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<p>INGLS II</p> <p>REQUESTS WITH CAN, COULD, WILL, WOULD</p> <p> Dra. Ana Luca Quinez B.</p> <p>REQUESTS WITH CAN, COULD, WILL, WOULDRequests Yes/No questions Modal + SVerb?Problems in your home</p> <p>Could you fix the dryer, please?</p> <p>Yes, of course. No, not now. Maybe later.Sure. Id be happy to. Sorry, I cant right now.</p> <p>EXAMPLESCould you fix my window, please? Its broken.Sure. Ill try.</p> <p>Would you repair the dishwasher?Sorry, I cant right now.</p> <p>Will you fix the lock now, please?Yes, of course.</p> <p>CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWERCan you clean the bathroom, please?No. Id be happy to.No, not now. Maybe later.</p> <p>Could you recommend a bank?Yes, I cant right now.Yes, of course.</p> <p>________ the lightbulb? Will change youWould you change</p> <p>_________ the bathtub? Can he to unclogCan he unclogsCan he unclog</p> <p>Gracias</p>