Научная школа «Оптимизация сложных экологических и транспортных систем»

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<p>- </p> <p> WWW.USFEU.RU1</p> <p> ..</p> <p>2 , ..., -. </p> <p>:. 8 (343) 262-96-26E-mail: rkv@usfeu.ru</p> <p> ..</p> <p>3 The Scientific BiographyProf. Rudolf N. Kovalyov, Dr. of Science (Tech.), chief of the chair "Economy and management at the transport enterprise" in the Ural State Forestry Engineering University (USFEU). E-mail address: rkv@usfeu.ru Tel. (343)262-96-26.Since 1976, after postgraduate courses in the Leningrad State Forestry Academy, Rudolf N. Kovalyov has been working in the USFEU.In 1995 he has got a doctor's degree at the Saint. Petersburg State Transport University by a specialty 05.22.12 "Industrial transport" on the thesis Scientific bases of planning of transport systems of the wood enterprises in conditions of the multi-purpose forest usage. In 1998 he was appointed as professor of the chair "Management and foreign trade activities of the enterprise. Since 2003 in the USFEU he is a head of chair Economy and managements at the enterprise of transport at Faculty of economy and management.Prof. R.N. Kovalyov is an author of 130 scientific works, including 2 monographers on problems of the theory of decision-making in complex systems, management on transport and logistic. He was the participant of development and realization of the research projects by a cadastral estimation of wood recourses of Krasnoyarsk region (Eastern Siberia), the Udmurt republic, and the grounds of settlements of Sverdlovsk region. He is one of authors of the scientific report on the international scientific and practical conference "Russian cities on a threshold of XXI century". The theory and practice of strategic management. Development of Yekaterinburg as logistical center". He was as supervisor for 7 competitors for Master of Science degree.Now he is a member of 2 specialized councils in the USFEU on defending of doctor's and master's degree and is a member of the dissertational council of the Ural State University of means of communication on a specialty Transport and traffic systems of the country, its regions and cities, the organization of the transport activity. Prof. R.N. Kovalyov is an associate editor of large scientific and technical magazine Transport of the Ural and in 1998 for his scientific success he was elected a member of the Russian academy of Natural sciences.</p> <p> .. Company Logo4 ..</p> <p>5 ...6 ..</p> <p>7 ..</p> <p>8 5 ..</p> <p>9 5 10</p> <p> 11</p> <p> 12</p> <p>Thank You !</p>


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