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School presentation.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVCdLi6FGVg&list=RDtyfYuWNBEbY Fujisawa Mamoru Joe Hisaishi What will I be?Photo Credit: albyantoniazzi via Compfight ccHow much salary will I get ?Is this job trendy?Is it an easy or pleasure job?Photo Credit: MCA Services via Compfight ccPhoto Credit: tel est Marc via Compfight ccPhoto Credit: bitzcelt via Compfight ccNot only me but they all succeszzz!!Photo Credit: tsevis via Compfight cc Photo Credit: levo_league_nyc via Compfight cc Photo Credit: McMexicano via Compfight cc At the end of the day, you won't be happy unil you love yourself. Lady GagaPhoto Credit: Verdict1st (Sells Pictures) via Compfight cc If you love music, you dont have to be a SINGERPhoto Credit: Smith413 via Compfight cc You need a STEP ledder to support your feet whenever you climb upPhoto Credit: WingedFoxy via Compfight cc Photo Credit: B.S. Wise via Compfight cc You are the BOSS of them!!!!Photo Credit: espinozr via Compfight cc Photo Credit: Benikari47 via Compfight cc You cant finish this if you dont have patient and passion on what you are doing.Photo Credit: A.G. Photographe via Compfight cc Its you to decide good or bad. Only you control your life, there are no spirits can set up your destiny Photo Credit: CBHerou via Compfight cc Photo Credit: Katarina 2353 via Compfight cc Photo Credit: banggia03k4 via Compfight cc Dont regret before you cant chase your dream anymore Photo Credit: Ben Heine via Compfight cc A wild flower can be beauty in your eyes while your spirit is full of happiness And this is how I become a Game artist