LUCKY Harvest automotive tooling stamping in China

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Lucky Harvest has made considerable progress in tool design and manufacture since 2006. In fact, we now have a dedicated automotive tool manufacture and stamped parts factory, 28000 sq meter facility here in Dongguan, opened in 2012. We also have facilities in Wuhan and later this year will open in Changshu near Shanghai. Our Product Range - We mainly supply metal hardware, plastic components, various tooling and product design solutions for global customers. Servicing the automotive, home appliance, office equipment, computer, telecommunications equipment, cabinet, kitchen appliance, and energy-saving emission reduction markets. Backed by good reputation, strong equipment, leading technology and excellent quality, our products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Our products are widely used in BMW, AUDI, BYD, GM, TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, VW and other types of passenger vehicles. Over the past 6 years we have completed many serial production tooling specifically for automotive components. This slideshow is our current company profile which highlights our automotive division. We do hope to to be given a chance to compete for your business and extend an invitation to come and see our expanded capabilities and facilities. Michael Eagleton DGM Lucky Harvest Co., Ltd. Call +86-138 2913 7583



2. Brief overview of Lucky Harvest (Privately held company) 2004 Lucky Harvest established in Guangdong Province, Dongguan City and built its first processingplant. The Chinese company name is Xiangxin Technology Co., Ltd. (still officially referred to in English asLucky Harvest Co. Ltd.). After many years of development, Lucky Harvest has become a high-tech enterprise committed toproduction of automotive tooling, automotive parts R & D, design and manufacturing that hassuccessfully passed ISO TS16949, ISO 9001, ISO14001 management system certification. In Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the company has set up Hongxin LuckyHarvest Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., and in the Jiangsu Province Economic and Technology DevelopmentZone, Changshu Lucky Harvest Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., while at the same time set up offices in NorthAmerica and Europe. Lucky Harvests business philosophies are "excellence, good faith compliance, win-win outcomes, returnto the community". To create the greatest economic benefit for customers processes are fully optimized and continuousdevelopment produces quality tooling and automotive parts. The companys tooling is mainly exported to Europe, North America, Japan and many other countriesand regions. Also produces quality tooling and stamped products for the domestic automotivecompanies. 3. Global Footprint of Lucky Harvest at 2013Lucky Harvest also has representative offices in USA & GermanyLucky Harvest Production Facilities Mainland China*Industrial Parks 4. Organizational structure diagram 5. Lucky Harvest HQ Changan Lucky Harvest WuhanLucky Harvest Production Facilities, ChinaGlobal Footprint of Lucky Harvest at 2013Lucky Harvest Prototype Factory Lucky Harvest Changshu 6. Business stats overviewTool Layout Type Output %Progression Tooling 45%Transfer sets Tooling 38%Single Op Tooling 17%Product sector Output %Automotive Press Tooling ForExport56%Automotive Press Tooling ForDomestic38%Automotive Press Tooling ForLucky6%Tool Type Output %Automotive Press ToolingCasting45%Automotive Press ToolingSteeled55% 7. Business stats overviewRegion Output %European 40%Americas 20%China Domestic 17%Japan 15%Automotive Stampings Output %Automotive StampingsProduction Domestic84%Automotive StampingsProduction Export16% 8. ISO CertificationISO 9001: 2008 IS0 14001: 2004 ISO TS16949: 2009AAA 9. Equipment Large PressesLucky Harvest has coil fed 800T 630T 600T 500T 400T & 300T Mechanical PressesWe also have 2000T hydraulic press and a 300T Die spotting machine on-site 10. CNC Milling & CNC Wire Cutting 11. Tool Assembly & Trials AreasOver 18000 sq meters undercover. Dedicate trials presses. Full Gantry 12. Parts Production PressesCoil fed 800 Ton / 600 Ton / 500Ton / 400 Ton / 300 Ton Press LinesRobotic Transfer Press Line 13. Robotic Welding Equipment 14. Product introductionSerial Production Tools / Dies 15. Product introductionSerial Production Tools / Dies 16. Product introduction Stamping Dies: Progressive die length: 300 ~ four to five meter / weight: up to 100 tons (maximum) Casting molds: according to customer requirements 17. (Long/wide up to 1.5m ) Automotive Components StampingsProduct introduction 18. Automotive Component Production - Engine Cooling AluminumProduct introduction7 years R &D in engine cooling componentmanufacturing and temperature control systemscomponent design development and production 19. Automotive Component Production - Welded assemblies & Internal panelsProduct introduction 20. Automotive Component Production - Seating, door, bracketsProduct introduction 21. Zero Defect ObjectiveQuality Assurance Team and Equipment 22. Customer BaseLucky Harvests production output of automotive parts are widely used in BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, GeneralMotors, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, Dongfeng, FAW Volkswagen and many other passenger andcommercial vehicles globally. 23. Future Development Lucky Harvest already has eight patents inmanufacturing design and technology. Inaddition we have a number of patentspending, that have come from our specializedautomotive tooling and automotivecomponent parts R & D departmentdevelopment work. In 2013 we formed a high precision tooldesign team and specialized precisionstamping workshop. Lucky Harvest adheres to strict costmanagement and continuous improvementprinciples. Luckys vision is to be a model ofmanufacturing excellence for our sector ofthe automotive industry globally. 24. Tooling Workshop 2 High PrecisionCNC MillingHigh Precision Tooling and StampingType Quantity25T-300T Precision 21High Speed 7Servo Press 2Other Stage25-300T149 25. Thank you LUCKY HARVEST CO.,LTD LUCKY HARVEST CO., LTD.For more details or quotation email michael@luckyharvest.cnOr call me directly +86-13829137583