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  • LOST AND FOUND Electronic Press Kit

  • CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1 2. Contents 2 3. Synopsis/Logline. 3 4. Cast & Crew 4-6 5. Technical Specifications. 7 6. Director Statement 8 7. Contributor Statement 9 8. Trailer. 10 9. Production Stills.. 11 10. Contact Details. 12

  • Synopsis

    Nobody wakes up from their bed in the morning knowing that theyll be in a coma in a hospital bed the day after. For 18-year-old Henry Amankwah, this was not part of the routine. Henry, Now 32, retells the cold-blooded story of his assault and the chain of events that occurred in order for him to get back on his feet

    and where he is today.


    We Care About Life Only When We realize Its Value Jean Jacques Rousseau

  • Cast & Crew

    Name: Benjamin Tedeku Role: Director/Producer/Editor Description: I took it upon myself to direct and produce this documentary, due to my close personal relationship with the subject in question plus I also believed that only I knew I how I wanted the documentary to look visually. With help from some trusted members of this small team, I was able to bring my vision to life & Lost and Found is certainly a product I am proud of.

    Name: Henry Amankwah Role: Co-Director Description: Working with Henry on this project has been very beneficial. Being able to get first hand assistance from the victim of the ordeal that this documentary revolves around was an opportunity. Henry brought the correct work ethic and his modus operandi the whole time was focusing on getting it done, but with class and technicality.

  • Name: Haydn Thomas Role: Cinematographer/D.O.P/Lighting Description: Technically I saw no other candidate come in competition with Haydn and having him work on this project was valuable. Haydn took charge of framing some shots, used his initiative with the lighting and making sure he paid attention to detail whilst on set. Without Haydns expertise in range, the task wouldve been way more difficult.

    Name: Bernard Mensah Role: Actor Description: I have worked with Bernard for around about 4 years. Bernard is a passionate & humble actor ready to take instruction and work it to the best of his ability. Bernard delivered the performance I was hoping for as he portrayed Young Henry in the reconstruction for the documentary. Working with him was again a great experience.

  • Name: Kieran Asare Role: Sound Score/Artist/Composer Description: Kieran played his position on the team and produced Soundtracks during the post production stage. Kieran is a very talented character, watching the documentary, analyzing the different emotions displayed and creating tracks to suit the mood was something that amazed me. I wanted to avoid using copyright music that is why Kieran came to mind and he did a very good job.

    Name: Catherine Sarpong Role: Project Manager Description: Catherine organized the project far better than I couldve and she really helped in taking some of the stress of my hands. Catherine assisted in composing the shooting schedule and script as well as making sure everything went to plan on shoot days.

  • Technical Specifications

    Title: Lost and Found Colour: Colour FPS: 25-50 Quality: 1080p Audio: Stereo Description: The documentary focuses on Henry Bruthaman Amankwahs life, which took a scary turn when he reached the age of 18. We explore how this affected him and people around him, what he did to get back on his feet and become the man he is today.

  • Lost and Found has definitely been an intriguing experience. Being able to learn this impacting story again while telling it visually is something I will always hold on to. Meeting Henrys peers, who were with him around

    that hard time in his life, impacted me as I saw one of the themes in this documentary in real life. Dont take life for granted Watching them reminisce on their good

    times as adolescents made me realize it its important to take advantage of today and all opportunities that come your way, because you will reach a stage in life where

    you wish you did what you were supposed to do.

    There are many things I have learnt from this experience from my decision making as a director to editorial

    choices. In all I still believe in myself, I know that even though there is still a lot of learning to do, I will be successful if I keep going with the same passion and


    Directors Statement

  • Contributor Statement

    "I am honoured and humbled at being given the opportunity to tell my story and hope it causes to impact whoever may view this

    great piece of work, by an aspiring director.

    Great work Benjamin!

  • Trailer

    Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3I37bfSoQQ Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imKmMBCGSxM

  • Production Stills

  • Contact Details Email: ben-tedeku@hotmail.co.uk Website: akabenbo.wix.com/lostandfounddoc Phone: 07943582443 Facebook: Ben Tedeku Twitter: @_benjismalls Instagram: @benjismalls