Linkedin career page q3 2014 chicago

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Linkedin Career Page Chicago
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  • 1. 5 Reasons to Work at The Marketing Store5 Ways The Marketing Store Makes the Difference
  • 2. #1 The Difference in Collaboration. Collaboration and teamwork enables us to learn together and from one another.
  • 3. #2 The Difference in Difference. If we want to make the difference, we need to embrace difference… in thoughts, ideas, experiences, and backgrounds.
  • 4. #3The Difference inGiving Back.We value community service. Whether it’s about giving time or giving money, it’s about giving - period.
  • 5. #4 The Difference in Development. We believe that our people are our most important asset, so we invest in their growth through programs like Global Desk Swap.
  • 6. #5The Difference in Benefits.We offer employees a wide range of benefits so that they can be at their best - for themselves, their families, and their colleagues.
  • 7. Questions? Visit our website to find out more about current open positions.
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