Getting a Job is a Job

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  • 1. getting a job is a job

2. no, they wont 3. getting a jobdo it with excellenceact on missionbe enchanting 4. whatever you do, work at itwith all your heart, as working forthe Lord, not for men. Col 3:23 your work starts now you pour yourself into it your motivation is to serve the Lord 5. diligence goals channel your best set SMART goals: energy specific measurable jump on opportunities action-oriented pay attention to details relevant eat the frog time-boundEvery day I will identify three appropriate jobs and send in my resume.By the end of the week, I will find a person in my field of interest and make a request to do an informational interview. 6. getting a jobdo it with excellenceact on missionbe enchanting 7. Jesus acted on mission He actively sought out people who needed him He tailored what he said about himself to each person He made it clear why he mattered 8. who you say you areshould depend on:who youre talking towhat their need iswhy you matter to them 9. identify your targets &their needs make list of target do research to find companies andout what they need people read articles about be thoroughcompany be inclusive (more is ask people with better)similar jobs update constantly 10. advertising agency 11. clarify the value you offer them be differentiating (vs. table stakes) put it in their terms -- whats in it for them leave modesty behind 12. give them reasons to believe specific examples O.S.O. -- objective, scope, outcome work samples portfolio blog posts articles project summaries proposals references informal: on my last review, my boss said, teammates like working with me because formal: available, in writing, and verified 13. getting a jobdo it with excellenceact on missionbe enchanting 14. 1. the perfecthandshake 15. 2. equal dressing 16. 3. plant many seeds 17. default to a4. YESattitude 18. andone more from me: say thank you