The Benefits of CRM

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This presentation explains Customer Relationship Management help their business


1.The Benefits of CRMHelen ColdicottTraining Consultantwww.coldicottfreelancetraining.comCall: 01905 23902 | 0770 410 59542. The Benefits of CRMWhat is CRM?What can it do for your business?* Manage Client Lifecycle Internal communication * Increase Profitability 5 Ways * Accurate Forecast Pipeline * Effective Lead Qualification - ScotsmanWhat do CFT do thats different? Testimonials Training Courses3. www.coldicottfreelancetraining.comCall: 01905 23902 | 0770 410 5954What is CRM?CustomerRelationshipManagement4. 1. What is CRM? a. Helps to manage your contactsCustomersProspectsLeadsFriends &FamilySuppliersContactsDistributorsReferrers5. 1. What is CRM? b. Helps to managecommunications and touchesCasesPhone CallsCustomer RecordRenewalsAppointmentsOpportunitiesNext ActionsEmails6. Helps Manage Client Interactions360 Degree Client View7. 1. What is CRM? c. Helps to Build Good RelationshipsCommunicateTrustRememberRelationshipDeliverUnderstandCompromise8. 1. What is CRM? d. Management & MeasurementStaff ProductivityMarketingNumber of LeadsManagementSales StatsDelegationProceduresCustomer Service9. What can CRM do for your business?10. 2. What can CRM do for your Business?11. Helps Manage your Client Life Cycle12. CRM Benefits Sales into 5 Ways13. CRM Benefits:14. CRM Benefits Sales Pipeline15. CRM Benefits SCOTSMANTo find out more you need to attend SalesENRICHED! CRM Benefits SCOTSMANEffective Lead Qualification17. 4. What do CFT do?ListenUniqueUnderstandPracticalSolutionListenCommunicate18. 5. Testimonials"Helen's a sweetie! We have been using ACT for about 2 years now and getting about 20% of the value. With Helen's help we'll now get 80%. Well worth the time spent - I recommend to all CRM users".Simon Williams, Action Coach"Very good training. Clear and concise. Helen obviously has excellent knowledge of the package - Thanks".Lee Clarke, ClarkewoodConsulting"The course was very informative and related to my job role, everything was covered thoroughly, was presented well and of a good pace,with opportunity for me to try out each individual task".Mike Coggins, Prosale"Helen's presentation style was very well received. Course enjoyable and friendly".Stella Hammond, Kidderminster College19. 6. Training CoursesBasic , Advanced or Admin TrainingBespoke agenda to meet your needsAt your premisesUsing your bespoke softwareTraining ManualsCertificatesExperienceImpartial AdviceOther training available20. www.coldicottfreelancetraining.com01905 23902 | 0770 410 5954Helen ColdicottTraining