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2006 . URURU SARARA UX1 GBS (class 50/60/71) ( ) GBS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p> 2006 </p></li><li><p> URURU SARARA UX1 GBS (class 50/60/71) ( ) GBS - </p><p> 2006 </p></li><li><p>UX1Alpha LowNon Inv2005Alpha MidUX1Alpha LowNon Inv2006Alpha MidflatflatflatflatNWNWUruruMi/C 06 Two 50 class in:NW: 800mm B labelGES: 1050mm A labelNew C/O</p></li><li><p>NOTE: Combinations indicated are not the only possible ones. Indication is for easiness of representation. Please refer to official combination tables.</p><p>20052006WhenComment InOutURURU28-42-50FTXR-ERXR-EJul06Jul06 URURU SARARAUX-125-35-50FTXG-CRXG-CFTXG-ERXG-EFeb06Feb06 , -, 50 Alpha Mid20-25-35 (50)FT(K-X)S-DRXS-DRKS-DFT(K-X)S-DRXS-DRKS-D: 50 NW (CT(K-X)S50D) (FT(K-X)S50D)GBS Inv50-60-71FT(K-X)S-BR(K-X)S-BFT(K-X)S-ER(K-X)S-EFeb06Feb06 , 71 . ., A-Low20-25-35FT(K-X)S-CRXH-CRKH-CFT(K-X)S-CRXH-CRKH-CNon Inv25-35FTYN-DRYN-DFTYN-DRYN-DFTN-CRN-CFTN-DRN-DFeb06Feb06 , GBS Non50-60FT(Y)S-BR(Y)S-BFT(Y)N-ER(Y)N-EFeb06Feb06 .. Flat, GES2 casingMulty*MXS-D*MKS-D*MXS-E*MKS-EMar06Apr06GMM ( 40) no new E model.80 class D and E (Apr) New 5 port (Apr). 25-35-50-60(F-C)D(K-X)S-C(F-C)D(K-X)S-C+ FD(K-X)S-EFeb06Mar0650 and 60 of C type now in pair (R(K-X)S-E)New E type with smaller dimensions-25-35-50-(60)F(L-V)(K-X)S-BF(L-V)(K-X)S-B</p></li><li><p>The letter at the end of the material. Additional note.</p><p>Due to new naming given by Japan (as general rule E stands for product developed in 2005) some particular material name needs to be pointed out to avoid confusion.</p><p>Both in Inverter and in the Non Inverter range, the GMS (small split) will have a different ending than GBS (big split).i.e. GMS: Alpha Mid R(K-X)S-D and Alpha Low R(K-X)H-C while GBS will be R(K-X)S-E.GMS Non INV (R(Y)N-D) and GBS Non Inv (R(Y)N-E).</p><p>In the Multi range, only the GBM (big multi= capacity bigger than 4kw) will change into E, while the GMM will remain D in the standard range and B in the Siesta Range.</p><p>Full list of products and material is provided together with this document in excel format.</p></li><li><p> URURUSARARA</p></li><li><p>()() , URURU SARARA Wind-fluctuant operation </p><p>IndoorFTXR28EFTXR42EFTXR50EOutdoorRXR28ERXR42ERXR50E</p></li><li><p> 40% 60% , .The effect of negative ion is fully given by appropriate humidification even in heating! .Particularly in winter season when air is dry, we are worry about irritated throat and itchy and dry skin. Synergetic effect of URURU humidifying and minus ion alleviates unpleasant sensation of your throat and skin. URURU + URURU</p></li><li><p>Model name FTXR28EV1BFTXR42EV1BFTXR50EV1B RXR28EV1BRXR42EV1BRXR50EV1B kW2.8 (1.33.8)4.2 (1.34.5)5.0 (1.35.2) kW3.8 (1.35.0)5.1 (1.35.3)6.5 (1.38.0)COP / COP rankCoolingW/W4.52 / A3.50 / A3.29 / AHeatingW/W4.09 / A3.89 / A3.71 / AIndoorDimensions (HxWxDmm305x798x209Weightkg13Moisture removalL1.62.32.8OutdDimensions (HxWxDmm675x765x285Weightkg414242Piping lengthCharge lessm10Max. lengthm10Max. heightm10Piping connectionGasmm9.5Liquidmm6.4Operation limitCoolingDB2143HeatingWB-2024</p></li><li><p> URURU URURU humidifying system provides your room with even warmth as compared to humidifier separation system. URURU (1)</p></li><li><p>..: 28C : 20%..: 22C : 50%</p><p> 30 . . (2) . URURU </p></li><li><p> ! DAIKIN </p></li><li><p> 1.5- 10 1,33 by ample capacity ( 2.8 ) SARARA </p></li><li><p>Ever SARARA dehumidifying 30COutdoor temperature Dehumidifying cycle is repeated reasonably according to the air conditions such as outdoor temperature, room temperature and humidity. [What is the ever SARARA dehumidifying?] Area appropriate for dehumidifying and cooling operation Area appropriate for air intake and dehumidifying operation First in the industryDehumidifying operation is possible even in winter season. Area appropriate for reheat dehumidifying (SARAR dehumidifying) about 27Cabout 10Cabout 1CEver SARARA dehumidifying Room temperature: Ever SARARA dehumidifyingCovers these operation areas automatically. </p></li><li><p>SARARA dehumidifying (5) People feel refreshed when the humidity differs in spite of the same room temperature. Refreshingandcomfortable Room temp.: 25C Humidity: 80%People feel muggy because of high humidity. Room temp.: 25C Humidity: 50%People feel refreshed without being over-cooled even at the same temperature. The thermograph shows the temperature distribution of the skin 30 min. after entry into the room.</p></li><li><p>SARARA (Re-heater) , SARARA </p></li><li><p> (28 3/ ) ! 40% . ( DAIKIN) 20 .. 2 . </p></li><li><p>5min30%Residual rateSmell is reduced to 1/3 in 5 min. The effectiveness of the filter is reactivated under the room light, thus dispensing with sun-drying! Its effectiveness is brought back only by immersing in water every six months. Only you have to do with the filter is to replace it every three year. It is very economical! Washable &amp; Durable Effect of photocatalytic filter Deodorizing speed </p></li><li><p>Comfortable air-flow mode-Improvement of the shape of the big flap gives you more comfortablility. Owing to the employment of a new-type big flap and the expanded range of airflow angle, your feet are always warmed during heating operation. Normal operation Comfortable air-flow modeFeet-warming function has been further enhanced. Degree of freedom for adjustment of airflow direction has been further enhanced. Vertical airflow has been realized!No airflow in the living space is felt even when the feet are warmed! </p><p>Airflow speed in the living space is less than 0.05 m/sec.No airflow is felt. </p></li><li><p>Agreeable airflow The big flap of top-drawer in the industry has realized warmth spreading down to your feet.It controls warm airflow powerfully Comfortable even in heating operation Comfortable Big FlapConventional model 10% increase of horizontal flap area and expansion of the airflow angle range have optimized the vertical airflow operation. Strong airflow Mild airflow spreads. </p></li><li><p> UX-1</p></li><li><p> ? 1- </p><p>2- - ( 25/35)</p><p>3- 50 - ( )</p><p>25FTXG25E-W(S)RXG25E35FTXG35E-W(S)RXG35E50CTXG50E-W(S) - !</p></li><li><p>1. 1. .2. , , </p></li><li><p> GBS ( 50-60-71)</p></li><li><p> ? NW-SGES2 - 50 50-60-71 - (1050mm) COP 2- ( 1)</p></li><li><p>1. : </p></li><li><p> 2. (2YC32) (2YC36) </p></li><li><p>3. 11% . </p></li><li><p> (s-1)Rated 2YC36 </p></li><li><p> - NW-S </p><p>20052006CTKS50DWFTKS50DW(L)RKS50ECTXS50DWFTXS50DW(L)RXS50E</p></li><li><p> GES2 - </p><p>20052006....FTKS50BRKS50BFTKS50ERKS50EFTKS60BRKS60BFTKS60ERKS60EFTKS71BRKS71BFTKS71ERKS71EFTXS50BRXS50BFTXS50ERXS50EFTXS60BRXS60BFTXS60ERXS60EFTXS71BRXS71BFTXS71ERXS71E</p></li><li><p> - , 5- </p></li><li><p> ? 1- UX-1 - </p><p>2- 5MXS90E</p><p>3- 5MKS90E 4MKS90E</p></li><li><p> ? 50-58 class2MXS52E, 3MXS52E, 3MKS50E, 4MKS58E - - 2YC36 (:2YC32). - 80-90 class 4MXS80(D-E), 5MXS90E, 5MKS90E - H=770mm (vs. 908mm) - 5 (5MXS90E, 5MKS90E) - H=908mm4MXS80D </p><p>2006 </p><p>2MKS40D2MXS40D3MKS50E2MXS52E4MKS58E3MXS52E4MKS75E4MXS68E5MKS90E4MXS80E5MXS90E</p><p>2005 2MKS40D2MXS40D3MKS50D2MXS50D4MKS58D3MXS52D4MKS75D4MXS68D4MKS90D4MXS80D</p></li><li><p> - 4MXS80E 5M(K-X)S90E.</p><p>BrandDAIKINCurrentModel Name4MXS80DCooling Capacitymax.combinationskW8. Level (outrated/silent)dBA48/4552/4748/4349/43Heating Capacitymax.combinationskW9.610.39.69.6minkW3. Level (outrated/silent)dBA49/4652/4849/4550/45Energy LabelCoolingAAAAHeatingAAAAConnectableIndoor unitskW13.515.614.514.525+25+25+6020+20+20+25+7120+25+50+5020+25+50+50Max. Piping Lengthm70757070Max. Piping Length Indm25252525Max. Piping Heightm15151515Dimensions (out)HWDmm908770770770mm900900900900mm320320320320Weightkg73696868Operation Range Cooling-10~+46-10~+46-10~+46-10~+46Heating-15~+15.5-15~+15.5-15~+15.5-15~+15.5</p></li><li><p> ? CD(K-X)S-C50/60( )FD(K-X)S-C50/60 !FD(K-X)S-E25/35 W= 700 FD(K-X)S-C25/35 = 900FD(K-X)S-C25/35 W= 90020052006 </p></li><li><p>W 900W 900W 900W 900W 900W 1100W 900W 900W 900W 1100W 900W 900W 900W 1100W 700W 700W 700W 700 </p><p>200520062. </p></li><li><p> . .. , , 25-35. 50-60 50-60 . . 25-35 ( 2005 ) 50-60 ( , ) . </p></li><li><p> ? 1- , , 25 35 ( )</p><p>2- 50 60 </p></li><li><p> 25-35 class C/O FTN-D and RN-D50-60 class H/P and C/O FTN-E and RN-E</p><p>New modelCurrent modelIndoorOutdoorIndoorOutdoor------FTN20CVMB9RN20CVMB7FTN25DV3BRN25DV3BFTN25CVMB9RN25CVMB7FTN35DV3BRN35DV3BFTN35CVMB9RN35CVMB7</p><p>New modelCurrent modelIndoorOutdoorIndoorOutdoorH/PFTYN50EV1BRYN50E2V1BFTYS50BVMBRYS50BVMBFTYN60EV1BRYN60E2V1BFTYS60BVMBRYS60BVMBC/OFTN50EV1BRN50E2V1BFTS50BVMBRS50BVMBFTN60EV1BRN60E2V1BFTS60BVMBRS60BVMB</p></li><li><p>- ERX ERX + AHU ( ) : 100 250 R-410 1- : ERX100-125-140AV3: 20063- : ERX125-200-250W1B: 2006</p><p> 30mm</p><p> With an airconditioner equipped with humidifying function, your room is filled evenly with appropriately moistened air. </p><p> : When the air is dry, people feel chilly in spite of higher room temperature. : When the air is appropriately moistened, people feel warm. </p><p>24/h20</p></li></ul>