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    Baylor WickesGeorge Washington University 15Pre-Med

  • My name is Catherine Baylor Wickes and Im currently a sophomore at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.. I am currently on the Pre-Med track and am planning on a major in English. I have always been interested in medicine and helping others. My love and ease for writing has led me to a major in English, a welcomed balance to my many science courses. While my chosen field of study does not directly relate to fashion and marketing, I believe that being Pre-Med does indicate my strong work ethic and ambition. One of the many reasons I would love to be a Vince Camuto Rep is that I have always toyed with the idea of pursuing a career in fashion and marketing; I believe this experience would really finalize whether I should pursue a career in fashion.

  • My Name is Baylor and Im a ShopaholicA sneak peek into my closet shows only a fraction of my plethora of fashion. Im admittedly a happy shopaholic, frequenting a variety of stores including Nordstroms, Free People, and my favorite hometown boutiques and vintage stores. My favorite brands include Chanel, J Brand, BCBG, Pour la Victoire, and, of course, Vince Camuto. I tend to partake in the trends that suit my body and style but dont wed myself to the ins and outs of fashion. I do like to stay up-to-date by browsing my favorite fashion blogs, as shown above.

  • My Fashion FlareThis is a new outfit of mine that Im dying to break out once I get back to school. My Everly cobalt top is from the website Tobi and one of my favorite pieces since it can be worn under a blazer for work or, as seen here, dolled up for a night out with friends. The leather skirt is a recent purchase from Free People and is my own nod to the leather trend. The shoes are none other than my Vince Camuto booties. I love these shoes because theyre comfortable and dressy, perfect for a night in the city. The leopard printed heel also adds a touch of sexiness to any outfit.

  • My Idol: Jennifer Lawrence My fashion idol is Jennifer Lawrence. Her endlessly elegant style embraces classic silhouettes to flatter her curvy and athletic body in a way that is never trying too hard. Shes never too trendy or girly, always sophisticated and sexy. And we both love the color red.

  • Retail Experience Two of the companies that I have worked for are Turner & Co. and Trail Creek Outfitters, both of which are retail stores. Turner & Co. is a boutique that travels to horse shows all over the east coast while TCO is an outerwear and outdoor gear retailer. I had worked part-time for Turner & Co. every summer since I was 14 until this year, when I worked for Trail Creek Outfitters. My experience in retail would be very helpful as a rep because I know how to present different products and tap into customers needs and produce the necessary selling points.

  • My GW Life At George Washington University, I am an active member in several organizations, most notably the Delta Gamma sorority. I am the Director of Chapter Archives of the Beta Rho Chapter, meaning that it is my responsibility to document all philanthropy, fraternity, sisterhood, and Greek Life events in which our chapter participates. I must photograph our sisters participating in these events and also must fill out an evaluation of each event, which must then be submitted to the National Delta Gamma Committee. Im also active in two honor societies as well as the club lacrosse team.

  • My Family and Friends

  • Vince Camuto and MeI am a dedicated worker in everything I do but truly devote myself to projects that I enjoy, and Vince Camuto and I have had a long-term love affair. As a loyal customer, I understand the brand and the clientele that it attracts. I believe that GW is an ideal consumer for Vince Camuto, especially if marketed correctly. As a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the Golden Key Honour Society, I have the necessary connections to help the brand flourish on campus.My personal collection:

  • Promotional Ideas I have many ideas to promote the Vince Camuto brand at GW. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have proven to be great resources and I plan on continuing and improving their use at GW. Also, the GIN System, which is a site that many sororities use to post announcements, questionnaires, and take surveys, would be a great way to tap into the Greek community. In addition, taking advantage of GWs space like U-Yard and Kogan Plaza to set up tables and pass out information about the brand would spread awareness of the brand.