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  • SketchinginWebDesigning?
  • More and more agencies and startups are going back to the most basic way of designing, because apparently using the paper and pen has shown advantages. Whynot!
  • Sketching gives you the flexibility to finesse and generate iterative, evolutionary designs without blowing the budget on fully realized spec work and digital comps.
  • It’s portable, approachable, creative and time-tested. nothing simpler than paper and pencil — or pen.
  • Most clients will likely be comfortable suggesting changes when presented with a sketch. digital drawings looked done already, thus, they may hesitate to suggest alteration.
  • UseopportunitieslikeUXtesting,UIelementsortrying typographyideastopracticethisbasicskill.Youmighteven appreciateitmorewhenyoufindclientsbeingimpressed withhowtoyoucaneasilyputideasintosketchesrightat themomentthatthoseideasarebeingrelayedtoyou.
  • SketchingyourDesign
  • Getthevital contentsforthe pageyou’llbe designing.
  • Drawoutpossible ideasforeachofthe contents. Collaboratewith yourcolleagueto improveideasand designs.
  • Youcanalways DRAW AGAIN Instantly! erase
  • …sobeequippedwith  Pens  Portablewhiteboard  Bigsketchbook  flipchart
  • THANK YOU! Formorewebdesign ideas,visitusat
If you’re in the field of designing, whether as a freelancer or for a company, you have probably gotten used to the convenient software that makes your job easier like…