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<ul><li><p>Kent Alan Schiller 375 County Road 2655 </p><p>Mineola, TX 75773 Cell: 903.780.6774 </p><p> </p><p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- </p><p>Business Objective As an Independent Completions Consultant, I strive to provide quality service by ensuring safety is upheld at all times, implementing job design, and minimizing procedure cost. Leading by example has allowed me to increase productivity and crew morale on every location I have been assigned to. </p><p>Education and Skills Texas A&amp;M University, Bachelor of Science, Animal Science, 2005 Halliburton Technical Excellence Center, Engineering, 2006 Well Control Certified, Wild Well Control, 2015 Well Control Certified, International Association of Drilling Contractors, 2013 Competencies of engineering principles and practices pertaining to Completion Processes involved in Hydrocarbon Production Knowledge and understanding of equipment implementation (Frac/Cement/Tools/Wireline/Workover/Coil Tubing) Strong foundation of geological and petroleum engineering principles needed to solve subsurface resource development and environmental problems Experience with project economics and resource valuation methods for design and decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty Computer modeling experience with FracPro PT, WellCore, OpenWells, WellView, proficient in MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word Special emphasis on design/analysis of systems for producing, injecting, and handling natural gas/crude oil Working knowledge of fluid mechanics, strength of materials, transport phenomena, material properties, and phase behavior Personal skills involving crowd management and problem solving Strong and effective communicator with quick and accurate decision making skills Work Experience Schiller Consulting, LLC (July 2010 - Present) Completions Consultant Supervise Completion Procedures in East/South Texas and Northwest Louisiana, Specializing in Stimulation Procedures &amp; Prep Responsibilities include all aspects of Completion Processes. Included but not limited to the following: Coil Tubing Prep/Drill Out, Job Setup/Layout and Equipment Placement, Coordination between all services companies involved, Enforcing Safety Requirements, Time Management, Proper Procedure, and Job Expectations Management over Well Control (Wellhead/Frac Stack/BOPs), Flow Back, Backside Pump Down, Wireline, Slickline, Workover Rig, Water Transfer, Frac Crew, Disposal Haul Off, Coil Tubing Crew, Lighting Equipment, TCP, Environmental Containment, and Location Appearance. Experience with High Temperature, High Pressure Wells, Placing High Temperature Frac Fluids with High Strength Resin Coated &amp; Non Coated Proppants. Experience with Well Intervention in HTHP Wells (Fishing Drill Outs Well Control) </p></li><li><p> Schiller Consulting LLC - Client History </p><p> Encana Corporation Well Site Supervisor (Permian Basin) (January 2016 April 2016) Supervise and Implement Stimulation / Wireline Operations. Responsible for overseeing Safety Expectations for all Service Personnel. Ensure proper chemical and job expectations are met and maintained during Stimulation Procedures. Place Stimulation Hybrid Designs at 80 bpm w/ an average 375,000 lbs of proppant, under 9,000 psi. </p><p> Anadarko Corporation Well Site Supervisor (Wolfcamp Beta) (December 2015 January 2016) Responsible for Daily Completion Processes, specifically Stimulation / Wireline / Coil Tubing / Workover. Ensure that all Service Personnel adhere to Anadarko Safety Protocol. Lead Daily Safety Meetings, while instilling a Positive Work Environment with all Service Personnel. Monitor Job Completion and Reporting back to Anadarko Supervision. Oversee Coil Tubing Drill Out and installation of Production Packer/Tubing String. </p><p> Energen Corporation Well Site Supervisor (Permian Basin) (July 2015 October 2015) </p><p>Oversee Daily Completion Processes, Stimulation / Wireline Operations &amp; Location Layout. Responsible for Implementing Safety Expectations for all Service Personnel, while ensuring Cost Efficiencies are maintained. Place Stimulation Slickwater Designs at 100 bpm w/ an average 350,000 lbs of proppant, at 6,500 psi. </p><p> Encana Corporation Well Site Supervisor (Wolfcamp) (July 2015 July 2015) Perform Well Site Supervision of Frac &amp; Wireline Crews. Responsible for implementation of Stimulation Design, placing 500,000 lbs of proppant at rates of 80 bpm at 9,300 psi using Hybrid Fluid Designs. Ensure EHS protocol are followed at all times. Report using Wellview, and Encana COW Excel Documents. </p><p> Mojo Energy Well Site Supervisor (Bone Spring / Wolfcamp) (June 2015 July 2015) Well Site Supervision of all aspects of Completion Process for Clients Turn Key Operations. Perform Pin Point Frac Operations, Supervision over Coil Tubing, Water Transfer, BHA Tool, Frac Equipment, Water Disposal &amp; Workover Pulling Unit. Responsible for Location Appearance and Equipment Configuration between Service Companies involved in completion processes. Provide expertise and solutions to Client for overcoming formation, and equipment limitations. </p><p> Marathon Oil Corporation Well Site Supervisor (Eagleford / Austin Chalk) (March 2014 January 2015) Responsible for Implementation of Frac Design as per Engineering, Triple Well Zipper Operations, HTHP Wells, with Frac Rates at 60 bpm placing Conventional Borate Crosslinked Gel w/ Resin Coated Proppant at a Max Pressure of 11,000 psi. Oversee all Aspects of Stimulation Procedures. Ensure a Safety Culture is instilled in All Service Personnel, Communicate with MOC Supervision on Daily Activities, Input Cost / Updated Activities into WellView, Ensure Cost Efficiency, Review Tickets, Communicate any issues. </p><p> Diamondback Energy Well Site Supervisor (Permian Basin) (January 2014 March 2014) Responsible for All Safety and SOP Protocol, Oversee Initial Well Preparation, Install Wellhead, Perform Casing Test, Open Sleeves, Injection Test w/Acid Displacement, Prepare location for Stimulation Procedures, Supervise and Implement Stimulation Design as per direction from Engineering, LTLP Wells, with Frac Rates at 60 bpm placing Hybrid Frac Fluids w/ Resin Coated Proppant at a Max Pressure of 9,500 psi. Prepare location for Workover Rig, Supervise Drill Out of Plugs, Set Packer, Hang Tubing, Hand Well over to Production. </p></li><li><p> Abraxas Petroleum Well Site Supervisor (Eagleford Shale) (October 2013 January 2014) </p><p>Install and Pressure Test Frac Stack / Flowback Equipment, Perform Toe Prep, Initialize Sliding Sleeve, Oversee Wireline Operations, MIRU Frac / Supporting Equipment, Oversee Stimulation Procedures, HTHP Wells, with Frac Rates at 60 bpm placing Hybrid Frac Fluids w/ Resin Coated Proppant at a Max Pressure of 11,500 psi. MIRU Coil Tubing, Perform Drill Out of Plugs, Install Production Tree, MIRU Flow Testers, Hand Off to Production. </p><p> BHP Billiton Well Site Supervisor (Eagleford Shale) (August 2011 - October 2013) Supervise Frac / Wireline Ziper Operations, HTHP Wells, with Frac Rates at 65 bpm placing Schlumberg HiWay Frac Fluids w/ Resin Coated Proppant at a Max Pressures of 11,500 psi. Responsibilities include all aspects of Frac / Wireline Operations. Set up location for operations; Install Frac Stack / Zipper Manifold, Flow Back, Frac/Acid/Flowback Tanks, Spot Wireline / Grease / Pump Down Trucks (when required), Frac Spread, Chemical Containment., Safety Personnel / Location Security. Personally Responsible for Well Control, Operational Implementation, Reporting, and Safety Requirements. </p><p> Ely &amp; Associates Frac Consultant (Eagleford Shale / Permian Basin) (June 2011 August 2011) Supervise Zipper Frac Operations. HTHP Wells, with Frac Rates at 60 bpm placing Hybrid Frac Fluids w/ Resin Coated Proppant at a Max Pressures of 11,500 psi. Responsibilities include QA/QC &amp; Design Implementation of Frac Procedure. Interact with client engineering staff on design alteration. </p><p> Chesapeake Energy - Well Site Supervisor (Haynesville Shale) (July 2010 June 2011) Supervise Workover Prep / Frac / Wireline / Coil Tubing Operations. HTHP Wells, with Frac Rates at 90 bpm placing Hybrid Frac Fluids w/ Resin Coated Proppant at a Max Pressures of 12,500 psi. Responsibilities include Safety Correspondence, Vendor coordination, Operational Logistics, Procedural Implementation of Prep / Frac / Wireline / Coil Tubing operations; report daily operations to CHK Management. </p><p> Trican Well Service, LTD (November 2009 July 2010) Stimulation Engineering Perform Stimulation Engineering in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana Primarily involving High Pressure Gas Shale Completions in the Haynesville Shale and Bossier Shale Plays Responsibilities include Customer Relations, Quality Control (Fluid Systems/Stimulation Design), and Operational Support </p><p>O-Tex Pumping, LLC (August 2009 November 2009) Sales Engineering / Field Support Responsible for Cementing/Acidizing Sales along with Engineering in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana Responsibilities include Customer Relations, Sales, Job Scheduling, and Operational Support as needed Assist in the development of the new expanding division into the Northwest Louisiana area Halliburton Energy Services (January 2006 March 2009) Account Representative - All Service Lines (May 2008 - March 2009) Responsible for Field Sales including all service lines offered by Halliburton in 13 counties located in East Texas, including Panola, Harrison, and Shelby Counties Responsibilities included Stimulation Design - Zonal Isolation Design - Downhole Tools Formation Evaluation Solid understanding of Proposal Writing, and diversified skills in operations Technical Professional/Engineering - Production Enhancement (January 2006 May 2008) Perform real-time data analysis and implement job design modifications to hydraulic fracture treatments Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test Analysis &amp; Step Rate Test Interpretation Quality assurance / quality control responsibilities Health, safety, and environmental compliance observation, reporting, and supervision (Behavior Based Safety Coach) Post-job analysis and reporting including construction and maintenance of job results database </p></li><li><p> Transferable Skills: engineering design and decision making, problem solving, customer interaction Achievements and Committees #1 Frac Fleet for Marathon Oil Corporation 187 Stimulation Jobs Completed in 1 Month October 2014 Chesapeake SAFE Trained (Stay Accident Free Everyday) December 2010 BBP Steering Committee Member (January 2007 January 2008) Active member of the H.O.G.S. program (Halliburton Observations Group Services) Behavioral Based Performance Trained - Safety Program Trained BBP Coach (Activities include BBP training, and ensuring proper completions of BBP Observations.) HES Competencies Assessor Trained Assessor trained in the H.E.S Competencies Program - Ensuring competencies are upheld with all employees </p><p> Halliburton Engineering Mentor Successfully mentored new members of the S.E.W.A. Engineering Department, regarding Production Enhancement Equipment, Engineering Responsibilities, Breakout Responsibilities Successfully mentored Business Development trainee </p><p>References available upon request </p></li></ul>