My Tableau Journey

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How did Tableau help my career? Andy Kriebel

How in the world did I end up in London?My Tableau JourneyAndy

Act 1

My first Tableau project



Act 2

Which two products do people buy most when they buy Coca-Cola?


Step 1Define the Audience

Similar goals, but subtle differencesCoca-ColaBuild a relationshipEffective promotionsGrow Cokes shareBuyerGrow the categoryEffective promotionsRetail price landscape

Step 2Understand the Problem


What we knew, but he didntEvery day pricing was too close to full retail2010 average every day retail $1.492010 average blended retail $1.37Split pricing was starting to workPricing was uncompetitive and inconsistent across the country

Step 3Acquire the Data

Step 4Explore the Data

Rationalize choices

Step 5Select a few key messages to tell one story

Step 6Design the overall story

Pricing is inconsistent

Pricing is uncompetitive

Customers prefer Coke

Solutions to meet the plan

Did the strategy work?

Did the strategy work?

Act 3

What made Tableau successful at Facebook?

Learn from other successful implementations

Create a Community

At facebook we dog-food all our products, groups being one of them. We have a internal group for everything we do for our products, teams, new launches, gyp even for our cafes posting the food options in diff cafes. We have built a very active tableau user community on facebook. Here we post any important updates regarding our database, servers, upgrades, and other maintenance issues. This is the forum where users come and ask any questions they have. We encourage all our users to avoid any 1-1 interaction with one of us, so that the whole community can benefit from their questions. We post any inetrresting visualziation, articles and workbooks we come across on this forum.

Built a internal community

Provide Regular Training

Although Tableau is a very user-intutive tool, we do offer regular introductory and advanced training sessions. As we are still nurturing our tableau community internally, these sessions have turned out to be immensely helpful. Every alternate sessions we cover advanced topics on database connections, maps, table caclualation etc

Apart from doing such internal sessions, we do engage with industry experts outside as well and do request to come give a talk or host an informal webex session.

Data Viz Best Practices

Tableau Fundamentals

Advanced Parameters

Advanced Chart Types

Invite Industry Experts

VizPlate - Family-Style Buffet


News & Announcements

Tips & Tricks

* Showcase any dashboards served or re-imagined in the last 2 weeks Quick demos to showcase the story and technology

* Recipes Tips and Tricks? Solve a big problem? Show it off

* News and Events Something interesting happen in the world outside of Facebook? Lets hear about it

Provide a Platform Where Everyone is an Analyst

Dont Let IT Be a Roadblock

Act 4

Hey Tom!

Im thinking of moving to London.

Know anyone thats hiring?

What if you come work for us?


What would he do?OMG!

Tableaus Revenue Has Been Soaring!

Yet the # of Tableau-dedicated training programs has not kept up

and no one else is doing it.

2-year Training Program

Support from TIL Team

Training4 months

Placement6 months

Placement6 months

Placement6 months

Mentoring Check-Ins

The first class is anticipated to be available October 2015.

A new class every 4-6 months

Training4 months

Placement6 months

Placement6 months

Placement6 months

Training4 months

Placement6 months

Placement6 months

Training4 months

Placement6 months

Training4 months

Placement6 monthsPlacement6 months

Placement6 months

The main focus of the training will be Tableau for data visualization and analysis & Alteryx for data preparation and complex ETL. But were also going to teach them a lot of other technical and soft skills.

Every Friday, during happy hour

each student will present their project for the week. Over the course of the training, they will give between 16-20 presentations.

And the presentations will be live streamed when possible.

Theyll be writing daily diaries and creating their portfolios.

Certificationto show theyre ready

And after the 2 years?

Go to work for one of our clientsBecome a member of our Team

Program timeline

Were creating the next generation of Tableau Jedis

Thank you!