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<p>Prezentace aplikace PowerPoint</p> <p>One Big AIESEC Czech Republic</p> <p>What is gonna happen ? </p> <p>How did it start ?</p> <p>How it start ?</p> <p>How it start ?</p> <p>How it start ?</p> <p>How it start ?</p> <p>How it start ?</p> <p>SprinCo</p> <p>MC+LCPs plannig</p> <p>Vision BehavioursBehaviours</p> <p>Poteby zamstnavatel a pipravenostKde pociuj zamstnavatel nedostatek pracovnk(% firem, kter uvdj nedostatek pracovnk dan skupiny obor) </p> <p>GIP focusmarketing</p> <p>National Drivers</p> <p>Together we achieve,Together with the purpose,Together we scale up in what is worth it !PurposefulCollaborativeDriven</p> <p>Strategic Partnerships &amp; Evaluation (UNIs, CY2CY project based promo and delivery)National Alignment (national timeline, edu and focus, national portfolio GCDP,GIP,TMP,TLP)Your Cluster, Your Direction (Right structure and right strategies)Customized Education (sales edu for everyone, edu based on our custom., product based edu) Success in eXchangeMoS#NPS (TMP,TLP,GIP,GCDP)%Growth in GIP, GCDP% RE from CY2CY</p> <p>Customer experience showcasing (1to1 care in iGIP and oGIP, referencies, org.NPS, my company my comitment)Smart Selling (national product portfolio, S&amp;D, market position)Building Talent Capacity (Structure, do to learn, min.cr.)Brand Evolution (based on national portfolio, web,..) GIP Excellence MoS#NPS (iGIP,oGIP,org.NPS)%Growth in GIPMembers efficiency</p> <p>MC Top</p> <p>LC Plannings</p> <p>Brno 172</p> <p>esk Budejovice53</p> <p>CZU93</p> <p>Hradec64</p> <p>Karvin86</p> <p>Olomouc48</p> <p>Ostrava169</p> <p>Pilsen84</p> <p>Prague291</p> <p>Zln95</p> <p>MC Consolidation</p> <p>MC consolidationGoal sumaryNPS sumaryPlan reviewEdu cycleCoaching timelineMC VPs timelinesConference cycleTeam legacyRolcall+name</p> <p>National Timeline</p> <p>iGIP</p> <p>GIPijulyaugseptoctnovdecjanfebmaraprmayjunetotal14/15Ra212216182146161814510171Ma141518713121268111215143Re1810231474211561071414913/14RE109179184165612134123%gr80%11%35%55%-62%031%200%0-17%-44%250%21%</p> <p>BottlenecksJanuary/february biggest peak- make sure we have our members in the LCs working (obvious exuse- exams,...)</p> <p>Q3 generally the biggest peak- based on success of Q3=year success</p> <p>oGIP</p> <p>GIPojulyaugseptoctnovdecjanfebmaraprmayjunetotal14/15Ra511720362414345849108276Ma1710111417151723163917197Re174712111016131512164117413/14RE10101767514117366102%gr70%-60%-59%100%-62%57%14%18%114%300%166%583%69%</p> <p>BottlenecksMa peak june- too late=pipeline for next generation yes</p> <p>RA peak march/april/may- should be month in advance</p> <p>Short matching rate in the plans= failure of MC do it! Plan</p> <p>This months we have newies= have a concrete plan how they bring the results</p> <p>BA segment</p> <p>GIP timeline</p> <p>iGCDP</p> <p>GCDPijulyaugseptoctnovdecjanfebmaraprmayjunetotal14/15Ra25258961434375755536441554Ma5724234410139224152454258548Re151128443515912921854752913/14RE183526494725383672337%gr-27%-66%146%-33%-13%25%-73%-77%12%600%27%2250%57%</p> <p>BottlenecksRisk- 2 peak almost 300X (september, january)- we make sure it happen</p> <p>Matching for september-need to match now! There is no more people coming to the system</p> <p>oGCDP</p> <p>GCDPojulyaugseptoctnovdecjanfebmaraprmayjunetotal14/15Ra1006711561321568812460Ma34003533268317589394Re119940023101199027013/14RE136321595668105123256%gr-12%-72%73%N/AN/A-66%-50%-77%-87%-80%1800%291%5%</p> <p>BottlenecksNo pipeline for our term</p> <p>Planning based on issues (anyway need for GIS)</p> <p>Having clear picture when we raise GIP and when GCDP</p> <p>Overal NumberWait for it.... :D</p> <p>Our legacy1.GIP 50% growth, GCDP term 13/142.NPS 623.RR 80%members, 60% XPs</p> <p>We as a teamCollaborative, Grown mindset, Transparency</p> <p>RollCall</p> <p>259956.0</p>