DAZZLING DECKScreating slideshare presentations that wow! barry feldman & simon kemp #1 MAKE IT CHUNKY “–DougKessler,VelocityPartners The best SlideShare presentations were created for SlideShare. SlideShare is not where shitty presentations go to die. ! It’s a powerful, linear, visual storytelling medium in itself. Write stories in short chunks that make people keep clicking. #2 TALK IN PICTURES “–AnaHoffman,TrafficGenerationCafe Speak in images, not in words. Master teaching your audience in a few slides what others would teach in a blog post, and you’ll own SlideShare. #3 USE HEADLINES “–MichaelBrenner,B2BMarketingInsider The way to produce a hit on SlideShare is through a great headline. Make it ! useful or provocative or mysterious. #4 NOVEL CONTENT “–EugeneCheng,SlideComet To be competitive and fresh, authors have to endeavour to come up with more novel content expressed in a more engaging way. #5 KEEP IT SIMPLE “–TomasBay,SlidesthatRock Create great designs and keep it simple. A 120 slide deck ! on simplicity is not simple. #6 DRIVE SHARING “–SimonKemp,WeAreSocial Make your deck downloadable to ensure that sharing continues beyond SlideShare. Encourage other people to embed your presentation too. #7 HARNESS THE 3PS “–VerónicaJarski,MarketingProfs Convey a sense of passion, playfulness and purpose. We! like to combine all three. SlideShareStarsShareWhatMakesDecksDazzle read the original blog post: Tips:BarryFeldman FeldmanCreative.com FeldmanCreative BarryJFeldman contact us Design:SimonKemp eskimon.com eskimon eskimon!

Dazzling Decks: 7 Tips For SlideShare Stardom

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Barry Feldman contacted 7 of his favourite SlideShare contributors to get their tips on what makes decks 'dazzle'. He compiled those tips in a super blog post at…