Social Media: The good, the bad & the ugly

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Presentation at the Social Media for Not for Profits conference in Melbourne, 28 & 29 March 2012


  • 1. Social Media:The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!Carol Skyring Social Media for Not for Prots Conference, Melbourne 28-29 March 2012

2. Key issues and concerns surrounding social media for NfPsHow some NfPs are using social media well & others not so wellLearning from past mistakes and safeguarding future projects 3. Your Social Media use1.Im not using social media yet.2.Im thinking about using social media.3.Ive been dabbling.4.Im pretty experienced with social media5.I tweet therefore I am! 4. Key issues &concernsWhat is social media?Why should we use social media?How can we use social media?What if we dont use social media? How do we get started?What can go wrong? 5. Get the T-Shirt at 6. Social Media Umbrella term for various technologies and social interaction using words, pictures, videos and audio. Interactions between people. Involves building communities. 7. Its a conversation! 8. Why use Social Media?New generation Networked Connected Want to be heard 9. The new model 10. Uses for Social MediaLearning (PLN)Human RSS Harness collective intelligenceMarketing & promotionCommunication with supporters 11. Somefacts &gures! 12. Nearly two thirds of Australianinternet users participate onsocial networking sites.Sensis Social Media Report, May 2011 13. 200 million tweets sent each day Source: 30 June 2011 14. Social Causes Study: 15. What if wedont use socialmedia? Lost opportunities! 16. How do youget started?Look at what others are doing.Formulate a strategy:whowhat wherewhenwhy! 17. Using social media well(and not so well!)Some examples..... 18. Who is talking about you? 19. How NOT to Tweet 20. Examples Mission Australia - extensive & good use + CEO (buthidden at bottom of their website) Red Cross - extensive & good use Centrelink - links to link (clever or lazy?) 21. Links to link 22. Learning frompast mistakes 23. A campaigngone wrong!We have been touched by thegenerosity of our fans - thanksto your suggestions, Bing Lee hasdecided to donate $1 for everyfan we have on the Bing LeeFacebook page to theQueensland Flood Relief Appeal.Share this with everyone youknow and lets aim for $10,000worth of donations by the endof the month!! (January 2011) 24. Measure success - did you meetyour goals? Google Alerts Social Mention Samepoint Twitter Search Twitter Sentiment Twitratr 25. GoodBadUglyTheres only one You can engage It takes time and athing worse than notwith supporters & good strategy and doing social media -extend your reachpolicydoing it badly!