Next Generation Google Analytics: Smarter measurement = smarter marketing

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This presentation is by Dara Fitzgerald, head of Insight at Fresh Egg, and was delivered at the September 2013 session at BrightonSEO. This provides a look into the new 'Universal Analytics' and other new features of Google Analytics, with some ideas on how to make the most of what they have on offer.


  • 1. Next Generation Google Analytics: Smarter measurement = smarter marketing. Dara Fitzgerald Head of Insight 0845 373 1077

2. What are we doing wrong? Not every visit is equal, so why do we treat them like they are? Users dont just visit once and convert so why do we act like they do? Customers dont only convert once so why do we measure them like they do? Why are we so obsessed with the last click? 3. Session siloes. Visit 1 4. Session siloes. Visit 1 Visit 2 5. Session siloes. Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 2Visit 3 6. Multi-channel customer journey. Sale is credited back to last source model is flawed! Last click 100% Introducer 0% Influencers 0% 7. Offline purchases. Online Telephone Store First purchase Second purchase Third purchase 8. Multi-device environment. A single user Tracked as 3 visits from 3 visitors! 9. How can we do it better? User segmentation for multi-session analysis Universal Analytics for offline data and life-time value Attribution for more credit smarter marketing Remarketing for the ones that got away 10. User segmentation. [visit] 11. User segmentation. 30 30 [Visit: Rev > 25] 12. User segmentation. 30 20 50 13. User segmentation. [visitor] 14. User segmentation. 30 [User: Rev 100] 30 20 Which user segments are more valuable over multiple sessions? 50 15. Universal Analytics. 16. Universal Analytics. 17. Improve lead generation: Sync offline and online data Define your own dimensions & custom metrics Track users more reliably across multiple devices Use the Measurement Protocol to push data to GA from any internet enabled device >>> Universal Analytics. 18. Measurement Protocol. 19. Multi-Channel Funnels. 20. Multi-Channel Funnels. Non-brand contribution 21. Attribution Modelling Tool. Linear Credit split evenly across the entire conversion path. Time Decay Credit reduces back from the point of conversion. Position Based First & last click heavily weighted; remainder split in the middle. 22. Remarketing via GA. 23. Remarketing via GA. 24. Trial Universal Analytics this is in BETA so more to follow! Analyse cross-session behaviour with user segmentation Use MCF and Attribution Modelling Tool to understand paths to conversion and full channel contribution Run remarketing campaigns based on visitor data from GA Start the move from single visit metrics to Lifetime Value Summary. 25. A final thought Courtesy of 26. And a quick plug Come to the Fresh Egg stand to register for a free beta trial of the not provided tool. 27. Thank You! Dara Fitzgerald Head of Insight 0845 373 1077