How to Build A Sustainable Content Marketing Strategy

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Join Toby Murdock, CEO of Kapost, Dave Lewis, Founder & CEO of DemandGen, and Jesse Noyes, Managing Editor of Eloqua on January 22nd at 1pm ET for a step by step guide to creating content that drives demand.


  • 1. How to Build a SustainableContent Marketing StrategyJanuary 22, 2013Featuring: DemandGen InternationalEloquaKapost@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report

2. About Demand Gen Report Launched in 2007 to track best practices in lead generation Newsletter has grown to more than 26,000 readers We also offer a menu of research and best practices reports New audio/video podcasts at 2013DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportReport 3. What campaigns have been the most successful foryour department over the past year in driving leadsand engaging prospects? (check all that apply) Response Count Search marke2ng 23% Events 40% Content-based oers 56% Telemarke2ng 10% 30% 60% 2013DemandGen @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportReport 4. As you evaluate your current content programs,where do you see the greatest opportunity to improve your results?Response Count Develop the right mix of oers 25% Mapping content to buyer needs 29% Increasing budget to fund content ini2a2ves 17% Finding the right partners to drive content 8% Iden2fying the right channels to distribute content 21% 20% 30% 2013DemandGen@demandgendave@noyesjesse @tobymurdock@DG_ReportReport 5. What would you say are your greatest challenges in creating and optimizing your demand generation efforts?Response Count Insucient sta 52% Insucient content 46% Insucient technology 15% Lack of processes 33% Lack of exper2se 23% 30% 60% 2013DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportReport 6. Where to Start@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 6 7. Pssst Hey, buddy. You want fresh content? @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 8. 2. Decide:How you will communicateYour Why3. Plan: Where1. Define:you willWhy yourecommunicateappealingYour Why Content Strategy 2013 DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc. 9. Mind Map Your Why: Example 1Superb Location GoodLots of ValueActivitiesWhyManyRecently Dining RenovatedChoices Positive Great Reviews Service 2013 DemandGen@demandgendave@noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc. 10. Mind Map Your Why: Example 2MarketLeader Award-winningDemonstrated Expertise ROI Why ExcellentImpressiveService Customers Outstanding InnovatorWork in market Quality 2013 DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock@DG_ReportInternational, Inc. 11. Prioritize Your Why: B2B ExampleOur Market LeaderAward-winning ExpertiseWHYImpressive CustomersInnovator in MarketOutstanding Work QualityExcellent ServiceDemonstrated ROI 2013 DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc.11 12. What Validates Your Why Market LeaderExpertise Customers 7 Years of Premier Notable/ExperienceCertified onrespected Marketkey platforms 200+Reputation Company Awardwinning work Span 5 MajorIndustries Size / Global 10,000+ Mid Author Wrote Engagements enterprisethe Book size Global needsserved 2013 DemandGen@demandgendave@noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc. 12 13. Content Mapping and Buying StagesTop ofBottom ofFunnelMiddle of Funnel Funnel (Evaluation) (Recognition)(Selection) Why Leadership Expertise Customers Innovation Work Quality Service ROIWebsite Demo Case Studies Infographic Sales Pitch Deck ProposalWebinarResources and GuidesSales Enablement Tools 2013 Blog& Social DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock@DG_Report 13International, Inc. 14. Idea Generators,Distribution / Subject Matter Experts"Customers" Content Producers & ApproversTop of FunnelInternal ManagingMiddle of FunnelEditorsExternalBottom of Funnel(Sales) 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse@tobymurdock @DG_Report 15. Team: Idea Generation Customers Customer-facing: Sales, Service, Support Influencers / thought leaders Internal Subject-matter experts 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 16. Team: Production Internal Producers (Creative) Marketing MarCom / PR Product Marketing External Producers Agencies Freelancers Influencers Internal Approvers Executives Legal "Customers" Managing Editor@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. 17. Team: Distribution / "Customers" Top of the Funnel Influencers Social Media Website / SEO Middle of the Funnel Demand Generation Marketing Automation Bottom of the Funnel Sales Field Marketing / Sales Enablement 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 18. Idea Generation@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 18 19. Content Ideas Internal Voice of the Customer Sales, Support, Services Influencers Social Listening Customer Surveys & Interviews 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 20. Content Ideas Process Source ProcessInternal Voice of theIdea Submission &Customer: Sales, Follow-upService, SupportSocial Listening / Social TeamInfluencersDirect Voice of theInterviews, SurveysCustomer 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse@tobymurdock @DG_Report 21. Creating a Blog Post Research 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 22. Creating a Blog Post Managing EditorCTO What to Consider WhenChoosing a Lead Generation Vendor10 Questions to Ask BeforeBuying Lead Gen Software 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 23. Creating an eBook1. Find the Talent 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 24. Creating an eBook2. Set Expectations 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 25. Creating an eBook 3. Perfect the Packaging 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 26. Making Content Work for Demand@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 26 27. Jan. Apr. Jul.Oct. Feb. MayAug.Nov. ? Mar. Jun. Sep.Dec. 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 28. 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 29. 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 30. 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 31. 4 3 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 32. 4 3417111 3 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 33. 4 3417111 3 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 34. 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 35. 417111 3 18 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 36. Jan. Apr.Jul. Oct.12 45Feb. MayAug.Nov.13 46Mar. Jun. Sep.Dec.23 56 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave@noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 37. Get "Customer" Buy-in on Calendar Content "Customers" = social / SEO / website team, demand gen team, sales / sales enablement team Share calendar early and often 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 38. Define Processes and Workflows Production of content requires lots of contributors, approvers Dont let logistics ruin your content efforts 2013 Daily Inches, Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 39. You are in competition for your buyers attention! NOYES 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock@DG_Report 40. Field Paid MediaSales EmailIntegrated Content WebsiteCampaign PartnersPR Social PR EMEA Media PR North America 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 41. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 42. Interactive Website 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 43. Social MediaBlogs 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 44. Email Sales Templates 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 45. Earned Media Paid Media 2013 Eloqua Inc. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 46. @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_Report 47. Throw Chum In The Water Top of Funnel Scatter Lead Chum around the web All over your site Your Blog & Others Social Networks Partner Sites PR SEO Landing Pages Syndicated Content Webinars 2013 DemandGen @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc. 47 48. Gate Your Bait Middle of Funnel Best Practice: The best way to catch leads is to use a single gated formin front of your best lead bait. After that, feed the fish through nurturing(leveraging hidden forms for further campaign tracking). What to Gate: Free Trials, eBooks & Resources, Valued Analyst Reports, EventsCatch The LeadsFeed The LeadsCampaigns & OrganicNurtures & Sales Enablement 2013 DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc.48 49. Case Study: InsuletChum BaitTrap 2013 DemandGen @demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc. 49 50. Nurturing through the Funnel 2013 DemandGen@demandgendave @noyesjesse @tobymurdock @DG_ReportInternational, Inc. 51. Q&A@demandgendave @noyesjesse@tobymurdock Thank you for attending!Look for our follow-up email to get a FREE copy of Manufacturing Demand The Principles of Lead Management@demandgendave @noyesjesse@tobymurdock @DG_Report