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The Top 6 Cities to Build Your Tech Career

by andiamo



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An in-depth analysis of major U.S. metropolitan areas, comparing factors including
technology salaries, cost of living, venture capital invested, higher education, competition for jobs, area companies hiring, unemployment data, taxes, weather, culture and transportation.
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  • 1. An in-depth analysis of major U. S. metropolitan areas,comparing factors including salaries,cost of living,venture capital,higher education,competition for jobs,NEW YORKMETROPOLITAN AREATOTAL # OF TECH PROFESSIONALS# OF APP DEVELOPERSVENTURECAPITAL $ (noi. i.Ans INVESTED,2013)$3.4 B(Largest vov Increase)20% OTHER 29% JAVADEVELOPMENT 6% LANGUAGES USEDPVTHON 3% I05Elonmberg §}; [.', ','{‘"" Morganci’t‘i ‘-’unr. ..r. .r. ... . fi*rJe, ,’-"’mNOTABLE COMPANIEScanon;ninkaraix S2PI77lexu§ Il ukakuten shutteistzckl imiiiiiii, ,,, ,,, ,,5, Itlilllgili KICK6.6% QUNEMPLOYMENT RATE~/Princeton,Yale,Cornell. TOP AREA Nvu,Columbia,Stony uN| VERs| T|Es Brook,St. johns,RPI Am Software Project Englneer Manager TECH “'1 f 9 SALARIES weir Grlphlc neveioper nesigner 2 Web nesigner METRO AREA NFW YORK, 2 BEDROOM APT RENT s‘s‘s$3,0643 BEDROOM HOME PRICE (MEDIAN)s§4a, ir_irirPOPULATION. 8.4 (crrv) 1 .1 M (Metro)STARBUCKS GRANDE LATTELUNCH AT A MID RANGE RESTAURANT$16DINNER FOR 2 (NO DRINKS)MOVIE TICKET$58$14iiiiiiii 365,39023.6 K :1$19.2 B(9.1 I In IT) o’r‘i7’r"r Jag; /; </ >w? :«’”o 9% I05G0. -gle ‘Apple facebuokyeIp*I=(plIi15Ere§I W, Drophox BRIT 'lllIfiIlt§fi’-J7Newkelic.u B E R. ..».Q. / Stanford,uc Berkeley. University of Sal’!Fransico. UC Santa Cruz,San Fran- cisco State,Santa ClaraM 31!: snrmm Project engineer Managerzfltllfihweir are hi:Developer Du gnarff‘) 1%weir DellgnerSAN FRANCISCOmm mm mm BEE EEBEI EBEE mm mm min I83 I33 IE8$3,079cars$943,000'11‘ s33K. ... .,7M (Metro)$3.55$5$13$54$12SAN FRANCISCOSEATTLEIifi 1 52,96614.3 K T. $1.5 B19% ()lHH<W (l) IAVAaggoii tfiiiiniiii ”Zi| l0w IE Microsoft “Expedie-GAE? ??, ,+ulr| euu4.6% Q~/University of Washington,Seattle [email protected] K 596 KSokwlro Project Ellflnonr M-ringerAll 579 K S52 Kweir fin hie neveioper Du gnurCDAm $63Kweir DollgnorSFATTI F$1,875 DI’!I $495,000ii 654ic. ... ,3.5M (Metro)@ $3.67| lIlJ$43 $12.50Q $36a $11.50 LOS ANGELESIII 136,231152K=1$999 M21% OTHER 23'/ ’JAVA(I)3% I05snapchat tinder . _ factual ®inside ‘7u! .iwiadv. 9.6% Q~/UCLA.USC.CalTech.UC Irvine.UC San DiegoMAFroject Managersonwnre Englneer(*3weir Graphic Developer Designer0 Web DesignerIOS ANGFI FS$2,274$535,0001 8M (Metro! $3.65$5$14$48$13.25 unemployment data,taxes,weather,culture and transportation. AUSTIN BOSTONfl mil 1 84,489OK20.1 K . .$3.5 B(1.4 I In ITI15% <lT7i-Inge OTHER 35v’?in:(I) (I)BainCapital / /4~%««4 %t. “:. ‘.‘: r‘. .CARBMITEU5.6% Q~/Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Harvard,Boston University,Boston coiiegeAmrnaprnygrun4.2% Q. / University of Texas at Austln3I I I537 K s1os K s105 Ksormere Project smwm Project Englneer Manager engineer M-nnger-2 .& $44 | ( suo K s56 K w. ir Graphic weir are me neveioper Designer neveieper Du gnur A A est:sm weir weir Designer 0-signer AU STI N BCJSTO N $264,000ii iKICITV) 636K(CI‘I'Y)1.9M in. ..) 4.5M . ... .,. ,$3.95 @ $3.65$3.50 [HP $5$12 3 $15$41 Q $52$10.25 5 $12.50 METRO AREA NEW YORKWEATHERSPORTS TEAMSTRANSIT SYSTEM,U. S. RANKINGsummer:Hi-77 Low-62Wlnterz Hi-42 Low-28W ‘[email protected],."V Rreigrrii E1Metr0°“"- Subway - Buses‘ Path Train <Metm—North-Long Island Railroad- CiKiBike‘ Taxi (start rate — $2.50)TRANSPORTATION8.9%SALES TAX8.8%MAXIMUM STATE INCOME TAX RANDOM #1 RANKINGBEST CITY TO BIKESOURCES: SAN FRANCISCOSummer:Hi-66 Low-53Wlntar:Hi-59 Low-47- Subway- Buses- Mun| Metro- Cable carvTaxl (start rate - $3.50)8.8%SALES TAX12.3%MAXIM UM STATE INCOME TAX ORGANIC FOOD CITYsummer:Hi-71Low-53 Wllltar:Hi-49 Low-37 £23s: A6c'A'v‘i/ usJun’ £}~ Till‘~L| nk Light Rail ~5ounder Traln - Seattle Center Monorail - Seattle Streetcar Trolley9.5%SALES TAXNO STATE INCOME TAXMARKETSMARTEST CITYLOS ANGELESV: Summer:Hi-80 Low-61Winter:Hi-70 Low-49. ... ... ii.K/ .a]i'i'IIr - Subway - Buses -Taxi [start rate — 52.35;9.0%SALES TAX12.3%MAXIMUM STATE INCOME TAXDisisnglsiiiiHAPPIEST CITY.C summer:Hi-93 summer:Hi-76Low-72 Low-60 Wlnterz Hi-66 Winter:Hi-42 Low-45 Low-2B re L 0Ll. TlDIl. lfi"‘ . r- Metrolaus - Subway -Metr0Rap| d Bus -Buses »MetroRal|-Commuter Rail - Boat 8.3%) 5.2% SA“;-[Ax SALES TAX 5.3% NC STATE FLAT INCOME INCOME TAX TAX RATE SXSTIVSDLJYH av sc: t_i'i'>-cwEs‘r Mueu: »Pxi. M»xii'r= RAc'rxv§ BEST ENERGY CITY FOR EFFICIENT FUTURE OB CITY INGROWT THE US BROUGHT TO YOU BYINSI6IITS. CNB. COII.GEEKVIIIECOII.TECHCIIIINCH. COII.Il00I1IER6.COI1. THEVEIIGECOII.VEATHELCOII. STAIITIII’SEATTlE. COI‘| . | ISATO| )AI30.lISATOI)AI. COII.NYTIIIES.COI‘| . EXPATISTAILCOH.IIIII‘| |E0.COI‘| .(II| (.(0. LINKEIIIILCOH.FASTCOEXIST. COI‘I.KPLILOIIG.FORIES. (0I‘| . 6lASSDO0II. (0I‘|
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