What Is Content Strategy? (ACS July Meetup)

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<ol><li> 1. ATLANTA CONTENT STRATEGY July Meetup www.meetup.com/Content-Strategy-Atlanta WHAT IS CONTENT STRATEGYSponsored byJuly 9, 2009 July 9, 2009 Dom Darda Photo </li><li> 2. Im Colleen Jones, Chair of CHI*Atlanta. </li><li> 3. Thanks for caring about content! </li><li> 4. UM, WHAT IS CONTENT? </li><li> 5. Content is the text, graphics, video, and audio that make up an interactive experience.Kristina Halvorson Death to Lorem Ipsum and Other Adventures in Content Adaptive Path Essays Darwin Bell Photo </li><li> 6. Content is king!Karen McGrane Content is King! From Business to Buttons </li><li> 7. CONTENT DESERVES STRATEGYBut we dont always treat itthat way. </li><li> 8. WE PUT OFF CREATING CONTENT. AND DELAY OUR PROJECTS(NOT TO MENTION RESULTS). </li><li> 9. WE MAKE CONTENT SECONDARY TO DESIGN .AND DELIVER SHINY BUT EMPTY CANDY WRAPPERS. Alyson Hurt Photo </li><li> 10. WE TRY OUT NEW CHANNELS .BUT DONT GOVERN THEM TO KEEPFRESH CONTENT FLOWING. Kathleen Tyler Conkin Photo </li><li> 11. So, what is content strategy? </li><li> 12. Content strategy isthe practice of planning for content creation, delivery, and governance.Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web (forthcoming) </li><li> 13. Content strategy isan emerging field of practice hatched out of user experience design.Jeffrey MacIntyre Content-tious Strategy A List Apart </li><li> 14. Content strategy helps you make content choices. </li><li> 15. Sound useful? Now what? </li><li> 16. 1. Dont Miss This Event AUGUST 6WEB CONTENT STRATEGY:Where UX, Marketing, &amp; IT MeetRegister at www.atlantaima.orgKristina Halvorson Author, Content Strategy for the Web President, Brain Traffic Brian Ikeda, Philips Design Karen McGrane, Bond Art+Science John Muehlbauer, IHG Ryan Esparza, CMS Consultant Sponsors </li><li> 17. 2. Read, Connect, &amp; Read MoreCONTENT STRATEGY KNOL (Google unit of knowledge)THE WEB CONTENT STRATEGISTS BIBLE CONTENT STRATEGY FOR THE WEB International Email List Twitter (Google Group) #contentstrategy http://tinyurl.com/csgooglegroup </li><li> 18. 3. Hang With UsTONIGHTS AGENDA Discovering the Need for Content Strategy at Philips Design Katie Riddle The Importance of Content to Product Strategy at AutoTrader Greg Vilines Web Content Strategy at UPS.com Richard SheffieldMANY THANKS TO OUR HOST </li><li> 19. Discovering the Need for Content Strategyat Philips Design </li><li> 20. It all starts with brandMacro Philips Philips Healthcare BusinessBusiness BusinessBusiness LineLine LineLine ProductProduct Product ProductProduct Micro </li><li> 21. Where does content fit in? As referenced by Kristina Halvorson in Content Strategy: The Myth, The Mania, The Mayhem </li><li> 22. Where does content fit in? As referenced by Kristina Halvorson in Content Strategy: The Myth, The Mania, The Mayhem </li><li> 23. Where does content fit at Philips? (ideal) </li><li> 24. The world of Philips web presencePossibleuser paths </li><li> 25. Mapping content strategy to Philips design process Activities Gather business requirements Determine content requirements Participate in initial planningmeetings Set criteria for success Deliverables Content briefINITIATION </li><li> 26. Mapping content strategy to Philips design process (contd) Activities User research Identify key user tasks/goals Content audit and evaluation Content matrix Identify and interview content providers Get list/location of source materials Competitive analysis Establish key themes and topics Map user goals and biz req. to themes Present findings to client Deliverables User, competitive and content providerresearch findings Key themes and mapping ANALYSIS User personas Gap analysis </li><li> 27. Mapping content strategy to Philips design process (contd) Activities Work with IAs to create site map Create user scenarios, using usertasks/goals Deliverables Key messaging and themes Editorial guide (incl. style/tone) Standards document Sample content for comps CONCEPT </li><li> 28. Mapping content strategy to Philips design process (contd) Activities Create style guide Create or edit site copy Map workflow for ongoing contentmaintenance Deliverables Copy deck Content governance plan (workflowand maintenance)FINALIZATION </li><li> 29. Mapping content strategy to Philips design process (contd) Activities User research Deliverables User research findings EVALUATION </li><li> 30. About the author Katie Riddle 678-471-1730 katie@riddlecommunications.com </li><li> 31. Why Content is Important to AutoTrader ClassicsGreg Vilines - Product Manager </li><li> 32. AutoTrader Classics Overview Autotrader Classics (ATX) is a multi-channel business unit in the AutoTrader family, with 6 print titles alongside autotraderclassics.com Focuses on vintage and late- model enthusiast and collectible vehicles Primary online revenue streams are classified advertising from dealerships and private sellers, supported by online advertising We sell content! </li><li> 33. ATX Rebranding and Relaunch Kicked off in late 2007 In July 2008, the existing print and online properties were rebranded as AutoTrader Classics The website relaunch, which went live in April 2009, was a parallel strategic effort to:Further enhance the online brandExpand advertising capability beyond vehicles and dealershipsFoster an online community for collector car enthusiastsAdd rich content experiences to drive site stickinessAdding quality content leads tomeasureable business impact! </li><li> 34. Market Research Drives the Content Strategy Top activities for users: Education about specific classiccar topics General learningSince content is Entertainment critical to users,its critical to the Most used features:product Shop for classic cars Find events Find services Data applies to visitors to classic car community websites </li><li> 35. Defining the Content GroupsUser-Generated Content In-House or AggregatedVehicle Listings ExistingPart Listings Dealership Listings Service Provider Listings EventsNew Articles &amp; Resources Vehicle InformationThe complexity of migrating and reimagining existing content, as well as the diverse needs of the new content types, meantEach type of content demanded a distinct strategy </li><li> 36. Strategy: Vehicle Listings User-generated: purchased and created by consumers and dealer customers Vehicle listings provide the sites revenue baseline The quality of the listing directly drives the user experience Key Strategic Questions: How do we migrate existing listingsfrom the previous site to the new site? What information should be collectedfor each listing to satisfy both shopperand seller needs? What content needs to be provided toeducate sellers how to create effectivelistings? How does the entry and display of thelistings need to differ to reflect theneeds of each seller group? </li><li> 37. Results: Vehicle Listings Successes: Successfully migrated ~10K listings from old site to new Listings have the most robust, enthusiast-focused content of any classified site today Guided entry of listings give private sellers useful information as they build their ads Robust B2B site lets dealers speed through vehicle creation Opportunities: Theres a gap between what shoppers want to see versus what sellers are willing to enter Though listing entry was simplified for dealer power users, even greater simplification and speed is needed </li><li> 38. Strategy: Articles &amp; Resources New feature of ATX In-House and Aggregated: sourced both internally and externally Key Strategic Questions: What types of content should we provide? What should the format be for each type? How do we mesh delivery systems (CMS, video management, vendor content feeds) to create an ideal solution? How do we govern the workflow of editing and publishing content? How do we measure what content is most effective to drive stickiness? How do we shift site operations to handle the demands of an online content publisher? </li><li> 39. Results: Articles &amp; Resources Successes: Identified 6 topic areas of focus Developed multiple content templates to flexibly handle multiple content formats Developed an integrated CMS solution that can easily handle manual creation or bulk loading from a variety of sources Created a simple, reproducible workflow for content management The new content has helped improve time on site 16% since launch! Opportunities: We still dont have a good understanding of what specific content is driving stickiness Creating an editorial calendar to plan and communicate when content will be published is TBD </li><li> 40. Summary For product strategy, Content is King Quality content has measureable business impact Users crave it, so how do we deliver it? Each type of content is VERY different Each needs its own unique strategy User and market research is invaluable It wont be right the first time Be prepared for phase 2 - and 3, and 4 Content cant be considered fire-and-forget It is a living and breathing thing and must be maintained andimproved </li><li> 41. A Quick Explanation of Content Strategy By Richard Sheffield </li><li> 42. T Y P IC A L W E B P R O J E C TS C H E D U LE As referenced by Kristina Halvorson inContent Strategy: The Myth, The Mania, The Mayhem </li><li> 43. Its Week 10 -The technical lead politely asks the projectmanager for the content. </li><li> 44. The project manager calmlyasks the new copywriter togo find thecontent. </li><li> 45. WTF? </li><li> 46. T Y P IC A L W E B P R O J E C TS C H E D U LE ContentS trategy </li><li> 47. Another Definition of Content Strategy:Content Strategy is all the things that you should have done so that your content would have been useful and ontime. </li><li> 48. Content Strategy at UPS.com October 22, 2008 </li><li> 49. Agenda A Little About UPS.comContent Strategy for a Mature WebsiteHow Culture Affected Content Strategy Interactive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 50. UPS.com - Some Context1.5 million visits per day 140,000 pages of content 40 online applications 110 country versions of UPS.com 33 languages supported Single source for content Localized as needed for factual differences CMS generated - InterWoven TeamSite Its ComplexInteractive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 51. Content Strategy for a Mature WebsiteCurrent version is six years oldContent strategy decisions have been madeContent strategy = content development strategyProjects are broadly definedContent strategists job to identify content impactAdjust the project plan and set expectationsIts a well-defined process Interactive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 52. Corporate Culture and Content Strategy Where we arrived is not where we were heading Efficient vs. Redundant Complex vs. Simple Centralized control vs. Distributed DevelopmentComplexity drives centralization Interactive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 53. Typical UPS.com PageInteractive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 54. UPS.com Page Structure - 13 ModulesPlus 32morelanguageversions. Modulesmove inand outbased onmetadata.Interactive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 55. This is a Very Powerful Page StructureAllows maximum content reuseAllows max flexibility of single source contentRelies on accurate and complex metadataKeeps translation costs lowToo complex for an occasional CMS userInteractive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 56. Impacts of a Complex CMS A well-trained CS can create a lot of content quicklyContent maintenance cannot be assigned to the businessUnexpected surges in work cannot be covered by bringing in short-term contractors Long ramp-up time for new hires Interactive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 57. Thanks!Richard Sheffieldrichardsheffield@ups.comsheff@mindspring.comweb-content-strategy.comInteractive Communications Content Strategy </li><li> 58. Dont Forget AUGUST 6!WEB CONTENT STRATEGY:Where UX, Marketing, &amp; IT MeetRegister at www.atlantaima.orgKristina Halvorson Author, Content Strategy for the Web President, Brain Traffic Brian Ikeda, Philips Design Karen McGrane, Bond Art+Science Invite colleagues, stakeholders, bosses, &amp; John Muehlbauer, IHG more to start a Ryan Esparza, CMS Consultantconversation about content. Sponsors </li></ol>