Eyes on China Q4, 2011

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<ul><li>1.Eaton China News Magazine2011.Q4 Eaton Rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange p.02 2011 100 Eaton Recognized for Leadership in Global Innovation p.04 A Day Without Power Is Practically Unthinkablep.14 </li></ul><p>2. !Eaton China Website launched!www.eaton.com.cn A fresh new look thats consistent with Eaton sites Expanded product information and solutions Easy navigation of features and pagesLearn more about the site by browsing it. 3. Index02Special Feature 02Eaton Rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange04Top News2011 100 04Eaton Recognized for Leadership in Global Innovation06Business Spotlight 2011 06Eaton Hydraulics Shines at the 2011 PTC Asia Fair 2 07Eaton Hybrid Systems Achieve 200 Million Miles of Service 08Eaton Launches new China Web Site with Focus on Energy-Efficient Solutions 9390 09Eaton 9390 Ensures Smooth Operations of the7th National Intercity Games10Global Glance 10Eaton Announces the Launch of its Most Competitively Priced Multi-bag Filter Housing System for HighVolume Applications 787 11Eaton Technology Helps Power First Commercial Flight of 787 Dreamliner by ANA, Japans Largest Airline E.A. Pedersen 11Eaton Agrees to Acquire Medium Voltage Switchgear Manufacturer E.A. Pedersen Company 12Eaton Wins $27 Million Electrical Contract to Support Design and Construction of Third Set of Locks inPanama Canal Expansion Program14Eaton Product 14A Day Without Power Is Practically Unthinkable18Eaton Award 18Eatons Green Solution on Power Management Awarded as Excellent CSR Case19We Care2011 192011 Eaton CSR activities20Media Coverage20Economic Daily interviewed Sandy Cutler, Eaton Chairman and CEO Craig Reed21Automobile &amp; Parts interviewed Craig ReedEyes on China 01 4. SPECIAL FEATURE 100 73,000 1911 100 10 21 (Viggo Torbensen) (Joseph Eaton) 20 1915 1923 Alexander M. Cutler Available at Amazon.com, the book Powering Business: The First 100 Years of Eaton Corporation chronicles Eatonsdevelopment from a vehicle component supplier to a leading power managementcompany.02 Eyes on China 5. Chairman and CEO Sandy Cutler and senior leadership gather for the NYSE opening bell.Eaton Rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock ExchangeEaton Corporation rang Opening Bell at the New York Stock Over the years, Eaton has evolved into a diversified powerExchange. It dramatized the companys beginnings with the management company. Our more than 73,000 employeesrugged roads of 1911, growth through major inroads in the worldwide are combining their expertise and ingenuity toindustrial and electrical markets and increasing opportunitiessolve one of our eras greatest challenges delivering moretoday through very different kinds of superhighways and the power to help the world grow without consuming more ofglobal challenges in managing power.the worlds resources, said Cutler.On this date one hundred years ago, inventor ViggoAt Eaton, power management takes many forms, fromTorbensen and entrepreneur Joseph Eaton founded the improving the energy efficiency of buildings, planes andcompany that would become Eaton Corporation. Combiningvehicles to helping massive machines leave a more minisculetheir ingenuity, Torbensen and Eaton developed an axle that footprint on our planet. Eatons innovative technologies helpenabled trucks to endure the rugged roads of the early 20th its customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanicalcentury, consume less fuel and demand less maintenance. power safely and efficiently, while helping to control theircosts and reduce their carbon footprint.Based in Cleveland since 1915, Eaton was first listed on theNYSE in 1923. The company has paid dividends on commonLike our founders, we know that you cant achieve progressshares every year since its initial listing.by standing still, said Cutler. Every day the people of Eaton Corporation are helping to provide safe, efficient andAround the globe, Eaton employees are celebrating oursustainable power management solutions to our customershundredth year with coworkers, customers and in thearound the world.communities where we work and live, said Alexander M.Cutler, chairman and chief executive officer. We are proudof our past, but inspired by the future as we continue tofind new and inventive ways to address some of the worldstoughest power management challenges.Eyes on China 03 6. TOP NEWS2011 100 2011 CALSTART 2008 Blue SkyTM 100 2008 3 100 5 Lennart Jonsson 3M 9,000 100 2011 750 9395 TVS UltraShift PLUS 100 100 2010 13%500 6% 2010 74% 2008 04 Eyes on China 7. 2011 100 Eaton is in the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Innovators List.Eaton Recognized for Leadership in Global InnovationEaton Corporation has been named a Thomson Reuters 2011 Innovation is a means of growth and prosperity forTop 100 Global Innovator for its achievements as one of the companies and nations struggling to overcome sluggishworlds most innovative companies. The program identifies economies and achieve competitive advantage, saidbusinesses that invent on a significant scale, are working on David Brown, president of the IP Solutions business ofdevelopments acknowledged as innovative by patent offices Thomson Reuters. We salute the Thomson Reuters 2011across the world, and have inventions that require global Top 100 Global Innovator companies and their leaders forprotection. the innovative spirit they foster and their commitment toprotecting intellectual assets.At Eaton, innovation is fundamental to our strategies forglobal growth, and we are pleased with this recognition, said According to Thomson Reuters, the 100 companies namedLennart Jonsson, Eaton executive vice president and chief to the global innovator list collectively increased weightedtechnology officer. Innovation is not easy; it challenges theaverage revenue by nearly 13 percent in 2010, outperformingstatus quo, attempts to identify future trends and sometimesthe increase in revenue for Standard &amp; Poors (S&amp;P) 500involves higher-risk investments. But we are committed to Index companies by nearly six percent. They more thancontinually creating new ways to provide our customers with doubled the R&amp;D spend of their S&amp;P 500 counterparts, andsafe, reliable, efficient and sustainable power managementnearly 74 percent of the publicly traded companies had ansolutions. increase in stock price in 2010. To view the full report on theThomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator program, visitEaton currently holds nearly 9,000 patents globally, morewww.top100innovators.com.than 750 granted during 2011. Eatons patented productsinclude the Eaton 9395 Uninterruptible Power Supply, TVSSupercharger, UltraShift PLUS transmission and many morefrom all business segments. 8. BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT 2011 2011 Shyam KambeyandaPTC ASIA 2011 Eaton Hydraulics Shines at the 2011 PTC Asia FairEatons Hydraulics Group recently delivered an outstandingareas of paving machines, concrete mixer trucks and pumpperformance at the 2011 Asia Power Transmission and trucks, excavators, front end loaders, and forklifts. With itsHydraulics Fair (PTC Asia 2011) by showcasing its latestarray of products on display at the show, Eaton revealed itscutting-edge products and technologies and demonstratingability and determination to transform itself from a productthe value inherent in Eatons philosophy of "Powering technology vendor to a total solutions provider.Business Worldwide".As Shyam Kambeyanda, Eaton Corporations HydraulicsAt this years trade show, the Eaton Hydraulics Group Group regional president for the Asia-Pacific region, explains:displayed all of its hydraulic system solutions in the industrial "For more than a century, Eaton has consistently providedapplication and engineering machinery application areas.customers with ironclad solutions and maintained a needs-Some of the most notable items at the show included oriented, innovative attitude. Eaton Hydraulics possesses anhydraulic products and technical solutions in the three extensive product line, and can use its plentiful resources toareas of bending machines, wind power equipment, andprovide customers with customized solutions and one-stopinjection molding machines. In the area of engineeringservice. In addition, our localized R&amp;D and production givesmachinery, Eaton presented solutions in the five majorus a fast-response capability, meaning that we are able topromptly assist customers to resolve power transmissionmanagement issues.06 Eyes on China 9. 2 2011 800 8 5500 EPA 2014 2010 2012 HLA 35% . John Ritter 87% www.eaton.com/hybridEaton Hybrid Systems Achieve 200 Million Miles of ServiceHarmful Emissions Reduced by 80,000 Metric Tons and 8 Million Gallons of Fuel SavedEaton Corporation announced at the Hybrid, Electric andfleet owners and operators, said John Ritter, vice presidentHigh Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) 2011 National and general manager of Eatons Hybrid Power SystemsConference in Baltimore, Md., that customers of its hybrid Division. Many initial hybrid customers are returning tosystems have collectively accumulated more than 200 millionplace orders for trucks and buses, and a record number ofmiles of service, reducing diesel fuel consumption by 8new customers are starting to step forward and experiencemillion gallons and harmful emissions by 80,000 metric tons. the benefits of our proven technology.More than 5,500 of Eatons hybrid systems are in use The company set major hybrid systems milestones over thetoday worldwide on city buses, school buses, package past two years, delivering systems to global customers indelivery trucks, beverage delivery trucks, refrigeratedAustralia, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany,delivery trucks, refuse and recycling trucks, utility vehicles India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar,and other commercial applications. Eatons hybridRussia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Unitedsystems and advanced drivetrains will provide reliable and States. In addition to hybrid electric systems, Eaton beganpractical solutions for commercial vehicle manufactures to commercial production of its hybrid hydraulic system knowncomply with new U.S. Department of Transportation andas Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist or Eaton HLA in the fallEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) fuel efficiency andof 2010.greenhouse gas pollution standards in 2014. Eaton will Benefits of the Eaton hybrid systems include fuel savingsbegin working with vehicle manufacturers in 2012 to certify up to 35 percent, with similar percentages in emissiontechnologies with the EPA to assist in complying with these reductions, extended brake life and idle time reductionsnew regulations. of up to 87 percent during work site operations. For moreEatons leadership position in hybrid power systems isinformation on Eatons hybrid power systems, visit www.expanding, and were seeing global acceptance of hybrideaton.com/hybrid.technology among truck and bus manufacturers as well as Eyes on China 07 10. www.eaton.com.cn 12 www.eaton.com.cn/electrical Eaton Launches new China Web Site with Focus onEnergy-Efficient SolutionsEaton Corporation unveiled its new China Web site (www. to convey the leading position of Eatons Electrical Sectoreaton.com.cn) with a new look-and-feel and Web featurein Chinas power distribution, control and power qualityto improve customer experiences with Eatons powerindustry. It aims at improving customer experience inmanagement solutions. product search and online interaction with Eaton.Energy-efficient products for use at home, at work, on theToday, more and more customers look to the internet toroad and more are showcased in the newly added Eatonseek solutions for their toughest electrical challenges. AsSustainable Community feature on the China site. Visitors a leading player in this competitive market, a user-friendly,to Eaton Sustainable Community can click through theinformative and interactive web presence becomes crucialcompanys most sustainable products in familiar applications. to customer satisfaction, said Eric Franks, vice presidentFrom office and plant facilities, to solar farms, cityscapes, of marketing, Eatons Electrical Sector - Asia Pacific. Eatonairports and hydropower dams, each of the 12 scenes has invested to improve accessibility and user experiencepresents multiple Eaton sustainable products that helpof our Web sites globally. The release of our new China Webcustomers use power more efficiently and safely.site does showcase Eatons commitment to helping ourcustomers grow and succeed in the China market. This is justThe new China Web site provides complete access to allthe beginning as the Web site will continuously be refined toof Eatons businesses with a focus on its energy-efficientmeet customers evolving needs.solutions in China. The new Web site of Eatons ElectricalSector (www.eaton.com.cn/electrical) has been designed08 Eyes on China 11. 9390 -- 9390 9390 UPS UPS UPS 9390 UPS 9390 ABM UPS Eaton 9390 Ensures Smooth Operations of the7th National Intercity GamesWhen the 7th National Intercity Games were held at the the unanimous approval of experts and the Organizinggarden city of Nanchang this year, Eatons 9390 UPSCommittee and took home the contract for the Olympicensured that the equipment rooms at the Games Olympic Center equipment room and rebroadcast room UPS powerCenter venues and the rebroadcast room all received an supply project.uninterrupted power supply. Eaton worked hand-in-hand with To address the load use environment and characteristicsNanchang to make sure that the green Intercity Games were of the Nanchang Olympic Center, the Eaton 9390 seriessuccessful. UPS employed patented hot sync parallel technology,The theme of the Intercity Games was "Red Hero City, which not only bypasses the issue of point failures, but alsoGreen Games." The design and construction of Nanchangsgreatly enhances overall system stability and reliability. Atmain Intercity Games venue and Olympic Center featured the same time, the 9390 uses ABM battery managementmany new technologies, new working methods, and newtechnology to perform intermittent battery charging andmaterials. The venues, facilities, and equipment were notdischarging, and monitor battery status in real-time. Thisonly eco-friendly and energy-saving, but also met the needsensures that personnel at the Olympic Center can receiveof the Games and long-term use after the culmination ofcritical information concerning battery module operationthe event. During this rigorous selection process, in spite of and malfunctions in real-time. "These design and technicalthe strong competition, Eatons 9390 series products werefeatures are practically custom-made for the Olympic Center,"successful thanks to their compact size, high efficiency, andsaid the procurement committee chairman in approval, "andflexible operating capabilities. Eaton consequently received they completely m...</p>