Challenging Business Model in Telematics - Chinese Version

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Chinese version of pre-interview for Telematics@China Tour in Inner Mongolia Sep 13th -16th 2012


  • 1. Business Models in Telematics Interview with Ralf Hug and NAVIBIZ China Interview published on Navibiz: For English version click here: The 2012 Telematics@China Tour in Inner Mongolia China on Sep 13th -16th 2012 will discuss the challenging business model in Telematics. NAVIBIZRalf Hug 2012-9-7 Ralf HugTrajectoryTrajectory TelematicsRalf RalfAirbiquity RalfNavigon RalfGarmin -Telematics Ralf Hug MBALinkedlnRalf Ralf T Telematics Ralf Telematics Telematics612OnStarmBraceBlueLink

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