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  1. 1. mimimi From the moment we are born, someone takes care of us, especially when we were sick.
  2. 2. We grow up
  3. 3. Somepeoplestillneedhelp: People with chronic disease Pregnant women Quantified self
  4. 4. Doctor Annota+ons Pharmaceu+calLocator Searchmedicines No+ca+ons MedicineLog HealthyLifestyle MedicalHelper MediSafe iPills How they solve problem now? Apps dont speak to each other!
  5. 5. Help you to live healthy Find the nearest pharmacy with the best offer, consult with any pharmacist of any pharmacy, keep track your medicine log, have notification to take right the pill on the right time
  6. 6. Free for consumers iOS & Android
  7. 7. 200 test users 1000 in preorder list 2M potential users in C.I.S. CAC ~$0.25
  8. 8. Lets talk about money!
  9. 9. 300 pharmaceutical companies 200K pharmacies $20B annual market size C.I.S. Market
  10. 10. Be healthy business model Ones we have enough users monetisation will be the easiest part.
  11. 11. Pharmaceutical chain problem is keen competition for customers Solution:BeHealthymobile platformforloyaltysystemhelpto increasesalesofourpartners. With$50permonthperpharmacy ~1.5Mperyear(onlyRussia).
  12. 12. Pharmaceutical company problem unproved medicines demand Now they have complex system of pharmacists and doctors reviews, analytics from intermediary sellers. Solution: anonymous statistics of Be Healthy users. Monetisation in progress.
  13. 13. Founders Alexandra Founder, CEO, iOS Developer Anastesiya Clinical pharmacies
  14. 14. Laureate of C.I.S. contest of mobile app $50K funding The WINNER of IBM Mentors day Why we? Participant of Moscow Challenge cup
  15. 15. Vitaly Golomb Biz Dev 500 startups Ilya Krasinsky Mobile Metrics Lingvo Leo Advisers
  16. 16. We are looking for $250K for raising 1M customers $50K for development
  17. 17. Alexandra Osipova, CEO