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<ul><li><p>A T SS E D A N</p><p>| 1</p><p>$00- (3": OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO177205_ATS_01Sa_02.indd 1 7/24/14 12:39 AM</p><p> N E W 2 0 1 5</p><p>S E D A NA T S</p><p>ATS Se</p><p>dan Prem</p><p>ium Collection / R</p><p>adiant Silver Metallic</p><p>100129_IBC_Sedan_BC_Sedan_FC_Coupe_IFC_Coupe_03_R1.indd 1-5</p></li><li><p>A T SS E D A N</p><p>| 1</p><p>$00- (3": OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO177205_ATS_01Sa_02.indd 1 7/24/14 12:39 AM</p><p> N E W 2 0 1 5</p><p>S E D A NA T S</p><p>ATS Se</p><p>dan Prem</p><p>ium Collection / R</p><p>adiant Silver Metallic</p><p>100129_IBC_Sedan_BC_Sedan_FC_Coupe_IFC_Coupe_03_R1.indd 1-5</p><p>A T SS E D A N</p><p>| 1</p><p>$00- (3": OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO177205_ATS_01Sa_02.indd 1 7/24/14 12:39 AM</p><p> N E W 2 0 1 5</p><p>S E D A NA T S</p><p>ATS Se</p><p>dan Prem</p><p>ium Collection / R</p><p>adiant Silver Metallic</p><p>100129_IBC_Sedan_BC_Sedan_FC_Coupe_IFC_Coupe_03_R1.indd 1-5</p></li><li><p>S U C C E S S I S N T M E A S U R E D B Y </p><p>C O U L D V E O R S H O U L D V E . I T S M E A S U R E D </p><p>B Y B E E N T H E R E A N D D O N E T H A T . </p><p>ATS Se</p><p>dan Prem</p><p>ium Collection / R</p><p>ed Obsession Tintcoat</p><p>2 |</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO$00-(3":177205_ATS_02Sm_02.indd 2 7/24/14 2:26 AM</p><p>Its look is distinctive. Its interior feels as if it was crafted just for you. And it delivers the kind of drive that makes you even more driven. Precise. Exact. Exhilarating. This is the new ATS Sedan.</p><p>| 3</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO $00-(3":177205_ATS_03Sm_02.indd 3 7/24/14 2:25 AM</p></li><li><p>ATS Se</p><p>dan Prem</p><p>ium Collection / R</p><p>ed Obsession</p><p> Tintcoat</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO177205_ATS_07Sl_02.indd 7 7/24/14 2:14 AM</p></li><li><p>Pressing the accelerator sets off a chain reaction, turning an ordinary ride into an inspiring drive. The highly </p><p>E F F I C I E N T 1 2 . 5 L E N G I N E delivers 202 hp for a spirited drive, while the available 2 . 0 L T U R B O </p><p>E N G I N E moves the needle with 272 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. For those who want even more, choose the </p><p>available 3 . 6 L V 6 E N G I N E , which produces a thrilling 321 hp.</p><p>E X P L O S I V E A C C E L E R A T I O N . </p><p> L A S T I N G E X H I L A R A T I O N .</p><p>1. Based on EPA-estimated fuel economy of 21 MPG city/33 highway.4 |</p><p>SE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO$00-(3":177205_ATS_04Sl_03.indd 4 7/29/14 2:50 AM</p><p>When you think performance, you may not necessarily think </p><p>brakes, but Brembo is a world leader in performance braking. </p><p>The available B R E M B O F R O N T B R A K E S </p><p>provide impressive stopping power and consistent pedal feel </p><p>for added confidence.</p><p>UI"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO$00-(3":177205_ATS_05Sl_04.indd 5 8/1/14 12:34 AM</p><p>The available class-exclusive M A G N E T I C R I D E </p><p>C O N T R O L real-time active suspension reads changing </p><p>surfaces and conditions up to 1,000 times per second to </p><p>provide exceptional ride quality and handling control. </p><p>Choose from three driver-selectable modes Tour, Sport </p><p>and Snow/Ice2 so you can adjust your suspension </p><p>to your preference. </p><p>ATS Sedan Premium</p><p> Collection / Black D</p><p>iamond Tricoat</p><p>2. Automatic transmission-equipped models only.</p><p>UI"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO $00-(3":177205_ATS_06Sl_04.indd 6 8/1/14 12:33 AM</p></li><li><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO177205_ATS_08Sl_02.indd 8 7/24/14 2:12 PM</p><p>ATS Sedan / Light Platinum with Jet Black A</p><p>ccents and High-G</p><p>loss Sapele Wood Trim| 9</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO $00-(3":177205_ATS_09Sl_02.indd 9 7/24/14 2:14 PM</p></li><li><p>T H I S I S O N E B O O K </p><p> Y O U C A N J U D G E B Y I T S C O V E R .</p><p>10 |</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO$00-(3":177205_ATS_10Sk_02.indd 10 7/24/14 2:15 PM</p><p>With the ATS Sedan, what you see is what you get. The performance nature of the ATS Sedan is reflected in every line and curve. Its low, powerful form slices through the air, while available 18" forged-aluminum wheels are designed not only to look stunning but also to be lightweight and strong. </p><p>ATS Sedan Premium</p><p> Collection / Radiant Silver M</p><p>etallic| 11</p><p>SE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO $00-(3":177205_ATS_11Sk_03.indd 11 7/29/14 2:44 AM</p></li><li><p>The exceptional capability of ATS Sedan is reflected in every feature, </p><p>including the available D U A L E X H A U S T O U T L E T S, </p><p>which help increase performance.</p><p>Brilliant ideas make life a little brighter, like when you approach your </p><p>ATS Sedan. One click of the key fob, and the vehicle lights up. Available </p><p>I L L U M I N A T I N G D O O R H A N D L E S , P U D D L E </p><p>L A M P S and front LED vertical light signatures and standard rear </p><p>LED vertical light signatures illuminate to add a welcoming glow on a </p><p>dark night.</p><p>The available innovative I N T E L L I B E A M </p><p>H E A D L A M P S sense headlamps and taillamps </p><p>ahead and automatically turn the high beams on </p><p>and off when needed. Available A D A P T I V E </p><p>F O R WA R D L I G H T I N G (included with </p><p>available HID headlamps) swivels the headlamps </p><p>in the direction youre steering, helping you </p><p>see better around curves and delivering the </p><p>advanced technology youd expect from Cadillac. </p><p>V E R T I C A L L I G H T S I G N A T U R E S </p><p>(standard in the rear and available in the front) as well </p><p>as an I N T E G R A T E D B R A K E L A M P </p><p>feature brilliant LEDs, providing distinctive style and </p><p>visible function. </p><p>For even more information regarding the engineering and artistry of the ATS Sedan, see pages 2245.</p><p>12 |</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH4FEBO$00-(3":177205_ATS_12Sj_02.indd 12 7/24/14 2:03 AM</p></li><li><p>M O R E T H A N J U S T G O O D L O O K S </p><p> R U N S I N T H E F A M I L Y . </p><p>22 |</p><p>$00-(3": OE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_22Cf_02.indd 22 7/24/14 1:26 AM</p><p>ATS S</p><p>edan Prem</p><p>ium Collection / P</p><p>hantom Gray M</p><p>etallic | ATS C</p><p>oupe Prem</p><p>ium Collection / B</p><p>lack Diam</p><p>ond Tricoat</p><p>| 23</p><p>$00-(3":OE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_23Cf_02.indd 23 7/24/14 6:56 AM</p></li><li><p>T H E A R C H I T E C T U R E</p><p>A higher number isnt always an indicator of better performance. When it comes to weight, less is more. Engineers applied an innovative scalloping technique and used lightening holes to lessen the overall vehicle weight while providing incredible strength and rigidity helping to make ATS light on its wheels and exceptionally fun to drive. </p><p>Creating a light yet strong structure is a delicate balancing act. In fact, the closer a vehicles weight balance is </p><p>to 50/50, the better the handling and control. So when designing the ATS Coupe and Sedan, it was important to </p><p>build not just vehicles that are strong and light, but ones with a near-perfect 5 0 / 5 0 F R O N T-T O - R E A R </p><p>W E I G H T R A T I O . The result? ATS is as comfortable in hairpin turns as it is cruising the highways.</p><p>24 |</p><p>$00-(3": UI"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_24Cf_05.indd 24 8/1/14 7:29 PM</p><p> E V E R Y G R A M , E V E R Y E N G I N E E R , E V E R Y D A Y . David Masch, ATS Chief Engineer</p><p>$00-(3":UI"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_25Cf_05.indd 25 8/1/14 7:30 PM</p></li><li><p>A D VA N C E D A E R O D Y N A M I C components, found in the </p><p>taillamps of ATS, direct airflow around the vehicle, while the decklid design, </p><p>featuring an integrated brake lamp, keeps ATS firmly planted to the road. </p><p>H I G H - T E C H M A T E R I A L S such as aluminum, ultra-high-</p><p>strength steel and innovative structural adhesives help make the ATS one of </p><p>Cadillacs strongest, lightest structures.</p><p>UI"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_26Cf_04.indd 26 8/1/14 12:15 AM</p><p>$00-(3":SE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_27Cf_03.indd 27 7/31/14 12:23 AM</p></li><li><p>T H E G A D G E T S</p><p>The ultimate in convenience. The K E Y L E S S A C C E S S A N D P U S H - B U T T O N S T A R T S Y S T E M S </p><p>allow you to enter and start your vehicle without your key leaving your pocket or purse. You can lock and unlock your </p><p>vehicle with a touch of the door handle, and even start an ATS remotely1 with your smartphone and available OnStar </p><p>RemoteLink mobile app.2 Available B O S E P R E M I U M S U R R O U N D S O U N D S Y S T E M delivers </p><p>crystal clear acoustics. It features Centerpoint Surround Sound and a digital amplifier. B O S E A C T I V E N O I S E </p><p>C A N C E L L A T I O N actively monitors and measures undesirable cabin noise and sends a canceling frequency through </p><p>the speakers to reduce powertrain noise. </p><p>The available C A D I L L A C U S E R E X P E R I E N C E ( C U E )3 is a fully comprehensive system with an </p><p>intuitive touch screen and innovative controls such as haptic feedback, Natural Voice Recognition and proximity </p><p>sensing technology that elevates your connection to your vehicle and the world around you. CUE impeccably combines </p><p>vehicle controls, safety, navigation and communication all into one system. ATS even allows you to inductively charge </p><p>select compatible smartphones with segment-exclusive W I R E L E S S C H A R G I N G 4 housed behind the CUE </p><p>control panel. Available O N S T A R W I T H 4 G L T E and built-in Wi-Fi hotspot5 provides a fast, reliable Wi-Fi </p><p>connection. Passengers can connect their mobile devices to the OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot and get a connection up to 50 </p><p>feet from the vehicle. Its the Internet at the speed of ATS. The three-window, full-color reconfigurable D R I V E R </p><p>I N F O R M A T I O N C E N T E R allows you to customize how you see your vehicles most important information. </p><p>1. Automatic transmission-equipped only. 2. Available on select Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices. Services vary by device and conditions. Requires active OnStar subscription. 3. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity. 4. Late availability on ATS Sedan. The system wirelessly charges one PMA- or Qi-compatible mobile device. To check for phone or other device compatibility, see www.gmtotalconnect.com. 5. Devices must be WPA2-compliant with active OnStar service and data plan. Wi-Fi devices manufactured prior to 2006 may not be compatible. Please consult your device manufacturer for information regarding the WPA2 security protocol and Wi-Fi device compatibility. Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations.28 |</p><p>UI"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF$00-(3":177205_ATS_28Cg_07.indd 28 8/6/14 7:19 PM</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_29Cg_02.indd 29 7/24/14 1:38 AM</p></li><li><p>30 |</p><p>T H E D E F E N S E</p><p>ATS takes care of you with comprehensive available technology that includes two cameras, eight ultrasonic sensors and six radars to identify and alert you to a number of potential hazards, helping you avoid them before they happen. </p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF$00-(3":177205_ATS_30Cg_02.indd 30 7/24/14 1:38 AM</p><p>A W A R E N E S S . A S S I S T A N C E .</p><p>A N D P R O T E C T I O N.</p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF177205_ATS_31Cg_02.indd 31 7/24/14 1:37 AM</p></li><li><p>32 |</p><p>Display your vehicle information in full color on the windshield with the available configurable Head-Up Display. Get navigation prompts, vehicle speed, audio information and more. </p><p>The available D R I V E R A W A R E N E S S </p><p>P A C K A G E features a class-exclusive S A F E T Y </p><p>A L E R T S E A T , which discreetly sends pulses through </p><p>the seat cushion on the left, right or simultaneously, </p><p>directionally alerting you to a variety of potential hazards. </p><p>F O RWA R D C O L L I S I ON A L E R T uses a forward-</p><p>facing camera to detect when a forward impact may be </p><p>imminent. L A N E K E E P A S S I S T subtly engages </p><p>the electric power steering to help keep your ATS within the </p><p>lane if an unintended lane change is detected. And L A N E </p><p>D E P A R T U R E W A R N I N G monitors road lines and </p><p>warns you when the vehicle begins to drift from an observed </p><p>lane into another without the use of a turn signal. Also </p><p>included are R A I N S E N S E W I P E R S , which sense </p><p>moisture and automatically clear the windshield, adjusting </p><p>wiper speed based on the intensity of the rain. </p><p>Safety features are no substitute for the drivers responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times.</p><p>UI"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF$00-(3":177205_ATS_32Cg_04.indd 32 8/6/14 7:20 PM</p><p>The available D R I V E R A S S I S T P A C K A G E (late availability) includes several features to help keep you </p><p>safe. R E A R C R O S S -T R A F F I C A L E R T warns you of any detected rear cross-traffic, providing added </p><p>confidence when backing up. A D A P T I V E C R U I S E C O N T R O L uses forward-facing radar and camera </p><p>technology to automatically adjust speed, helping maintain the driver-selected distance from the vehicle in front of </p><p>you. In potential collision situations, F R O N T A N D R E A R A U T O M A T I C B R A K I N G systems can </p><p>detect vehicles in front or objects in the rear and, in certain situations, automatically apply braking to lessen impact </p><p>severity or perhaps to avoid the collision altogether. S I D E B L I N D Z O N E A L E R T provides a visual alert </p><p>in your side mirrors if vehicles are in your blind spots. To assist in a lane change, L A N E C H A N G E A L E R T </p><p>senses beyond the side blind zones, alerting you to rapidly approaching vehicles. A U T O M A T I C S A F E T Y </p><p>B E L T T I G H T E N I N G removes excess slack in the front belts to keep you securely in your seat during initial </p><p>acceleration and spirited maneuvers. </p><p>OE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF $00-(3":177205_ATS_33Cg_02.indd 33 7/24/14 1:36 AM</p></li><li><p>34 |</p><p>E X T E R I O R C O L O R S</p><p>Opulent Blue Metallic</p><p>Crystal White Tricoat*</p><p>Phantom Gray Metallic</p><p>Black Raven Majestic Plum Metallic*</p><p>ATS Co</p><p>upe Prem</p><p>ium Collection / B</p><p>lack Diamond Tricoat | ATS Sedan Premium Collection / P</p><p>hantom</p><p> Gray Metallic</p><p>2nd Assembly 07/24/14 pg 34 Coupe V</p><p>*Available at extra cost.</p><p>Radiant Silver Metallic</p><p>Silver Coast Metallic</p><p>Red ObsessionTintcoat*</p><p>Dark Adriatic Blue Metallic*</p><p>Black Diamond Tricoat*</p><p> A meticulous 3-layer process that results in a dramatic hue-shifting color.</p><p>T R I C O AT A premium 2-layer paint application with the addition of a tinted clearcoat, lending the nish an extra depth and brightness.</p><p>T I N T C O AT</p><p>| 35</p><p>2nd Assembly 07/24/14 pg 35 Coupe COOL GRAY 72nd Assembly 07/24/14 pg 35 Coupe V</p></li><li><p>A T S C O U P E</p><p>JET BLACK Leatherette Seating SurfacesJet Black AccentsOkapi Stripe Wood Trim </p><p>JET BLACK1 Leather Seating SurfacesJet Black Accents Brushed Aluminum Trim </p><p>KONA BROWN1 Semi-Aniline Leather Seating Surfaces with Sueded Microber Back Panels / Jet Black and Sueded Microber Accents / Natural Finish Sapele Wood Trim </p><p>MORELLO RED1 Semi-Aniline Leather Seating Surfaces with Sueded Microber Back PanelsJet Black and Sueded Microber Accents Carbon Fiber Trim</p><p>LIGHT PLATINUM1 Leather Seating Surfaces Jet Black Accents High-Gloss Sapele Wood Trim </p><p>I N T E R I O R T H E M E S</p><p>36 |</p><p>SE"TTFNCMZ QH$PVQF$00-(3":177205_ATS_36Ch_03.indd 36 7/29/14 1:55 AM</p><p>A T S S E D A N</p><p>KONA BROWN1 Semi-Aniline Leather Seating Surfaces with Sueded Microber Back Panels / Jet Black and Sueded Microber Accents / Natural Finish Sapele Wood Trim</p><p>1. Available at extra cost.</p><p>LIGHT NEUTRAL1 Leather Seating Surfaces Medium Cashmere and Sueded Microber AccentsDark Olive Ash Wood Trim</p><p>JET BLACK1 Leather Seating SurfacesJet Black Accents Brushed Aluminum Trim </p><p>JET BLACK Leatherette Seating SurfacesJet...</p></li></ul>