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Single Sign-on on SharePoint ADFS with SAML app Case Study-AllianceTek

by sunil-jagani





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Description : App for Single sign-on with multiple web applications using same Trusted Identity Token Issuer to sign on to multiple applications from one location.
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  • 1. Lightmix Case Study ClientBackground Challenges Solutions Implementation Result Lightmix is a website and graphic design company based in Washington DC that offers web design, development, user interface, marketing, and branding services. Lightmix has been in business for 14 years and with clientele consistingofFortune100corporations,non-profitorganizations,aswellasthefederalgovernment. While working with one of their client's requirements, Lightmix encountered a problem with their web applications. The client had multiple web application that required a different sign-on. This created too much confusion and ultimately a productivity loss. Lightmix wanted to rectify the situation by implementing a Single Sign-On mechanism using ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). Unfortunately, Lightmix did not have the technical expertise to deploy and implement web SSO. They were in need of an IT partner capable of advanced technicalassistancetoservetheclient. Lightmix sought the assistance of AllianceTek, a leading IT solutions and software development company able to provide end-to-end services and assistance. AllianceTek analyzed the situation and proposed a solution that addressed the issues and concerns of all parties involved. Though AllianceTek had implemented single-sign on in the past, this scenario was unique as it was using single sign-on with multiple web applications using the same Trusted Identity Token Issuer. AllianceTek overcame this issue by implementing claims-based identity and access control so a user could be authenticated between two web applications. The solution consisted of implementing singlesign-onwithSAML(SecurityAssertionMarkupLanguage). Lightmix received training from AllianceTek to implement the SSO on SharePoint ADFS with SAML on the end client's system. Throughout deployment, they received the support of AllianceTek consultants with detailed explanations and step-by-step guidance on understanding the issue and implementing the solution. This allowed foraswiftandseamlessimplementationanddeploymentprocess. As a result of working AllianceTek, Lightmix was able to fully serve their client's expectations by implementing the SSO system and providing valuable training and consulting. This improved the end users' experience by allowing themtosignontomultiplewebapplicationsfromonelocation. 112 Moores Road, Suite 200, Malvern, PA 19355 484-892-5713 [email protected] AllianceTek, Inc
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