China chemical medicine preparation industry production & marketing demand and investment forecast report, 2013 2017

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    China Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry Production &Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast Report, 2013-2017

    There is no return to speak of when the decision is made without a full forecasting of the

    industry situation

    (Assists you in finding the gap in market needs of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry and defining the

    industry development trend and investment prospects)

  • 1Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    ForewordChemical medicine industry is always an advantageous sub-sector in China pharmaceutical industry, with the

    characteristics of high technology content, high capital investment, high returns and relative monopoly. In

    terms of value chain, chemical medicine locates in the high-end position of value chain. In increasing order,

    there is general medicine (non-patent medicine) and patent medicine in the entire value chain, of which the

    patent medicine ranks the top of the value chain.

    Chemical medicine is closely related to the peoples health, social stability and the development of economy,

    which is a special and important industry in the national economy. Since more than 30 years of reform and

    opening up, the development of China chemical medicine preparation industry enters drives into a fast lane.

    In recent years, the total industrial output keeps at a growth rate of more than 18%, and the sales revenue

    basically maintains a growth rate of more than 20%. In terms of the development trend, chemical medicine

    preparation industry will soon usher in a fast development period. The development space is huge in the

    future, but the profit distribution will tend to be more unbalanced. The industrial concentration will be further

    improved, and those strong enterprises with R&D, size, and product advantages will become stronger and


    China chemical medicine preparation industry has totally become a competitive industry, and it plays a more

    important role in the international. In mainland China, the between foreign-owned or jointly venture

    pharmaceutical enterprises and domestic pharmaceutical enterprises becomes very fierce. In particular during

    these 2-3 years, foreign-owned and jointly venture enterprises enlarge their investment in China,

    strengthening the market intensity. As of the end of 2011, there were 1,032 chemical medicine preparation

    enterprises above designated size in China. After through the fast development and fierce market competition,

    the basic pattern has initially been formed. Foreign-owned enterprises and jointly venture enterprises have

    occupied China chemical medicine preparation high-end market. However, some domestic brands begin to

    gradually enter the high-end market.

    In recent years, the focus of international pharmaceutical market shifting to generic drugs and the fast

    development of China chemical medicine preparation industry capacity become an important force to promote

    the export of chemical preparation, so the export of preparation products has been heating up. According to

    data from China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, the export

    amount of China chemical preparation industry reached 2.174 billion Yuan , with a year-on-year increase of

    40.2%. Meanwhile, according to statistics from China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, there are many

    domestic pharmaceutical enterprises gaining GMP certificate from USA and EU. Having these preparation

    products conveying certificate for high-end market shows the industry has good prospects for the


    In the future, the chemical preparation industry will move toward a differentiation. The R&D-oriented

    enterprises and manufacturing enterprises will have their own distinctive characteristics. At the meantime,

  • 2Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    with the expiring of foreign patent medicine, there are more and more heavy medicines becoming the goal

    for generic drug enterprises. This move well guides the industry toward the development of non-patent

    generic drug production direction. And the non-patent medicine industry meets many good opportunities for

    the development. In addition, the research and development cycle is long, the investment is high and the risk

    is huge, while based on drug controlled-release technology of medicine chemical structure, chiral drug

    development and others have no risks mentioned above, which may becomes the mainly focus of the

    technology development in the future.

    This report mainly analyzes the development environment of China chemical medicine preparation industry;

    the size and profitability situation of chemical medicine preparation industry; the import and export markets

    of chemical medicine preparation industry; the competitive landscape and competitive trend of chemical

    medicine preparation industry; the development situation of product market segmentation of chemical

    medicine preparation industry; the leading corporations operational conditions in chemical medicine

    preparation industry; the development trend and prospects forecast of chemical medicine preparation industry.

    Meanwhile, with comprehensive and specific first-hand market data over the past 5 years, Forward helps you

    to grasp the market and development trends of chemical medicine preparation industry, so as to win

    advantages from competition!

    The most distinctive characteristics of this report is forward-looking and timeliness. Through analyzing

    forward-looking characteristic of abundant first-hand market data, we deeply and objectively dissect China

    current chemical medicine preparation industrys overall market capacity, market size, competitive landscape

    and characteristics of market demand. Furthermore, based on future development tracks and years practice

    experience of chemical medicine preparation industry, we conduct prudent analysis and forecast for chemical

    medicine preparation industrys future development trend. This report helps chemical medicine preparation

    manufacturing enterprises, R&D institutions, marketing enterprises and investment enterprises to precisely

    grasp current latest developments of the industry. Afterwards, they can make wise operating decisions and

    define enterprises development directions.

    Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to State Information Center, Bureau of Statistics of China,

    China Customs, International Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of International Trade and

    Economic Cooperation, Tsinghua University Library, Development Research Center of the State Council and

    Beijing Essence Forward Research Center, for their great support when we conduct this report!

    Notice: All the market data, especially corporations' ranking data in the report, only for business reference.

    Please do not take the data for enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility

    for any consequences!

    Forward and Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research Center

    Research Team of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

  • 3Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry


    Chapter IDevelopment Overview of China Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.1 Definition and Classification of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.1.1 Concept and Definition of Industry

    1.1.2 Main Product Classification of Industry

    1.2 Statistical Standards of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.2.1 Statistical Departments and Statistical Coverage of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.2.2 Statistical Methods of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.2.3 Data Categories of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.3 Analysis of Supply Chain of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.3.1 Upstream/Downstream Industries Supply Chain Profile of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.3.2 Analysis of Main Downstream Industry Chain of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    (1) Analysis of Pharmaceutical Circulation Market

    (2) Analysis of Drug Terminal Market

    1.3.3 Analysis of Upstream/Downstream Industries Supply Chain of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    (1) Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals (BPC) Market

    (2) Pharmaceutical Package Industry

    (3) Electricity Industry

    1.3.4 Profit Comparison between Chemical Preparation and BPC

    1.3.5 Impact of Upstream/Downstream Industry on Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.4 Analysis of Development Features of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    1.4.1 Position of Industry in National Economy

    1.4.2 Position of Industry in Pharmaceutical Industry

    1.4.3 Analysis of Industry Development Features

    1.4.4 Analysis of Industrial Life Cycle

    1.4.5 Analysis of Industry Development Factors

    1.4.6 Specialized Operational Mode of Industry

    1.4.7 Specialized Development Mode of Industry

    1.4.8 Specialized Sales Mode of Industry

    Chapter IIAnalysis of Development Environment of Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    2.1 Analysis of Industry Political Environment

    2.1.1 Industry Competent Departments

    2.1.2 Industry Management System

    2.1.3 Standards Related to Industry

  • 4Chemical Medicine Preparation Industry

    2.1.4 Policies Related to Industry

    (1) New Medical Reform Polices

    (2) Drug Price Adjustment

    (3) Reporting and monitoring administration measure on ADR

    (4) Catalogue for t