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<p> 1. Golf Course 2. About Golf Course Branding With our tie-ups, you can now advertise in Golf courses across India. This is a very interesting media to reach out to the creamiest strata that form 1% of India's richest and well-connected people.Bay DividersProduct DisplayBranding at ParkingHoardingsClub cartsBay Dividers 3. Media Options Unipoles / Hoardings Centre medians / mini-poles Club carts Bay drivers / dividers Tee sign / Tee markers Tee benches Kiosks / Wall panels Stroller-cum-shoe shine LCD Panels Practice putting flag signs Mobile / laptop charging stands Ball washer kiosk Field signage Yard markers Balloons / Blimps Trash receptacles Sponsorship of Tournaments 4. Cost and Reach Cost : Please click on the excel sheet to find the costing for various media options.Reach : Please click on the excel sheet to find the reach in various cities.Reach us: Samir Chaudhary | +(91) 9686595443 | |</p>