China banking industry market research and prospect forecast report

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China Banking Industry Market Research and Prospect Forecast Report

Banking Environment Analysis

1.1 Analysis of Banking Macroeconomic Environment

1.2 Policy Environment Analysis of Banking

1.3 Characteristic Analysis of Banking Investment

1.3.1 Banking Boom Index

1.3.2 Cyclical Analysis of Banking

1.3.3 Development Analysis of Banking

1.3.4 Monopoly Analysis of Banking

1.4 Financial Environment Analysis of Banking

2009-2010 Analysis of Banking Development Status

2.1 Asset Size Analysis of Banking

2.2 Deposit and Loan Business Analysis of Banking

2.2.1 Deposit Analysis of Financial Institutions in Banking

2.2.2 Deposit and Loan Analysis of Financial Institutions in Banking

2.2.3 Analysis of Banking Difference between Balance of Deposit and Loan

2.2.4 Utilization of RMB Capital

2.3 2009-2010 Operating Status Analysis of Listed Banks

Market Development Status Analysis of Banking Business3.1 Overview of Bank Intermediary Business Development

3.2 Bank Card Business

3.2.1 Issue and Consumption Condition of Bank Card3.2.2 Overall Condition of Bank Card Product, 2009-20103.2.3 Market Competitive Landscape Analysis of Bank Card

3.2.4 Bank Card Business Analysis of Regional Commercial Banks

3.2.5 Influencing Factor Analysis of Bank Card Market

3.2.6 Demand Forecast for Chinas Bank Card Market

3.3 Financial Management of Bank

3.3.1 Market Analysis of Financial Management Product, 2010-2011

3.3.2 Market Development Situation of Bank Products

3.3.3 Market Competition Status of Financial Management

3.3.4 Market Demand Forecast for Financial Management Product

3.3.5 Comparison Situation of Financial Management Capability, 2010

3.4 Online Banking Business

3.4.1 Overview of Online Banking Business Development3.4.2 User Scale of Chinas Online Banks

3.4.3 Transaction Scale of Chinas Online Banks

3.4.4 Comparison of Users Characteristics in Different Online Banks

3.4.5 Market Competitive Landscape of Online Banking Business

3.4.6 Market Prospect Forecast for Online Banking Business

3.5 Private Banking Business

3.6 Retail Banking Business

Opening up Status and Development Prospect of Banking

4.1Development Status of Foreign-owned Banks

4.2 Competitive Landscape between Foreign-owned and Chinese Controlled Banks

4.3 Cooperation Status of Foreign-owned and Chinese Controlled Banks

4.4 Key Foreign-owned Banks Development Status in China

4.4.1 Standard Charter Bank

4.4.2 Citibank

4.4.3 Hong Kong and Shang Hai Banking Corporation (HSBC)

4.4.4 Deutsche Bank

4.4.5 Hang Seng Bank (HSB)

Competition Status Analysis Among Chinas Banking

5.1 Competitiveness Analysis of Banks

5.1.1 Competitiveness Analysis of National Commercial Banks

5.1.2 Competitiveness Analysis of State-owned Commercial Banks

5.1.3 Competitiveness Analysis of Listed Joint-stock Banks

5.2 Development Status Analysis of City Commercial Banks

5.2.1 Background of the Development of City Commercial Banks

5.2.2 Development Status of City Commercial Banks

5.2.3 Competitiveness Analysis of City Commercial Banks

5.2.4 Development Prospect of City Commercial Banks

5.3 Analysis of Industry Investment M&A

5.3.1 General Survey of Banking Investment M&A

5.3.2 Investment M&A of Foreign-owned Banks

5.3.3 Investment M&A of Domestic Banks

5.3.4 Characteristics and Judgement of Banking Investment M&A

Operation Situation Analysis of State-owned Commercial Banks

6.1 Operation Situation Analysis of Bank of China (BoC), 2008-2010

6.2 Operation Situation Analysis of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), 2008-2010

6.3 Operation Situation Analysis of Agricultural Bank of China, 2008-2010

6.4 Operation Situation Analysis of China Construction Bank (CCB), 2008-2010

6.5 Operation Situation Analysis of Bank of Communications, 2008-2010

Operation Situation Analysis of Key Joint-stock Commercial Banks, 2008-2010

7.1 Operation Situation Analysis of CMB, 2008-2010

7.1.1 Analysis of Developmental Profile

7.1.2 Analysis of Operation Performance

7.1.3 Analysis of Business Operation

7.1.4 Analysis of Risk Governance318

7.1.5 SWOT Analysis of Operation Status

7.1.6 Analysis of Investment M&A

7.1.7 Analysis of Latest Development Trend

10Operation Situation Analysis of Key City Commercial Banks, 2008-2010

8.1 Operation Situation Analysis of Bank of Shanghai, 2008-2010

8.1.1 Analysis of Developmental Profile

8.1.2 Analysis of Operation Performance

8.1.3 Analysis of Business Operation

8.1.4 Analysis of Risk Governance

8.1.5 SWOT Analysis of Operation Status

8.1.6 Analysis of Investment M&A

8.1.7 Analysis of Latest Development Trend

12Development Trend and Prospect Forecast for Banking, 2011-2013

9.1 Trend Analysis of Trend, 2011-2013

9.2 Investment Risk Analysis of Banking, 2011-2013






















12008-2010 Unemployment Rate Changes in Americas Non-agricultural Sectors (%)

22010 General Survey of Major Nations GDP in the Euro Zone (%)

32005-2010 Value-added Growth Rates of Enterprises Above Designated Size (%)

42009-2010 Urban Fixed-asset Investment & Growth Condition ( Hundred Million Yuan, %)

52009-2010 Social Consumption Goods Turnover and Growth Rate (RMB Hundred Million, %)

62002-2010 Monthly Changes of CPI&PPI (%)

72009-2010 Trade Surplus Changes by Month (USD Hundred Million)

8A Summary of Policies and Regulations Related to Banking Since 2010

92009-2010 Percentage Changes of Real Estate Development Loan and Bad Loan in Different Banks (%)

102004-2011Bankers Confidence Index by Quarter (%)

112004-2011 Quarterly Climate Index Change of Banking (%)

122004-2010 Quarterly Changes of Bankers Feeling Index to Monetary Policy (%)

132004-2011 Quarterly Changes of Loan Demands Climate Index (%)

142007-2010 MO/Deposit/Loan Growth Rate Versus GDP Growth Rate (%)

152000-2010 Growth Comparison of Different Types of Banks in Chinas Banking (RMB Billion)

162005-2011 M1&M2 Year-on-year Growth (%)

172009.01-2011.03 Condition of Interbank Lending Rate (%)

182010 China Stock Market Trend

191998-2010 Changes of Various Bonds Issued Amount in Banks Bond Markets (RMB Hundred Million)

202007.11-2010.11 Structure Analysis of Insurance Cost (%)