Traditional Bracelet "PAHUNCHI"of Uttrakhand women

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Presentation on "PAHUNCHI" an almost eloped traditional bracelet of Uttrakhand women.


  • 1. UttarakhandPahunchi ()By Neha KestwalSubject - Language of FashionRoll no - MDS/14/33Pahunchi - Traditional Ornament of9/14/2014 1Uttrakhand

2. Pahunchi - Traditional Ornament of9/14/2014 2Uttrakhand 3. Historic Revelation Visible on ancient terracotta images from the Shunga Period in Bengal.Pahunchi - Traditional Ornament of9/14/2014 3Uttrakhand 4. VariationsRajasthan, early 19th CenturyPrivate CollectionNorth India;late 19th CenturyPahunchi; Clusters of pearls hungOn thread or silkPahunchi - Traditional Ornament of9/14/2014 Gujranwala; Punjab 4Uttrakhand 5. Uttarakhand PahunchiFront ViewBack View AnatomyCultural Signification9/14/2014 Pahunchi - Traditional Ornament of 5Uttrakhand 6. Uttrakhand PahunchiAnatomy Made in 20gms to 50gms gold (2-5 tola). Three to Five strands of hollow finely worked gold beads filled with lac (wax) are strungtogether. Zari is used to tie the strands together.Beads are conch shell shaped. Red color Shaneel fabric is used in base onto which beads are tugged.Pahunchi - Traditional Ornament of9/14/2014 6Uttrakhand 7. Cultural Significance Pahunchi is Inspired from Rajasthan Bracelet. As Uttrakhand people are consideredmigrated from there during Mughal period. This jewelry is a symbol of married women. In olden times women here always used to wear jewelry whether going to jungle for timberor doing household chores. So to make jewelry comfortable to wear saneel fabric was used. Now, use of saneel has become inevitable part. And this differentiate Uttrakhand pahunchifrom other states. Red color (signifies: marital status) in Saneel fabric symbolizes : purity and veracity. Till date no modification is seen in the jewelry. Previously pahunchi was of silver (Respondent view : as people were not rich enough) nowgolden Pahunchi is worn by women. As Pahunchi is tightly worn on ones hand, it is said it helps in maintaining Blood Pressure.(Respondent view). Size of beads indicates how wealthy a person is. Bigger the beads more wealthy a person is.Pahunchi - Traditional Ornament of9/14/2014 7Uttrakhand 8. References Indian Jwellery; Journal of Indian art vol.xii No.s 95-107; By- Thomas Holbein Hendley Dance of the peacock; Jwellery tradition of India; By Usha R Bala Krishnan & MeeraShushil Kumar Respondent: Jagdeesh Verma (Bhawani Jewelers) Almora Respondent : Mrs. Ganeshi Devi (Mother- in-laws - Sisters - mother-in-law). Age - 73Pahunchi - Traditional Ornament of9/14/2014 8Uttrakhand