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  • 1. KEVIN KEREKESKevin Michael Kerekes is a New Jersey based former minor league baseball player and investment manager.October 2014Kevin Kerekes, Florham Park, NJKevin played forboth RutgersUniversity and thePittsburgh Pirates inthe minor leaguesystem.The 10 Commandments of aSuccessful Baseball FranchiseDO YOU WANT TO SUCCEED?You don't have to have achampionship team to have asuccessful baseball franchise. Itjust has to be competitive, andthe fans have to know that you'retrying to put the best team on thefield without breaking the bank.Here are ten commandments forrunning a successful baseballfranchise.1. Treat the fans well. Fans areyour source of profit. Profit equalssuccess. Sponsor events thatreach out to the community, suchas police and firefighter nights.Offer a discount to members ofthe military. Have plenty ofspecial days for kids. Don'tovercharge for snacks. Keep theseat prices low.
  • 2. KEVIN’S LESSONS FOR FRANCHISE MANAGERS! PAGE2“Build a solid farm system. It's better to bring players up through afarm system than to pay too much for free agents.”-KEVIN MICHAEL KEREKES2. Treat your players well. A bitter player or a pampered player won't play hard. Deal with them fairly,and pay them what they're worth. Don't show favoritism. Trust your manager to do his job. As anowner, you shouldn't have to meddle.3. Get a good manager. A respected manager instills confidence in the team. He can be a famous ex-playeror a famous specialized coach, like a batting coach, but he has to have the respect of hisKevin Kerekes, Florham Park, NJplayers so that they'll hustle for him.4. Don't spend too much on aging free agents. Players frequently have banner years during the finalyear of their contracts. Don't fall into the trap of giving a 30- to 34-year-old outfielder a contract forsix years. His skills will diminish as he ages, and he'll be more prone to injuries.5. Build a solid farm system. It's better to bring players up through a farm system than to pay toomuch for free agents. Scout younger players, and sign them early. Watch them improve, and promotethem when the time is right. Waiver wires are good for finding players who might be signed for a lowcost.6. Sign the best pitchers possible. Good pitching is imperative. Your starting rotation should be staffedwith stars. Your middle relievers need to be journeyman workhorses. Your closers must be proven.7. Don't force players to play when they're injured. Let them recuperate, or they might worsen theirinjury and be out of commission longer.8. Get rid of locker room distractions. Players with bad attitudes or those who attract excessive mediaattention will distract your team and give you never-ending headaches.9. Encourage heads-up, aggressive play. Players should run out every hit. They should be on thelookout for errors by the other team and be ready to take advantage of them.10. Steal bases at every opportunity. Base stealing creates havoc on a defense. The pitcher wastesthrows to first base and risks the chance of a wild pick-off play. It's harder for a team to focus ifthey're constantly worried that your runners have the green light to steal. Infielders have to shift toguard against theft, which leaves nice, big holes in the infield for easy hits.
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