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Do you know a company that abandons loyal employees while reporting record profits? Based on this LinkedIn article: I help clients be clear, credible…
  • Profits before People Profits before People
  • My firm has record profits, but they are laying me off Source:  h*p://  
  • They pour money into advertising, even though it doesn’t work…
  • They brag about terminating the bottom 10% every year.
  • They paint over problems instead of actually solving them.
  • They haven’t changed their business model in 50 years.
  • The executives think they totally rock; the customers think they totally suck.
  • The company promotes the people who look good, but who seldom do good.
  • And now they are throwing ME to the sharks!
  • I wish they would drop the hypocrisy and just admit how they really do business.
  • They don’t love customers, or employees. They love money.
  • They talk about relationships, but they act like bullies.
  • They should band together with other like-minded companies and advertise what they really believe in… Profits before People
  • Don’t worry, investors. In tough times, we abandon our employees. Dariush  M/Shu*erstock   Profits before People
  • Suzanne  Tucker/Shu*erstock   We Don’t Let Hungry Kids Get in the Way of Consistent Profits. Profits before People
  • Profits before People Cluckva/Shu*erstock   We Don’t Waste Money on People Who Used to Be Valuable to Us.
  • pzAxe/Shu*erstock   Don’t Invest in Sentimental Companies. (We Are Not Sentimental.) Profits before People
  • Help these companies spread the word. Make your own art and post links in the comments below… Profits before People
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