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12 Easy Tips How to Shine on a Job Interview

by craftcv



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  • tips 12 easy HOW TO shine on a job interview
  • Be punctual Of course it’s obvious to say don’t be late, but it can be just as bad to be to early. If you do get to the venue way ahead of time, find somewhere to have a cuppa, settle your nerves and prepare yourself physicaly and mentaly.
  • if you are the best candidate for the job - prove it and dress your best. Wear a full suit with a tie and smart shoe Be well presented
  • Be prepared Prepare a few questions you want to ask the interviewer. Pose questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and subtly convey your expertise.
  • Your interviewer has given up their precious time to meet you so make it an enjoyable experience for them! Be interesting
  • Interviewers like to meet someone who enjoys a challenge and is enthusiastic. BE POSITIVE
  • Most people cannot think and control their body language at the same time, which is why you need to be relaxed. BE RELAXED
  • If an interviewer asks you about a previous job in which you had a less than positive experience, the worst thing you can do is lie about it or avoid the subject. BE honest
  • Any discussion is a 2-way exchange of information. Let the interviewer talk and lead the interview without interrupting. Listen carefully, and then give thoughtful answers. Be a good listener, and never interrupt
  • Interviews are not only in-person. Be ready for all-medium interviews. Nowadays interviews are held over the phone, via Skype, GotoMeeting or with pre-recorded video Be Ready for All Medium Interviews
  • Know your weaknesses and be ready to turn them into strengths. If you’re asked to reveal about your greatest weakness, be positive and show that you’ve learned (or are learning) to overcome it.
  • Be yourself Interview situations can feel rather unnatural and therefore make us say or do things that we wouldn’t under normal circumstances. It’s good to have a few nerves, but it is also important to try and relax. Remember – you have the skills and experience required for the job – that’s why you got the interview.
  • Remember to say ‘Thank you’ and leave a positive impression THANK YOU
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