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Designing and Execution of Exhibition Stands


<ul><li> Formed in 2003 as a premier Exhibition Solutions and Interior Designing Company Our Focus is to provide customized and world class solutions tailor made to suit your needs with regards to design and budget Providing innovative marketing and promotional digital solutions Consist of experienced and specialized team who worked with both local and global clients We are a global company having presence in London Shanghai New York Canada Middle East head Office in Riyadh Introduction </li> <li> Our Values Being Creative Being Unique Fusion of Technology and Design to develop impactful exhibitions The extra special care providing dedicated account and project mangers before, during and after the project. Global Teams , local experience and growing knowledge </li> <li> We Develop stands for all purposes Designed to reflect corporate brand and messaging Stands based on Purpose, Budget, Location and Event Materials of top quality are used for production We handle the installation and un- installation of stands We submit up to 3 designs proposals before we begin, and 3 more once contract signed. Exhibition Stands </li> <li> Al Zamil Cool Care </li> <li> Al Zamil Cool Care </li> <li> HDR/ DAR Engineering </li> <li> RESTO FAIR </li> <li> RESTO FAIR </li> <li> RESTO FAIR </li> <li> Ministry of Health </li> <li> Ministry of Health </li> <li> Ministry of Health </li> <li> SAH Global </li> <li> SAH Global </li> <li> SAH Global </li> <li> Interactive Digital Model A combination of Physical Model, Laser Projection, Audio Narration and Video Presentation Touch Screen to navigate through the presentation All components work in synchronization to create a dynamic presentation Provides a detailed overview of ongoing work Can be updated as the project moves along. Creates a far stronger impact with the audience/key shareholders </li> <li> Hologram Latest in Digital Technology for Marketing and Promotion of products. Generates a 3D image of your product Ability to showcase your product with a 360 degree angle High Impact with visitors at exhibitions Helps in creating a long lasting impression with key share holders. Best utilized to display products still in development </li> <li> Utilizes Interactive projectors to showcase images, video and audiocontent Flips thru pages with hand gestures Captures the attention of your target audience Big hit at Exhibition Centers as it guarantees crowd at your event Can project multiple books which can be navigated thru a touch screen Dynamic visual marketing tool Digital Book </li> <li> Multi Touch Screen Customizable touch screens with the ability to have 20 30 people interacting simultaneously Can hold a lot of information for customers to access about your project or company Best utilized at events or at various Point Of Sales Helps create an instant buzz with your key shareholders </li> <li> Video Folder (Multipurpose) Ideal for hand outs to visitors at events One folder to hold all information - with CD holder, Brochure pocket, flyer pocket and video screen with capacity to hold upto 2Gb files Come in different shapes and sizes Eliminates the need to distribute bags filled with flyers and brochures at events. Will ensure that customers will hold onto it for a long time More impactful </li> <li> Thank You </li> </ul>


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