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So you're ready to take the leap into a green building career with the LEED Green Associate exam? Great! Poplar Network is bringing you six great tips, tools and resources for acing the exam straight from their extensive webwork of eco-friendly professionals who have already been through it firsthand!


  • 1. Acing the LEED Green Associate Exam 6 Tips & Tools for Optimizing Success
  • 2. Use the Right Guides USGBC LEED GA Guide High level information Overly broad focus that extends beyond exam questions Offers test specifications Green Associate Study Guide Deep dives into specific topics Focuses content around potential questions Prepares exam taker for actual exam To access the LEED GA Study Guide, click here! If you want to excel, you must first start with the right LEED study material.
  • 3. Engage Web Forums AREForum.org Buildinggreen.com GreenBuildingTalk.com USBCG LEEDuser Forum 4specs.com Designcommunity.com Connect with others who have already taken LEED exams to get their advice!
  • 4. Take Free Practice Exams Studies suggest that practice exams can boost subsequent scores by as much as 10%. Experience the exam as it will actually be administered. Get familiar with the questions and content - take advantage of Poplar's free LEED GA practice exam today!
  • 5. Leverage Study Groups Collaborative approaches to questions & study techniques Increased personal accountability Decreased chance of procrastination Sharing common goals increases odds of success Receive instant feedback There are many benefits of group study:
  • 6. Download Digital Flashcards EcoFlash GA Lite Access 50 flashcards Practice anywhere, anytime Track the data you already know Track the data you need to practice more
  • 7. Participate in Webinars GreenStep and Green- Buildings.com offer a free LEED GA Exam Prep webinar hosted by Alex Spilger. Spilger has taught more than 60 LEED exam prep courses and has achieved a high score of 199/200. Sign-up for their next free webinar today!
  • 8. From all of us at Poplar, good luck! To access all of Poplar's LEED GA and LEED AP exam material and green building professional network, CLICK HERE!


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