Big Data: The 6 Key Skills Every Business Needs

  • 1. BIG Data 6 Key Skills Every Business Needs
2. Analytical Skills Ability to: • Determine what data to collect • How to analyse it – spotting patterns and links 3. Creativity Ability to: • Come up with new methods of collecting, analysing and interpreting data 4. Mathematics and Statistics Ability to: • Crunch the numbers 5. Computer Science Ability to: • Come up with algorithms • Understand Hadoop, Python, Pig, etc. 6. Business Skills Ability to: • Understand the business objectives and information needs 7. Communication Skills Ability to: • Present data (both verbal and written) to ensure the insights are understood and acted upon.
Here are the 6 most important skills businesses require to address their big data needs.It is based on this blog post by Bernard Marr.