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On-the-ground buzz around some of the best consumer innovations in the region.


  • 1. OCTOBER 2014 ASIA TREND BULLETIN ASIA PULSE On-the-ground buzz around some of the best consumer innovations in the region.
  • 2. The only constant in the Asian consumer landscape is you guessed it CHANGE. The Asian consumer landscape continues to evolve, as new patterns are perpetually being shaped and re-shaped. The pace of change can be hard to keep up with, but that is exactly why we are here ;) Our spotters constantly send in a stream of on-the-ground information, allowing us to construct a dynamic map of the ever-shifting consumer arena, making sure we (and therefore you!) stay on top of the latest happenings. aais pelsu 2
  • 3. And this month, you can hear directly from our on-the- ground experts! This Trend Bulletin brings seven of the best innovations from across the region this year as highlighted by our spotters. In addition, our spotters also provide specialized and localized insights on how these innovations are fitting into the Asian consumer landscape. So as you read on, think about the underlying consumer need/ desire/attitude behind each innovation, and how you can APPLY this knowledge to create future initiatives that truly value add both for your company and your consumers! :) aais pelsu 3
  • 4. FEATURED INNOVATIONS aais pelsu 4
  • 5. ASIA PULSE: FEATURED INNOVATIONS Castrol: The Good Road Indian initiative to start motorbikes only when users put on helmet aais pelsu 5
  • 6. Motorbike riders typically consider helmets un-stylish, expensive, and too much hassle. This innovation is most relevant for young adults who get motorbikes as presents from their parents. It is difficult for parents to ensure their kids wear helmets, and since parents have the purchasing power, this is a good solution. I think this example highlights that safety awareness is gaining momentum in my region. MAX BERNEY (22) GUEST BUSINESS DESIGN ASSOCIATE, ONIO DESIGN / INDIA aais pelsu 6
  • 7. We obviously offer much more than monthly Trend Bulletins... Our Premium Service Your complete trend and innovation solution. Find out more 2015 Trend Report 1 Trend Framework Innovation Database 2 3 Industry Updates Apply Toolkit 4 5 Monthly Updates 1-page Trend Handouts 6 7
  • 8. ASIA PULSE: FEATURED INNOVATIONS Water is Life: Drinkable Book Sanitation manuals pages double as water filters in China and India aais pelsu 8
  • 9. 300 million people in China have problems accessing clean drinking water, and until now there has been no sustainable solution. This idea is the first of its kind, and I love it! I think its very innovative and practical. But there is a need for government and organisations to promote it, otherwise it will just be for the select few. I also hope more independent parties will help develop creative solutions to these social problems! CICI JIANG (26) DESIGN RESEARCHER, ASUS / CHINA aais pelsu 9
  • 10. ASIA PULSE: FEATURED INNOVATIONS McDonalds Singapore Smartphone alarm gives consumers breakfast deals aais pelsu 10
  • 11. Most Singaporeans start the day early, and waking up is often a chore; we snooze our alarms multiple times and we can get very grouchy. McDonalds Surprise Alarm app helps to make waking up a little easier, happier, and less of something to dread. This app truly represents marketing as a service, where marketing is effectively integrated into a consumers life as a service (alarm clock) and provides tangible benefits (surprise rewards). ANDREW ONG (26) REGIONAL KNOWLEDGE COORDINATOR, WUNDERMAN / SINGAPORE aais pelsu 11
  • 12. ASIA PULSE: FEATURED INNOVATIONS Globe Telecom Online platform allows Filipinos to fight text spam aais pelsu 12
  • 13. Filipinos have a very strong affinity to mobile phones, and our country has been dubbed the SMS capital of the world. Text spams are a big nuisance, and I find this innovation very interesting as users are not only educated, but can also join in the initiative to combat spam. Users are generally highly receptive of campaigns that not only inform but also encourage positive action. JENNIFER JIMENEZ (22) PRODUCT DESIGNER, GLOBE TELECOMS / THE PHILIPPINES aais pelsu 13
  • 14. ASIA PULSE: FEATURED INNOVATIONS LG Electronics Messaging service allows the control of domestic appliances via SMS in South Korea aais pelsu 14
  • 15. In Korea, home networking and mobile friendliness are very big trends. I think this is the first innovation that successfully integrates the two in a way thats very easy for the average consumer to use. It also appeals to me as a working married woman. In Korea we stock up on groceries on the weekend, but then during the week I forget what I have. Having my fridge manage this for me is very helpful! SSO HAHN DEPUTY BUSINESS MARKETING MANAGER / SOUTH KOREA aais pelsu 15
  • 16. ASIA PULSE: FEATURED INNOVATIONS Whisper: Touch The Pickle Feminine hygiene campaign rewards Indian women challenging taboos aais pelsu 16
  • 17. The issue of women and menstruation has always been a sensitive one in India. Buying sanitary napkins used to be a furtive issue, with shopkeepers wrapping the purchase in newspapers to make it inconspicuous. Recently, with economic growth and more women entering the workforce, attitudes are changing, especially in urban areas. With the wide reach of television, campaigns like this can bring change to the smaller towns. S RAJENDRAN (55) CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, ACER / INDIA aais pelsu 17
  • 18. ASIA PULSE: FEATURED INNOVATIONS Coca-Cola: 2nd Lives Campaign launches in Vietnam with special caps to transform plastic bottles into useful objects aais pelsu 18
  • 19. I like this innovation for how it combines practicality with fun and creativity. It definitely helps promote eco-friendliness in the region by tapping on the fun element, as consumers here are still in the early stage of adopting eco-friendly lifestyles. Therefore brands are engaging in environmentally-friendly initiatives through fun-infused elements that educate and motivate consumers at the same time. TAMMY FRANSLI (25) MARKETING MANAGEMENT TRAINEE, UNILEVER / VIETNAM aais pelsu 19
  • 20. NEXT aais pelsu 20
  • 21. NEXT Over to you! Our featured innovations and spo