5. perspective drawing

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<ol><li> 1. Op Art: Perspective Drawing </li><li> 2. Christ Delivering the Keys of the Kingdom to Saint Peter, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome, Italy; Perugino; 1481-1483; Northern Renaissance; Fresco </li><li> 3. School of Athens, Raphael, 1509-1510, Vatican City </li><li> 4. 1-Point Perspective Usually looking into a room or down a corridor head on, so there is only one vanishing point Whats a vanishing point? Where parallel lines in a drawing converge </li><li> 5. 2-Point Perspective There are 2 vanishing points on the horizon line Whats a horizon line? The eye level of the viewer, or where the sky meets the ground </li><li> 6. 3-Point Perspective Usually used for buildings, because a third vanishing point is added to show how the buildings recede vertically as well as horizontally </li><li> 7. Assignment Option 1 1 Point Perspective Painting Select either an indoor or outdoor scene to create in 1 point perspective Something should be happening on all 5 planes Something on each plane should be in perspective (i.e. windows, posters, patterns) Something should be in more than one plane and be in perspective (i.e. a table, piece of furniture, something geometric!) </li><li> 8. Assignment 1 Example </li><li> 9. Assignment 1 Example </li><li> 10. Assignment 1 Example </li><li> 11. Assignment 1 Example </li><li> 12. My Example of Assignment 1 </li><li> 13. Assignment Option 2 2 Point Perspective Drawing Incorporate at least 4 structures Use a variety of textures or patterns to distinguish each structure from the others Include a background </li><li> 14. Assignment 2 Example </li><li> 15. Assignment 2 Example </li><li> 16. Assignment 2 Example </li><li> 17. Assignment 2 Example </li><li> 18. Assignment 2 Example </li><li> 19. How to Start Assignment 2 (See Handout!!!) </li><li> 20. How to Start Assignment 2 (See Handout!!!) </li></ol>