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SPECIAL ISSUE : Low Sulfur Marine Fuel and Technology for Enviromental ProtectionForeword for Special IssueTatsuroTsukamoto 1Message from Symposium Host -Low Sulfur Marine Fuel and Technology for Environmental ProtectionTatsuroTsukamoto 2Production Method and Supply System of Low-Sulfur Marine Fuels ToshiakiHayashi 3Selection of Lubricating Oils for Diesel Engines on Low Sulphur Fuel ShoinTanaka 9Existing Problems for Using Low Sulfur Fuel Oil in Vessels MasanoriKobayashiTetsuyaNogeTsutomuSakamoto 15On-Board Exhaust Gas - SOx Cleaning Systems HaruoMiyano 19Exhaust Emission Reduction Technology in Automotive Diesel Engines and Fuel Sulfur GenSugiyama 24Survey of Air Quality Control System Technology in Coal-Fired Power Plants MitsuakiYanagida 29Recent Movement of International and Regional Rules Regarding Air Pollution Prevention from Ships and Fuel Specifications, IMO Regulations and Regional Rules - Europe / U.S.A. EiichiMuraoka 33SPECIAL ISSUE : Fuel Injection System for Diesel EngineForeword for Special IssueNobuyukiFujitsuna 38Fuel Injection Systems of Marine Large Low Speed Diesel EnginesYujiWakatsuki 39General Introduction: Fuel Injection System for Mitsui-MAN B&W EnginesTakashiKuwadaKazutakaShimada 47Fuel Injection System for Electrically Controlled Diesel EngineMasanobuMitsuru 53NOx Emission Reduction by Optimizing Fuel Injection Pattern on 4-stroke Diesel EnginesShuichiShimomuraKenichiHanamotoTetsujiYamada 57Fuel Injection System for Diesel Passenger Cars TakeoMatsumoto 62Effect of Fuel Injection Rate Shaping on Intermittent Spray Combustion AkihikoAzetsu 70Serial Lecture Container Ship -Expansion of Loading Capacity - Sizing-up Trend of Container ShipsTomoakiTakahira 76Technical Information New Design Methodology of Concurrent Marine Engineering toward High Competency Engine Room ToshimichiFukuokaMasatakaNomura 80 Deformation of Cylinder Liner Used in Large Crosshead Diesel Engines -Comparison of Calculated and Measured DeformationMasakiTanakaTakashiKuwada 84Paper Combustion of Emulsions in Small Pool Burners YojiIshibashiSadahiroAkibaDaisukeTamada 90 Study on Damage of Propeller Shaft Sleeve for Seawater Lubricated Rubber Bearing -2nd Report FumitakaKikkawaYukihiroUchidaKenjiFujitaAkihikoYanoTsuyoshiKawazoeHiroyukiSada 97 Effect of Split Injection Pattern on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of D.I.Diesel Engine -3rd Report : Effect of Injection Interval SadahiroAkibaKeiyaNishidaXinyumZi104 Planar Laser Rayleigh Scattering for Analyzing Diesel Spray CharacteristicsTakuTsujimuraTakuroMitaZhiliChenShinichiGoto 112Report Report on Visit to EBARA Corporation Fujisawa District ShinichiToda 118Introduction of Works Introduction of Kobe Diesel Co., Ltd. Head Office & WorksKeijiFuruno119Introduction of Laboratories Energy Systems 2nd Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Gunma UniversityMikiyaAraki121ME Fundamantals Fuel Oil and Common-Rail124Senior Salon It is Impossible to Avoid Propeller Cavitation Erosion125 Foreword for 1st Senior Association Meeting 126Notice for Photocopying If you wish to photocopy any work of this publication, you have to get permission from the following organization to which licensing of copyright clearance is delegated by the copyright owner.Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance, Inc. (JAACC)6-41 Akasaka 9-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 JapanPhone 81-3-3475-5618Fax 81-3-3475-5619E-mailinfo@jaacc.jpCopyright Clearance Center, Inc.222 Rosewood Drive, Denvers, MA 01923 USAPhone 1-978-750-8400Fax 1-978-646-8600EssayReportExplanationEssayExplanation.43, .March2008 Low Sulfur Marine Fuel and Technology for Enviromental ProtectionFuel Injection System for Diesel EngineSPECIALISSUESPECIALISSUETechnical InformationTechnical InformationAdministratorabstractclick titleAdministratorabstractclick titleAdministratorabstractclick titleAdministratorabstractclick titleAdministratorabstractclick titleAdministratorabstractclick titleAdministratorabstractclick titleAdministratorabstractclick titlehttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n003.pdfhttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n039.pdfhttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n080.pdfhttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n084.pdfhttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n090.pdfhttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n097.pdfhttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n104.pdfhttp://www.jime.jp/e/publication/abstract/op/pdf43/no02v43n112.pdf


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