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From Green Shoots to Mainstream Business: The L o n g M a r c h of Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong K K Tse, HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum. : < > . Green shoots that are delightful to watch . Long March - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • From Green Shoots to Mainstream Business:The L o n g M a r c h of Social Entrepreneurship in Hong KongK K Tse,HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum

  • Green shoots that are delightful to watch

  • Long March - A long, long way to go

  • Green Shoot 1 From emphases on social enterprise to social entrepreneurship

  • Green Shoot Growing number of non-government-funded social enterprises

  • Green Shoot 3 Self-strengthening of government-funded social enterprises Founded this year:Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises:

    Uniting Social EnterprisesCreating Business Opportunities

  • Green Shoot 4 Growing number of platform organizations supporting social entrepreneurship HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum

    HKCSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre-

    Social Ventures HK

    Bright China Group MUST

    HK General Chamber of Social Enterprises

    HK Social Enterprise Incubation Ltd

    Advantage Ventures

  • Green Shoot 5 Growing business support for social enterprises

  • Green Shoot 6Growing number of civil society organizations showing support


    SE Summit is the best example11 co-organizers38 supporting organizations13 sponsors

  • Green Shoot 7Growing recognitionfor the achievements of local socialentrepreneurs

  • Green Shoot 8 Growing number of publications and media coverage

  • Green Shoot 9From charity toventure philanthropy

    SOW (Asia) Foundation-- A pioneer in venture philanthropy in HK


  • Green Shoot 10Government entering anew phase in promotingSE development


  • These are green shoots. And we have a long march. ,

  • Social Entrepreneurships Ultimate GoalsEveryone a Changemaker

    Every Business a Social Business

  • Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

  • Opportunity 1 Create a Social Capital Market in Hong Kong

  • Opportunity 2More Creative Use ofGovernment Funding and Policy Support

    Learn from Singapore and UK experience , , ,

  • Opportunity 3 Universities should make a significant contribution to the social entrepreneurship movement

    3 Critical stepsMake social entrepreneurship a compulsory course for all MBA programsMake social entrepreneurship a core subject in General StudiesEstablish HK as a Centre of Excellence in education and research3 MBA

  • Opportunity 4 Engaging young people as leaders of positive social change

    Redefining Youth Years as a time of leadership and positive social initiativeYouth Venture: Dream it, Do it

    Youth Venture : ,

  • Opportunity 5 Facilitating experience exchange and mutual support among social entrepreneurs in the Greater China Region

    Regional conferencesMutual visitsOn-line communityGreater China Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Award