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<ul><li><p>Schco believes that you deserve nothing less. Our world-class system solutions for windows, doors and faades are tailored to your individual needs. Thanks to innovative technology, we provide utmost comfort, highest level of quality, and safety in your home. Want to know more? </p><p>Schco Southeast Asia</p><p>System Solutions for Windows. Doors. Faades.</p></li><li><p>2Schco1 Schco</p><p>Established more than 60 years ago in Germany, Schcos innovative window, door, and faade systems grace the skylines of over 80 countries today.</p><p>With a product portfolio of over 20,000 articles, we provide solutions for most possible applications while meeting the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort, security, and energy efficiency.</p><p>German Technology: Globally recognised. Customised for Asia. Sustainable building projects are planned, fabricated, and installed by a vast network of over 12,000 selected partner companies across the globe.</p><p>In addition to fabrication partners, Schcos network includes architects, developers, investors, and private clients.</p><p>Schcos responsibility towards the environment has us committed to set new standards of smart energy efficiency to reduce CO2, emissions, and conserve natural resources.</p><p>Visit us at</p></li><li><p>4Schco3 Schco</p><p>Our company</p><p>Parent company Headquarter</p><p>Approx.4,800Employees worldwide</p><p>Germany 3,350Internationally 1,450</p><p>12,000Over</p><p>global partners</p><p>Our presence in Southeast AsiaSchco offers property developers and architects a comprehensive selection of high-performance window, door, and faade system solutions for sophisticated architecture and planning of the entire building envelope.</p><p>10countries</p><p>Market coverage</p><p>40+employees </p><p>in our regional support teams</p><p>12,000Over</p><p>10presence in</p><p>Southeast Asia</p><p>-year</p><p>3offices </p><p>in the region</p><p>300+partners in our architect and </p><p>fabricator network</p><p>Over150+project references </p><p>in the region</p><p>OTTO FUCHS KGHead Office in Meinerzhagen, GermanyFounded in 1910 </p><p>8,600 employeesTurnover in 2013 over 2.4 billion</p><p>Areas of expertise: Aerospace industry Automotive industry Construction industry General engineering</p><p>SCHCO INTERNATIONAL KGHead Office in Bielefeld, GermanyFounded in 1951 </p><p>4,500 employeesTurnover in 2014 over 1.4 billion</p><p>Areas of expertise: Windows Doors Faades </p></li><li><p>6Schco5 Schco</p><p>Schcos regional service and support:Delivering standards beyond expectations</p><p>Value-added benefits throughout the building life-cycleAs the technological leader for the entire building envelope, Schco adds value with extensive integrated services. The maximum success can only be achieved when the strengths of all parties complement each other perfectly. Schco offers concepts and product solutions with the best possible support for investors, architects, building consultants, and metal fabricators in all phases of a project. The partners receive precisely the services and tools that are needed for their businesses to operate and grow successfully in the market.</p><p>Sustainable and </p><p>reliable product quality</p><p>Concept and design </p><p>Technical specifications</p><p>Planning and consulting</p><p>Quality partnership</p><p>Calculation and tender support</p><p>Technical documentation</p><p>Fabrication training</p><p>Method statements</p></li><li><p>8Schco7 Schco</p><p>Premium quality.</p><p>As a technological leader, Schco offers sophisticated, tested quality products and systems, which reliably meet the highest requirements. This is ensured by the Schco Technology Center (STC), an accredited, independent testing laboratory of over 7,800 m2. The STC is one of the worlds leading test centers for windows, doors, and facades.</p><p>Customised design.</p><p>Besides system technologies, Schco provides customised solutions for bespoke faade projects. We offer design concepts for large-scale buildings that are based on our tested platforms to ensure best results.</p><p>Simplexity for architects.</p><p>Schco helps architects to simplify the planning of complex designs. We reduce complexity with systems that are built on platform-technologies and standardised components.</p><p>Partner network.</p><p>With its large network of architects, developers, and fabricators, Schco connects its clients to the right partners to create synergies in the building industry.</p><p>Support from conception to completionSchco works closely with its clients to ensure all requirements for design freedom, planning and implementation reliability, and cost certainty are met.</p><p>Schco pillars you can successfully build on</p><p>SC</p><p>H</p><p>CO</p><p> PR</p><p>OD</p><p>UC</p><p>T D</p><p>EV</p><p>ELO</p><p>PM</p><p>EN</p><p>T, </p><p>CE</p><p>RT</p><p>IFIC</p><p>AT</p><p>ION</p><p> AN</p><p>D T</p><p>ES</p><p>TIN</p><p>G</p><p>Optimum support throughout all the phases from concept to livingSchco works closely together with all of those involved in a construction project investors, architects, developers, fabricators, and clients. In doing so, the different requirements for design freedom, planning and implementation reliability, and cost certainty must be met. To this end, Schco partners receive comprehensive support in all phases of their business process: from flexible software tools such as SchCAL and SchCAD for order acquisition, calculation and quotation, to Schco machinery and training courses for fabrication and installation, through to technical documentation for the safe use and maintenance of buildings. Numerous sales and sales administration services as well as professional marketing support throughout the entire business process round off the exclusive range of services for Schco partners.</p><p>ORDER ACQUISITION</p><p>CALCULATION AND QUOTATION</p><p>FABRICATION INSTALLATION BUILDING USE</p><p>Marketing support and documentation</p><p>Schco software: SchCAL | SchCAD &amp; online tools</p><p>Schco machinery</p><p>Training courses</p><p>Services from sales to order processing and right through to maintenance</p></li><li><p>10Schco9 Schco</p><p>Designed to look smart,built to work even smarter.</p><p>As the leading provider for cutting-edge window, door, and faade systems, Schco protects the environment with state-of-the-art yet cost-efficient building solutions which satisfy increasing demands for energy efficiency, natural ventilation, and sun shading.</p><p>Schco defines innovative Germany technology with a comprehensive product range for private homes and commercial projects.</p><p>Schco Aluminium Sliding Systems (ASS)</p><p>Elegant large-scale, high transparency sliding systems fill rooms with light and </p><p>boast security and ease of operation. Opening types cover sliding, lift-sliding, </p><p>and folding doors.</p><p>Schco Aluminium Window Systems (AWS)Cutting-edge security technology, user-friendly comfort, and elegant design fulfill high requirements, while the large range of products can meet most budgets.</p><p>Schco Aluminium Door Systems (ADS)</p><p>Automation, security, and excellent thermal insulation properties are locked in with </p><p>innovative designs and creative expression while focussing on access-control and </p><p>heavy duty requirements.</p><p>Schco Aluminium Faade Systems Schcos stick systems (FWS) and unitised systems (USC/UCC) are versatile and compatible with all of our opening systems. They embody an elegant design, functionality, and transparency to meet even the most demanding architectural needs. </p><p>Schco offers everything from high quality non-insulated systems to highly insulated systems, as well as a great variety of super-sized elements, motorized systems, and concealed fitting technologies.</p><p>Most importantly, Schco Southeast Asias regional competency lies on meeting every partners local requirement to build success stories throughout the region.</p></li><li><p>12Schco11 Schco</p><p>Renag AG Vaduz, Liechtenstein</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessWindows, Security2009Mller Architekten</p><p>Schco references around the worldWindows. Doors. Faades.</p></li><li><p>14Schco13 Schco</p><p>Statoil ASA Oslo, Norway</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessFaades2012A-Lab AS</p><p>The Rhythm Sathorn Bangkok, Thailand</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>LivingWindows, Doors2014AP Architect</p><p>Hanoi Museum Hanoi, Vietnam</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Education and CultureDoors, Faades2010GMP Architekten</p></li><li><p>16Schco15 Schco</p><p>Torres de HrculesPalmones, Spain</p><p>Hotel Porta FiraBarcelona, Spain</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>LivingFaades2009Toyo Ito</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessWindows, Faades2009Rafael de La-Hoz</p></li><li><p>18Schco17 Schco</p><p>PalonSchningen, Germany</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Education and CultureDoors, Faades2013Holzer Kobler Architekturen</p></li><li><p>20Schco19 Schco</p><p>Diagonal ZeroZeroBarcelona, Spain</p><p>Kuwait Trade CenterKuwait</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessFaades2009Norr Group Consultants</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessFaades2010Emba Estudi Massip-Bosch </p></li><li><p>22Schco21 Schco</p><p>Flame TowersBaku, Azerbaijan</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and Business, LivingWindows, Faades2012HOK Architects</p><p>Austrian Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessWindows, Doors2011Pos Architekten</p><p>U15 Milano FioriAssago, Italy</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessWindows2011Cino Zucchi Architetti</p></li><li><p>24Schco23 Schco</p><p>Shanghai Port International Cruise TerminalShanghai, China</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessFaades2010Sparch Architects</p><p>Private HomeSingapore</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>LivingWindows2016Red Bean Architects </p><p>Siemens CityWien, Austria</p><p>BUILDING CATEGORYPRODUCTSCOMPLETIONARCHITECTS</p><p>Office and BusinessWindows, Doors, Faades2010Soyka Silber Soyka </p></li><li><p>25 Schco</p><p>Schco Singapore Pte Ltd</p><p>101 Thomson Road, #26-02/04, United Square,Singapore 307591</p><p>Tel: +65 6681 7480Fax: +65 6681 7481</p><p>Schco Rep Office Vietnam</p><p>A&amp;B Tower Building,Unit 2, 16th Floor,76 Le Lai Street,Ben Thanh Ward, District 1,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam</p><p>Tel: +84 8 6291 1598Fax: +84 8 6291 1625</p><p>Schco Rep Office Thailand</p><p>805, 21 Tower, 10A Floor,Srinakarin Road, Suanluang, District,Bangkok, 10250 Thailand</p><p>Tel: +66 2 720 5812 </p><p>For more information, visit us at www.schueco.comFor enquiries, please write to</p></li></ul>