Looking Like Christmas

  • 1. L ooking LikeC hristmas L ooking LikeC hristmas
2. Now this doesn’t look a lot like Christmas So why don’t you“Click ”on theTree 3.That’s better but where is the Angel ? How about you“Click”onTop of theTree 4. Now how about some Christmas Spirit Why don’t you“Click”on theMantel Shelf 5. Starting to look good but what is happening outside ? Go and“Click”on theWindow 6. Now that it’s snowing, time to bring in our friends So why don’t you“Click”on the floorRug 7. Gee it must be getting cold we need to warm up You need to“Click”on theFireplace 8. That’s feeling better, now to prepare for the giving It’s time to“Click”under the ChristmasTree 9. It’s looking a lot like Christmas now but maybe a little more feeling Why don’t you“Click”on the LightSwitch 10. W ishingY ou a very M erryC hristmas filled with J oyousL ove andP eace 11.  
This is an interactive presentation with animated objects. You really need to download it for full enjoyment as you need to be able to interact with the prompts. Music is…