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Learn about jQuerry Accordion Menus and how to use them in your website!


<ul><li> Accordion menus are used widely in navigating, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content. </li> <li> Words like this are links- you can click them! </li> <li> Accordionza jQuery Plugin Many features Keyboard navigation Lightweight only 3kB Solid No wobbly edges Flexible 3 accordion styles are included All content is still viewable without JavaScript enabled </li> <li> jQuery UI Demo See examples of different use of accordion, see how to set it up, get the source and read about options and theming. </li> <li> Grid Accordion Combines a thumbnail grid and an accordion panel, offering you an interesting method to display your portfolio. Use either XML or HTML. </li> <li> Stupid Simple jQuery Accordion Menu Very detailed tutorial. You can also view the demo and download all files. </li> <li> Accordion Slider </li> <li> Making Accordion Menu 2 examples of accordion. See the tutorial and download source files as well. </li> <li> jQuery Accordion Menu </li> <li> jQuery Examples Horizontal Accordion </li> <li> Accordion Menu Screencast Tutorial Learn how to build a simple, unobtrusive, accordion style menu using basic events and animations. </li> <li> Regular and Hover Accordion Menus </li> <li> How to Create a Custom jQuery Accordion Create an accordion using the jQuery UI function, then create one using some custom coding. Youll be using a blog sidebar as an example. </li> <li> Accordion Madness </li> <li> Slide Out and Drawer Effect </li> <li> Create Simplest Accordion Menu using jQuery Another simple tutorial how to create standard accordion menu. View demo and download files. </li> <li> Javascript Accordion Menu Wizard Image based site navigation menu. Supports horizontal and vertical accordion menus. </li> <li> Wanna Learn more? Check out our webinar! </li> </ul>


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