Working as a remote manager

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  • 1. Working as a Remote Manager Personal experience atStrategic ProgramsJanuary 20092009 Strategic Programs, Inc.

2. Company Perspective Retention Customer access Talent management Engagement Recruitment Role model best practices Business expansion Regional networking Green benefits2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 3. Individual Perspective Commitment Personal and professional goals Career development Fits individual needs 2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 4. Successes Availability to direct reports Work-life balance Flexibility Efficiency Customer focus2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 5. Practical Strategies for Managing Set expectations Regularly scheduled meetings Drive bys Email Over communicate Regular recognition Maximize face-to face opportunities 2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 6. Monitoring Work Hours worked Deliverables on schedule Asking the right questions Provides status reports Responsiveness2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 7. Challenges Organizational adjustment Face-to-face meetings Large scale change initiatives Facilitating task forces Interpersonal relationship building Influencing2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 8. Cost and Tools NeededOrganization VOIP phone Occasional office visit VPN connection Employee Internet access VOIP port Computer 2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 9. Observations Contributes to employee retention Supports personal and professional goals Key contributors to success Clear instructions Room to operate Be available for help Agreed upon check in Individual and organizational benefits 2009 Strategic Programs, Inc. 10. Recommendations Know the employee Set expectations Check in Modify to the person/role Create mutually beneficial plan 2009 Strategic Programs, Inc.