Rating- Keywords- Nb of backlinks- Social proof (G+ & FB)RESOURCES: AppCodes, AppAnnie, bit.ly/asocheatsheet
  • 35. LOCALIZATIONthe immediate impact of adding the native languageDOWNLOADS REVENUEAfter a week for iPhone.(Study based on 200 apps, 2012 - Distimo)
  • 36. LOCALIZATION7 languages = 76%of the marketEnglish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Russian
  • 37. ASO is uselessapp REVIEWS
  • 38. REVIEWSAsk the mostengaged users.
  • 39. REVIEWSLearn fromunsatisfied users.
  • 40. REVIEWSApptentive / Helpshift:in-app feedback andrating prompts
  • 41. REVIEWSFight negative reviews.App in the Air tactics: find them and changetheir mind:- look for the nickname on Google- naming convention: “jdoe” => search “doe” in DB- use country in search- use social apps commented by this user
  • 42. paid acquisition
  • 43. Boost launch with adsMany downloads on ashort period of timeenable apps to rankhigh very fast.
  • 44. US:top 10 overall = 40-50kdownloads daily!FRANCE:top 10 overall = 12-15kdownloads dailySource: Distimo
  • 45. most popular platformsFacebook AdsTwitter AdsAdsense DisplayAdMobTapjoyAppsfire
  • 46. opportunitiesHyper targeting with deeplinking.
  • 47. performance trackingtools!MobileAppTrackingTapStreamAppsflyer
  • 48. soon: new itunes connect analytics
  • 49. User Activation
  • 50. 20% of your “users”will open your apponly onceSource: Localytics
  • 51. you should spend 50%of your work on thefirst 60 seconds onyour app
  • 52. Onboarding goals:!!During the sign up flow, you have moreattention from your users than you will everagain. Don’t make it as short as possible!Help them learn the product in ameaningful way.
  • 53. Onboarding goals:!1. Explain how your application works.2. Motivate your users to get started.3. Let your users know how to gethelp, if and when they need it.
  • 54. ResourcesInspiration: UXArchive, MobilePatterns, Pttrns, Android Niceties,Little Big Details!AB testing tools: Leanplum, Apptimize
  • 55. activation=Aha moment
  • 56. have them experience asap thecore value of your productFacebook: 10 friends (goal: 7 days)Twitter: following 30 people
  • 57. Fake it till you make itReddit created fake users to generate fake activity:it made it easier for new users to understand whatwas Reddit for.
  • 58. Virality
  • 59. sharing=win-win incentiveUber: give $20 and get $20Google Inbox: give exclusive invite and look cool
  • 60. integrate with existingnetworks80% top grossing US apps use Facebook login.!+26% increase in engagementSource: http://slidesha.re/1EDpRRC
  • 61. Tap in the address bookHave people send SMS invitations totheir friends containing the downloadlink and experience conversion ratesfrom 30 – 50%.Source: http://bit.ly/1udykIh
  • 62. social mediaTwitter AppCards (Free)
  • 63. Smart AppBannersocial media
  • 64. adapt to your targetExample: Rooms (by Facebook)
  • 65. Weird QR code invitation system
  • 66. wHY??
  • 67. “You can't share a URL on Instagram or SnapchatChat, but you can share a photo. We knew thenovelty of screenshoting would be our biggesthurdle but also saw once people learned it becameour A+ feature.”!Josh Miller (Product at FB)
  • 68. bring the experience to non-usersBlab enables non-users to watch videos sent byusers without downloading the app.
  • 69. bring the experience to non-usersTinder’s matchmaker enables non-users to be matchedwith other people by friends using the app.
  • 70. Personalization+25% bookingsTools:Yozio,Branch.io
  • 71. track & optimize every metric!sharing rate = senders / signupsspread rate = recipients / senderclick rate = clicks / recipientreferral conversion rate = registrations / clickviral coefficient over a period of time by channel
  • 72. retention:The biggest mobilechallenge
  • 73. don’t fill a leaking bucket
  • 74. “retention is king”Read Jamie Quint’s great article:http://bit.ly/retentionisking
  • 75. 65% of people stopusing apps threemonths after install!(Appboy)
  • 76. (Flurry)
  • 77. understand your users1. Isolate the most active users2. Analyse their data, talk to them and find patterns.3. Analyse the lest active users and find patterns.4. Encourage active behavior5. Optimize
  • 78. understand your usersSecret: 90% of users that engage in aconversation come back within the week, oftenseveral times per day.Twitter: way better results when 1/3 of thepeople you follow get to follow you back.
  • 79. external Engagement tactics1. Push notifications2. App updates3. Badging4. Emails
  • 80. Push notifications
  • 81. Push notificationsTimely + personal = winTools: Parse Push, Appboy
  • 82. Push notificationsAsk for authorization before pushing the pop up.
  • 83. Push notifications examples
  • 84. Push notifications examples
  • 85. Push notifications examples
  • 86. again:Timely + personal = winPeople will love them and share them.
  • 87. why email is still key:
  • 88. App UpdatesBrand building
  • 89. build an engaging product
  • 90. gamificationFoursquareRivalry is a great motivatingfactor, which is why the bestonline businesses have learnedto harness it. Collecting points,chasing people in rankings andcont r ibut ing t o commonresults keep users engaged.
  • 91. Create a habitShopkick (in-store discounts)Problem: most people don’t goshopping every day.Solution: redesign the app for adaily use to create an habit.So they launched a feed ofdiscounts on the app and theyfocused on content. It may not bethe core value of the product, butit creates habit and more peoplethen open the app in store.
  • 92. in a nutshell1. build your product right2. understand your users3. optimize
  • 93. sources (and resources):http://ben-evans.com/#bloghttps://appmarketingdaily.com/https://medium.com/@bayramannakovhttp://iosdevweekly.com/http://andrewchen.co/http://sarlitt.me/http://michaelvallez.com/http://cafe-numerique.com/ (FR)http://blog.appcod.es/http://apptamin.com/blog/http://appmarketer.co/http://trademob.com/blog/http://asoprofessional.com/http://insidemobileapps.com/http://info.localytics.com/blog
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  • 95. Thank you!If you need help or want to chat about yourmobile growth strategy:!amontcoudiol@gmail.com@adrienm
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