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<ol><li> 1. TALKING DOG ADVERTISING PLANS BOOK 2013-2014 </li><li> 2. TEAM 3 CLIENT 4 SWOT5 TARGET AUDIENCE6 CREATIVE BRIEF7 STRATEGY 9 CREATIVE11 FARMEANDER17 SUMMARY19 EVALUATION 20 FUTURERECOMMENDATIONS21 </li><li> 3. Account Executive - PatJice Boswell Assistant Account Executive - David Amkhinich StJategist - Shanice StewarT ArT Director - Jordan Simpson CopyXriter - Lindsey Ga 3 </li><li> 4. Georgia Food Tours is the original walking food tour. The company appeals to a more cultred, sophisticated, and matre audience (and those that are hung./). Aer owner, Mar_ Charles Howard, stmbled upon a food tour she was eager to intJoduce the serbice to the Universit_ of Georgia and Athens communit_. Thrilled by the excitement and adventre that walking food tours gave her, Mar_ wanted others to enjoy that same exderience. The company oers walkable food tours around Athens neighborhoods visiting only locally- owned and sourced restaurants. Georgia Food Tours goes beyond just walking food tours; the company also oers farg tours, cycle tours, and picnics. The goal is to bring gJoups of people together. Family, hiends, and stJangers unite over one common interest food. 4 </li><li> 5. StJengThs - no competition - repeat customers - stJong word-of-mouth presence - plentifl food during tours - historical value of the town Weaknesses - no budget - low brand recogjition - low brand awareness - no physical location - product price OpporTnities - exdand target audience to UGA stdents - exdand target audience to visitors of Athens - use of local food bloggers/writers Threats - weather conditions - restaurant parTicipation - drawback of gJoup selings 5 </li><li> 6. - UGA stdents - Those who are active and enjoy spending time outdoors - People who enjoy a good time while eating gJeat food - Those interested in the historical and environmental value of food and the town - Males and females betXeen the ages of 30 and 60 -Athenians who are looking to host gJoups or hiends when they come into town - Tourists coming to Athens who are looking for a dierent way to have dinner while learjing about the rich cultre of the town 6 </li><li> 7. Client Name: Georgia Food Tours Serbice: A walking food tour, highlighting local restaurants and locally-sourced food Objective: Raise brand awareness and the recogjition of Georgia Food Tours in the Athens area by 20% by Spring of 2014; Exdand the target audience to college stdents. Insight: Im ver_ outgoing and I love spending time outdoors. I really enjoying tJ_ing new things, with reglar acquaintances or stJangers and nothing creates beler memories than food. Mar_ Charles Howard 7 </li><li> 8. Promise: We promise that a food tour with Georgia Food Tours will be well worTh the cost, and that our customers will end the tour with a satised appetite and memories of a good time. SupporT: - Previous customers gave raving reviews - Local restaurants give o positive impression for mutal benet - Well-tJained tour gides are both knowledgeable and inviting to the exderience Mandatories: - Website - Logo - Video Spot - Social Media 8 </li><li> 9. Problem: Georgia Food Tours has many serbices to oer its customers, but the company has lille to no brand awareness and brand recogjition. They need help positioning themselves as an energizing exderience, creating awareness of the company and their serbice in the Athens market. Communication Goals: - Communicate Georgia Food Tours as the business that will bring the family (old and new) together in an interactive seling through local restaurants that families are already loyal to, as well as ones they have not tJied yet. - Communicate the dierent tours of Georgia Food Tours and its other serbices. - Use social media to reach out to college stdents. - Increase brand awareness and brand recogjition of Georgia Food Tours by 20% by Spring 2014. 9 </li><li> 10. Creative Campaigj: - Taste the Town - With Georgia Food Tours exdanding to other towns, we want to use the overarching idea Taste the Town to apply to each town where tours will be given. - We want the customers to view this exderience as an opporTnit_ to learj about the histor_ and cultre of the food where they they live, all while having a good time with family and hiends. Tactics: - Print inforgational brochures and distJibute in areas where the target audience is likely to visit: visiting centers, hospitals, hotels, and local restaurants with hopes to increase brand awareness. - Create handouts to be printed and inserTed into on-campus publications of the paper (The Red &amp; Black). - DistJibute branded stickers in local restaurants to bring the GFT logo to top of mind to those in the Athens market. This idea capitalizes on the possibilit_ of a collectible item, as stickers are perfect for adorjing laptops or water bolles and would increase awareness. - Sponsor and host events to bring awareness to the owner, Mar_, and the company. 10 </li><li> 11. We created brochures to distJibute among the Athens communit_. Places included hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. 11 </li><li> 12. We created handouts to give to the customers on the tour. This gave a lille more insight into the brand as well as inforgation on dierent tours oered. 12 </li><li> 13. In addition to the idea of distJibuting these stickers in restaurants, we hoped to put them on Jiler_ Joes coee sleeves to build awareness. 13 </li><li> 14. We created Rack Cards to help rebrand GFT. These would be placed throughout the Athens communit_ in areas where a fll brochure is not necessar_. 706-410-1111 </li><li> 15. We created a special wedding card to help promote that Georgia Food Tours has broadened their serbices and now caters weddings. 15wedding parties and bridesmaid luncheons </li><li> 16. We went on a tour and shot video footage for a 1-minute spot to be added to the new GFT website. The spot will highlight dierent t_des of tours and to give the consumer an idea of what the exderience is like. 16 </li><li> 17. FARMeander is a tXo-day event sponsored and hosted by Mar_ and Georgia Food Tours. The event will be held in April 2014 in Madison, Georgia (30 minutes south of Athens) and will focus on meeting the owners of local fargs and eating the food gJown there. Since FARMeander is a car tour, we created a Google Map to be available to the customers to easily navigate the 15 dierent destination. Each tour consists of 6-20 people and a dinner prepared with farg-sourced food for all parTicipants. 17 </li><li> 18. We created event yers for FARMeander as well as promotional inserTs. 18 </li><li> 19. With a budget limited only to print costs, we craed creative items to reach an older demogJaphic. We oen stmbled over obstacles due to communication barJiers with the client, but aer geling rst-hand exderience of the serbice and reaching a mutal understanding we slowly made progJess. Raising brand awareness was our main goal for Georgia Food Tours and we worked to accomplish this through many low-cost tactics. 19 </li><li> 20. We were able to help Georgia Food Tours establish itself as a brand that encompasses more than just Athens Food Tours by contJibuting to its exdansion to Atlanta and St. Simons. We worked alongside Mar_ for the starT-up of a new serbice line, FARMeander, which will soon be moving out of the initial development stages. We were able to rebrand the GFT interjet image via social media by creating a new Facebook account which has received 213 likes in 2 months and a Twiler account which has gained 236 followers in 1 month. The ultimate goal of this client was to help with rebranding in the middle of the contJact. We contJibuted gJeatly to brainstorging sessions, with respect to the new logo and creative tactics for GFT. In addition, we have increased awareness of both new and existing products and serbices that GFT oers. 20 </li><li> 21. To coincide with the rest of our marketing plan, we have several suggestions that we believe will allow Georgia Food Tours to continue to gJow. Firstly, we would suggest investing time to work with local businesses and restaurants as an outlet to distJibute promotional items. From an events perspective, we would suggest specic events to build both sales and awareness, such as serbing dishes to families at sororit_ and haterjit_ parents weekends. These ideas coupled with a few that are more general are sure to provide Georgia Food Tours a boost in the coming months. In an eorT to solidif_ the presence of the brand, we suggest that the company continue to monitor gJowth in social media outlets. To that same end, Georgia Food Tours will need to continually examine its brand image (in adverTising, social media, and the website) as it exdands to new cities. Keeping a consistent brand image as a whole while also displaying local nuances based on location will be key. With these recommendations in mind, Georgia Food Tours will keep serbing up deliciousness in the Southeast! 21</li></ol>